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Intel Highlights fro The Big Call Thursday 3-17-16, 18 MARCH

Intel Highlights fro The Big Call Thursday 3-17-16

Stardot:  Bruce: looking forward to our atmosphere changing, right away

Sarah: B: Short call, bout an hour for a reason.

Sarah: B: it could occur while we're here tonight or shortly there after

Sheltiemom: Bruce just said it is over. We are just waiting for the notification. Wants us fresh!

Wildfire: bruce sounds very excited. says short call because it is over. we are waiting for notifications, could happen during call. proximity is there for tonight

WIldfire: kent teaching matthew 1619 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: 20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: 21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Maloulaon: Bruce: To whom much is given, much is required.

Maloulaon :  Bruce: Blessing is far greater than we EVER thought.

Wildfire: bruce, how can i bless ppl with this? through churches, impect investing, vetrens retreat bruce is putting together? putting out the word of God.... stay grounded
Maloulaon: Bruce: Don't let the spoils of life overtake you. Keep God first!! This in NOT about us!

Wildfire: Robert, we were chosen, pay someones gas, groc...etc.

Bluemoon333: Bruce super excited can hardly find the right words....intel coming shortly
1camman1: Robert says when you go in to exchange, they are going to give you what you ask for.

Hunter: they would prefer that we tell them what we would like for these currencies and we should be able to get them –Robert

Wildfire: bruce, tell them what you would like. robert, have a plan with uou, base rates on plan, not necessarily written down, but know what you want to do

Wildfire: bruce. be careful with doing above and beyond especially at restuarant, someone could follow you

Maloulaon : Bruce: Be careful how "public" you are when trying to be generous. Like tipping

Maloulaon : Robert: Own nothing, control everything.

1camman1: Live off your interest not the principle.

Maloulaon : Bruce: How do I put this money into something that will continue to give even after I am gone?

Wildfire: bruce, decent rate of interest, work out great interst, and generate interest, great to live on not touching the principle, make money work for us. we just watch it grow it spend it

Maloulaon:  R obert: That is how the rich get richer and the poor stay poor.

Maloulaon: B ruce: It may seem strange at first, but you are walking into a new paradigm shift. Keep your Lord first.

1camman1: Robert says have great people on your team to help you make the right decisions and hold you accountable.

Maloulaon:  Bruce: Refrain from buying love, friendship. Be your normal self. You will simply have more resources to help others.

1camman1: Robert are you hearing we could notifications tonight? Absolutely! If you're not ready, you better get ready!

Bluemoon333: Bruce said he is expecting exchange info. tonight....Roberts reiterates again...that we had better be ready now!

Bluemoon333: the exchange process may leave some of us as deer in the headlights. Have your mind present. Leave your old energy behind.

1amman1: Bruce says enjoy the moment of the exchange and realize you're life is going to change your life forever

Wildfire:  robert, get ready.bruce, enjoy the moment, you life is changing, leaving negativity behind, survival mentality, let it go, forgive ppl, move on, leave the past, new life ahead

1camman1: Q. Will the internet people go after WF or the same Time. B. Will go at approximately the same time.

Wildfire: bruce wells is lead bank,

Maloulaon:  B: May not be the currency play that we thought it originally was going to be.

1Camman1:  Q. Are we asset backed in order to buy Yuan and increase our money. B. We are asset backed coming out of our exchange, however Yuan may not be the currency play that we thought it was. However it is a solid currency. I would just say if you want to secure funds in another currency, the Yuan would be a good one.

1camman1: According to Robert, because of all the banking changes, there's no banks to stay away from.

Maloulaon:  Bruce: Look up bank ratings to see how strong they are fiscally…. Bruce: You may be too big for smaller banks.

Maloulaon:  Bruce: PP rolled in to Omega. Bruce does not know who are over the programs. Grey area.

Maloulaon:  Bruce: Used to think that we had to fight hard, but does not seem so with all the changes in our favor.

1camman1: Q. What have you been told how to negotiate with the bank to get a good rate. B. If you get the rates on the front screens right now, you'll be happy. So many changes in our favor, you should have no problem getting higher rates.

Maloulaon:  Bruce: Rates are so strong, we would not be sweating the groups like we did in the past.

Maloulaon:  Bruce: If you are a shark or mini whale, might be better to go to a larger city to have more options available to your exchange.

Wildfire: bruce, what type, how much, where you live, not going to be an issue anymore they dont think… market rate, screen rate, street rate all same

Bruce and Robert: If taking bank rate or street rate, will we have to sign an NDA. Hearing right now it will be different than we originally thought.

1camman1: If I take a market rate on all currency will I have to sign an NDA? R. I'm not hearing an NDA is required. B. If there is, the NDA will be different than a contract NDA.

1camman1:  Q. 2 single people want to attend each others appointment is it ok if they both agree to sign NDA? B It should be fine to take another person with you at the time of the exchange to be an advisor. Couples going into an exchange together can take someone with them.

Maloulaon : Robert: Having a friend or advisor with you when you exchange will probably be okay for singles that need someone.

1camman1:  Q. Are caps in play for the contract rates? B. Not hearing anything about CAPS. R. I haven't heard anything about CAPS.

Hunter: Bruce...may be special investment programs for ZIM holders...thnik the cap thing may have changed

Maloulaon : Robert: Be careful what you read. Much disinfo will be prevalent right here at the end.

Wildfire: Bruce, disinformation coming out of iraq, tonight will be what we knew and some will disprove what we onow, discern...

Maloulaon : Bruce: ISX shut down for a while because it went up so fast today.

Maloulaon : Robert: NO delays. Everything is rolling out according to plan.

1camman1: B. Iran is going into the WTO tomorrow.

Wildfire: bruce, massive announcements about iran tomorrow

1camman1: Q. Did Abadi make an announcement yet? R. Yes. It wasn't carried internationally

1camman1: Q. Why are alot of the guru's going dark. B. Self explanatory
Wildfire: robert..abadi did make the announcement, was not reported here, we didnt expect it here. why are gurus going dark? nothing else to talk about.

1camman1: R. There's nothing else to talk about. B. Questioned having a call tonight because there's not a whole lot new to say.

Maloulaon : Bruce and Robert: No truth to executive order to not allow Zim. Don't listen to that nonsense.

Maloulaon :  Bruce; His understanding that this is not a taxable event. Will pay, if any, taxes to your domicile state…. Robert: Has heard everything from 17% to nothing.

1camman1: Q. If I exchange in a different state than where I exchange,,,, B. This may not be a taxable event any way. State income tax is based on the state where you live no matter where you exchange. R. I haven't heard anything definitive on taxes. B. I heard yesterday that this is not a taxable event. R. Confirms what Bruce has heard.

Wildfire:  bruce could possibly be a non tax event

1camman1: . Q: Where can I get a list of locations in my area to exchange. B. You will ask the people when you set your appointment.

Maloulaon :  Bruce: Cannot walk in to off the street at exchange centers.

1camman1:  Q. Can you speak on interest vs. non interest accounts. B. Some people want to use non for the mother load of their exchange. It depends on how quickly you want to move on investment strategies with the bank.

Wilsfire:  Bruce: some ppl want to use nib at first for mother load then move over to other acct

Maloulaon :  Bruce: Has not felt appropriate to talk about rates for quite a while.

Robert: Know what you expect when you go in. THEY ARE GOING TO GIVE YOU WHAT YOU ASK FOR!

1camman1:  Q. If the exchange officer asks me what I think my currency is worth then??? B. You're going to either have to know or go with the last solid rate you knew of. R. This again is where you need to know what to expect when you go in there. I can't stress enough "They are going to give you what you ask for!"

Q. No WF in Kentucky. B. 8 states that don't have a WF retail office. There will be WF in every state in the country.

Last Question: There are only 8 states that don't have Wells Fargo branches, but they do have mortgage locations. .. There will be other banks or Tier 3 banks to compensate for this.
Wildfire:  Bruce most states have wells fargo, mortg centers, secondary banks that can act as wells, dont worry they are not in your state if you still want to use them

Bruce: BE careful when you set your appt. Enjoy your experience.

Wildfire:  bruce keep watching overnight, keep safe, enjoy the olanning, everything is moving along and should be coming out shortly

The big call Bruce replay is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456

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