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Intel Highlights from The Big Call Tuesday Night 3-29-16, 30 MARCH

Intel Highlights from The Big Call Tuesday Night 3-29-16

PinkRoses:  Bruce call starting

Bruce call: 'Tonight Kent traveling, Bob helping, Sue on tonight. Praying call in

Rppds:  Bruce will say he excited, looking forward to a celebration. can;t discuss rates and we're in a good place and that's the call. So we'll see.

PinkRoses: Bruce: We thought we would start to exchange right after Easter. Some people have, some not. we will talk about that.

Bruce call: Bruce: Intel now

Bruce call: Bruce: General terms where we are. Where we are right now very interesting. where we were couple days ago great expectation. we still have that. I would say I was looking something to occur from midnite to 3am. some things did occur.

ruce: where we dont get all the details, it looks like certain individuals that been in control, moving into a new system, asset back system. the GCR has already occured in the last day or so.

Bruce: what we need see is evidence of notifications of 800 numbers, and acknowledgement of our new system. once we have that acknowledgement i think that will trigger to release everything in the US.

Bruce: rates in the banks moving around and elevating, moving in direction we want them to… rates we heard are astounding. we are right there. almost at end of ride on roller coaster. still in the cars, but ride is slowing down, slowing down, almost stopped.

Bruce call: Q and A now

Bruce Q: another call host saying zim and dong not exchangeable. Bruce: we know personally people who have exchanged both of them. that is not an issue. the dong, dinar, zim, rupiah, 6 currencies going up that we will exchange.

Bruce q: some form of debt releif for some who not know aobut this? Bruce: i understand yes, the pope talked about, will be some form of debt relief coming, everyone will have some form of finaancial benefit from it.

Bruce Q: under 3 months of debt relief? Bruce: Yes

Bruce q: if have 10m after exchange, insured 250,000? Bruce: unlimited insurance for accts have been reinstated. the total amount in the new acct, whether the banks use some types of insurer, i dont know. because of the backing of this, asset back, it changes the game even the insurability of the currency. a whole new banking system.

Bruce Q: if sign nda will you violate it if you give tax prepare info? Bruce: i think people you deal with financial, i feel the nda makes allowances, it be explained at time of exchange

Bruce Q: i have bank act with WF, chase and B of A, i plan to exchange in different banks, problem? Bruce: no, you thought it through, some people take approach to do exchange in one location then diversify, nothing wrong what you doing. you can diversify.

Bruce Q: if have irrivocable trust..with currency... Bruce: specific question for cpa, cant tell you whether benefits tax point of view. dont have to put in trust till after exchange

Bruce Q: if using 50% for humanitarian, are you using the principle? Bruce: individual question. depends on factors. if using 50% for humanitarian projects, if you need the funds to begin a project, need that principle in the greater amount, yes take all the 50% put in separte acct for that project.

Bruce: if have tremendous amount after exchange, get interest rate at bank, sometimes the amount, taking 10% to 15% or taking all the interest it accrues and fund and build up the project can do it that way. it depends of amount of exchange. talking billions of dollars, take portion of principle, and use interest it earns. just depend of amount of mother lode.

Bruce Q: we have few that i convince to buy currency, i want to help people, bought lot of zim, but dont have WF here, where i exchange zim? Bruce: In france, you got options, may have to travel a little bit. hsbc in london, take train over and do it that way.

Bruce: use contacts to set up in Switzerland. larger cities in france use their banks. the closet thing to the WF is HSBC. that be a choice i would say to find the closest HSBC. they are in London, look into Switerland.

Sue: if 800 numbers came out, she can call from Europe, ask them where they exchange in Europe. Bruce: some 800 numbers accessible in Europe. We expect to have the numbers, put them on website. I think that to call 800 number and let them know you in FRance and want to exchange.

Bruce Q: My husband is a coin dealer, should he carry a firearm for appt? Bruce: the exchange locations, have security inside and outside of them. If you want him to carry to the appt being in the car, and leave firearm locked in the glove box, be okay. cant take sealed weapon into the exchange center.

Sue: can hire someone to do that? Bruce: there going to security in parking lot. can this person escort you to the door, i can see that happening. i would say if you got to the parking lot, you be fine.

Bruce Q: i almost 70, worried about the structured plan. most of my currency zim. do they allow at my age? Bruce: we have heard discussion of about structure payouts, because of some numbers so large they set this up. regardless of your age, they have a structure for you.

Bruce: they have several of them, so short, some longer, some as long as 20 years, find one that fits you and your needs. talk to them about it, find one that fits your situation.

Bruce Q: if someone has over 200m in zim, i was told it be paid out over 2 to 100 years. can i take half to one bank and other half to another bank? Bruce: not so sure. whether you use one or two banks, we know 2 to 100 year thing, the 100 year thing if you went beyond 20 years, need trust set up for multiple generations.

Bruce: you can go back and do that whatever structure you use. if want to go long term have that opportunity. dont think you automatically set up to go longn term, i think have flexibility.

Bruce Q: if we still waiting on tues night, children, payout to adult children, grandchildren?

Bruce: I think the attorneys and cpa, you can meet with at time of exchange will give you idea what structure will work best for you. we talking zim, one thing you can gift ahead of time. It may work just as well to put them in situation they are beneficiary of trust and grandchildren down the way.

Bruce: there are structures set up to make this generation to generation. that is what family office do, these questions can be handled whether family trust, etc. designed to take a large chunk of money and last generationally.

Bruce S: have to speak to them after exchange. Bruce: yes, set up at the exchange or immediately following the exchange. you can still gift, but they will have to go in.

Bruce q: exchange centers in Memphis tenn.? Bruce: I know there are some, but not know where. no trouble exchanging.

Bruce: Give zip code, but ask where in case you want to exchange slightly different location than your zipcode.

Bruce Q: is there any truth to the dong being a live currency? Bruce: the history Yosef put together on dinarchronicles.

Bruce Q: based on your knowledge and opinion be currency exchange banks in Puerto Rico?

Bruce: I think there will be exchange locations in Puerto Rico. We heard one or two dealers there set to exchange, some were planning to fly to US to be able to exchange here in some cases. I cant tell you the large banks in Puerto Rico.

Bruce: Q: revauled currency goign through TSA? Bruce: i think certain rights there traveling to and fro US. I know some put their currency in an envelope addrsssed to themselves, put postage, seal it, put in luggage. I dont know other than that.

Bruce: I think there be an issue with TSA, you may want to call them tell them what you have and travel with, ask important to see a supervisor. They may take you to a side room and discuss with you and see what you are doing. I would call airport or tsa who can answer you at a supervisory level.

Bruce Sue: calling travelex, they may know something Bruce: Good idea

Bruce Q: WF only bank exchanging Zim? list of other banks exchanging zim? Bruce: WF, HSBC, Bank of China, possibly AWI bank. Asia intrastructure bank.

Bruce: AWI not in USA. This is a very specific currency because it carries a high ridden fact being a bond, uniqueness of it, WF the primary bank in the USA.

Bruce Q: rates? Bruce: no rates. find rates possibly on other sites, certain blogs may put them out. there are normal bank screen rates available, maybe banks will be able to tell you over phone or set appt to find out rates

Bruce Q: once we exchange and go to another bank, can I add someone to that account?

Bruce: If secondary bank, you have ability. You have ability to add someone to an acct or take someones name off an acct regardless of any exchange. you get exchange done, go to another bank, and want to add another name. Yes, sit down with personal banker, add person to an existing acct or set up brand new acct with that person

Bruce call Q and A done
The big call Bruce replay is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456

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