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Highlights from The Big Call Thursday Night 3-24-16, 25 MARCH

Highlights from The Big Call Thursday Night 3-24-16

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Room up to speed, and questions want to ask before RV, some things can not answer, rates and dates not entertained, private group questions sesitive cant go there Yosef: think of last time before redemption centers

Bruce call: Bruce: Yosef summarize where we are as far as intel

Bruce call: Yosef: Gang, so we been looking for Rv for period of time, govt, military movements, off site redemption centers ready to take test, test ready to serve up to you in short order. intelligence we are receiveingt an air of intemense as never before. asll we can tell you we are at our blessing

Yosef: there are over 5,000 redemption centers, all major banks participating, WF major bank, rates high to draw currency off the street, we know private redemption include the internet group with the receipt of the 800 numers. few days to redeem at high rates than fall back at public redempition. Then rates will lower.

Yosef: we know all bank branches will be able to in time receive these currencies. specific programs set up for the zim because of the value of the zim, be long term structure situation to help you redeem currency and not allow to set up into your blessing.

Yosef: WE know that there will be ability to negotiate in first wave contract rate, depending on currency you have and volumn, be alot of factors of that, your plans, humanitarian goals, we think wise to bring in as evidene of your true heart desire.

Yosef: know that very strong police and military presence as day one so you will be safe. Assset gold back, and gold back accts. trusts will be skeleton trusts available at redemption sites. they want you in and out in 30 mins. be like an olympic sprint.

Bruce: WE know all banks ready Yosef: it is a transition not a transaction. Chinese know there going to be some collateral damage that some people wont be ready emotionally for this. Lean into your higher power.

Bruce: We can enjoy this blessing and what the money will buy, but lets not serve the money, let the money serve us.

Bruce understands that several banks did not receive pings but now all banks onboard.

Bruce: Q and A ready

Q: I heard that if we right checks for 10,000 dollars or more the banks have to report this to the govt, is it true? Bruce: we heard transaction that would be made that would be quite large amounts. CAsh transaction over 10,000 dollars are reported on a form. I dont know about checks. I would say I dont. Yosef: all deposits, withdraws, checks all reported. no more hiding things

Bruce call: Q: any groups exchanged? Yosef: Yes, and individuals

Q: why it say it happens and not? Bruce: we looking for end results which is notification and exchanges, because it is a process things happening

Q: how much money can we take in cashier check? Bruce: there is really no limit i heard of Yosef: there will be questions at the 2nd bank if you bring in it. do multiple checks over period of time instead of one giant one. Bruce: dont need do it all in one time

Q: Is WF going to have locations in Australia? only one banks exchanging zim? Yosef: WF connected to other banks locally around the world. HSBC and toronto dom, and novia s. go to largest bank you can find and ask if they redeem zim and should be ok.

Q: cashier check at excahnge? Bruce: Yes

Q: we are so close will it become to know if we have to go to different banks to exchange, wf only exschange zim? Bruce: in US is the case Yosef: yes for the zim but not dinar and dong. they dont want you to shop rates from bank to bank. they will have all the tools to exchange at once at one bank

Yosef: At 800 number tell them all you have

Q: if i exchange at WF and sign an nda will i be able to go to different bank to exchange other currency? Bruce: I believe because of the amounts so large it is a way to diversify Yosef: I agree in sense in case you left some of your smaller currency. but at this particular time, take all your currency in,

Bruce: Question was to diversify Yosef: at a security risk to leave some at home and take some to a bank

Yosef: take it as quickly as you can and deal with blessing people after the fact

B: one reason to a structure payout because the rates so much higher. if you wait after initial period looking at a lower rate. If not important to you, have more flexibility to designated funds later to a certain type of exchange. You can diversify taking one currency which is your lower amount taking it into a 2nd bank. I dont believe if you sign an nda affect you going into a 2nd bank. Yosef: rates high take in as soon as possible, take interest and diversify that into other banks

Q: I am a gift receptiant, how will i get 800 number? Bruce: as others will Yosef: 800 numbers come out they will be public, they will be on websites find them on blog sites and out period of time. when they feel have majority of appts set, you will see 800 numbers disappear, this will move faster than you think.

Q: will be  in bank pre easter and zim exchanged? Bruce: our opinion based on info, they intention to have this initiated before Easter. Yosef: Yes Yes Yes, pre and post Easter for the Zim. Think of the dates tomorrow, 3 days

Q: someone accidently wet my currency with water, it has dried and may not be able to go thru the machine, can the bank physically count the currency? Bruce: i think you will be ok as long as they can see it.

Q: will there be a hold on our funds after redemption: Yosef; we heard that, when we do get the 800 numbers quickly. i think the hold is taking out cash initially

q: is it ready to go now, or contingent on Iraq? Bruce: Yes, and no Yosef: agree

Q: miracleman post on time frame Yosef: programs based on volumn and how long you want to leave on bank and what type of currency. all intel trying to give you what they are given. there has been a slow release of the RV.

Q: can Obama be the reason for the RV delay? Bruce: try not to be too political, it is no longer an issue of a particular person taking credit for this event. i think we are at a point it will move thru with or without any particular party alliance

Q: wsomn all but closed down little intel, tnt little intel, govt request to keep quite, Bruce only real source of intel, what is the intel of the Rv? Bruce: we already answered it.

Q: are we expecting the banks to close down at any time during this transition? Yosef: no, but expecting market to be closed tomorrow, good friday. all markets closed around the world on good Friday

Q: is WF waiting for the chinese elders to start exchanges this weekend Yosef: the chinese elders a huge part in this, they certainly have a say in it. we are on a systematic release that is irreversible, moving in progress hour basis

Q: how long rates will be before they drop? Bruce: about 5 days

Q: rates different from canada to US? Bruce: only our opinion. Alot of rates were based on participation on gulf war, finances, allow the rates for the dinar to be different based on that around the world. Yosef: Goal is to get paper off the street and give public to redeem, and out new currency on the street. There is global participation, every country have their own value thus have different rate as normal currency exchange

Q: AI heard you need get a screen shot from the bank of hour bank balance to verify any balances hnow different from bank statement? Bruce: i dont think different Yosef: it will be same thing, physical or sent by email. Bruce: if you get anything sent from your bank to your computer, need it to be encrypted. Yosef: any fraud that occur to your acct will be replaced in moments

Q: accts will be insured? Yosef: yes insured with physical assets . You can ask for insurance thru a major insurance company. they already taken precautions in all countries

Q: if there is a zim 100 payout should i start gifting notes? Bruce: a little late unless you hurry and do it. If you have waited to do that, problems with the regulations of gifting by IRS

Yosef: you will emotionally bonding people to the process. best to take currecny exchange and gift after the fact to lawyers or foundations, or business versus handing a burden to someone. it is too late

Q: i heard today on call banks will zim from 2 to 100 years payout Yosef: i would say it is in your benefit and time to readjust to your new wealth which maybe more zeros than you planning on

Q: who is giving your intel? Yosef: i take responsiblity for crying wolf in the past, that has been deception from bad and good sources. at some point the wolf does come, we are here tonight we feel in our heart the moment is upon us. use own discernment whether we are sincere. not going to revel sources. the intel providers have best interest of heart.

Q:  can you gift one note to multiple people? Bruce: No

Bruce:Q: nationals to excahnge in other country? Yosef: it still goes onto the ledger, system overwoven together, you no better off in us than other best advice redeem in own country. keep it simple, stay calm, redeem quickly

Q: i dont understand why we need give report on projects we have in mind, i think the bank would be pleased to invest and grow the money? Bruce: when we talk about humantarian projects, we are talking about banks holding most of the funds and using the interest to fund the projects.

Q: the president of china here at end of month, our favor? Yosef: not a political call, China govt working close with US govt to help the process

Q: you seem to have fallen from the heavens. can you share about how you acquire all your knowledge and wisdom, and why did the elders give you permission to share with us?

Yosef: I done this work for period of time, knowledge acquired over hard knocks, it is very important start seeing brs and sis from asia and around the world they see us as one. I was at place at right time, nothing exceptional about myself per say……i didnt fall from the heavens

Q: Please with all the people holding currency, how long to get into appt once 800 numbers come out? Yosef: people already going in. they will be ready for us 2 hours before 800 numbers come out. this will move so fast it will make your head spin. the start time and rate so crypted. fantastic rates

Q: long to get into redemption center? bruce: they plan where they have the most number of currency holders, quick

Q: how 800 numbers get out to us? Yosef: they will make it public through 3mail, internet, not going to try to hide the 800 numbers. they wont be open that long. Bruce: look at it more as something that is planned for us to move efficiently

Q: no wf bank in honolulu, there be offsite? Bruce: yes, off site locations in hawaii that are attatched to WF.

Q: guidance of range of rates, how long to make wealth last? Yosef: purely between yourself and God. dont mean you have to take that high rate, if uncomfortable, let it pass. comparted to eating too much, expand your mind and look into the future, look for a sensition if it feels right. by feeling rather than by digits.

Q: my son has a nonviolent criminal record, will he be barred from exchanging? Yosef: come forward with that at 800 number call and see if they can answer that before he goes to the exchange center

Q: money in bank bail out and bail in fear of it? Yosef: fact we are in getting this blessing we come out of bankruptcy, all the fears have been handled. I cant make you believe it is safe, at some point no matter who you are, you going to have to leap where you are to where you are going. go from fear to love.

yosef: the act of the leap does not change, you going to have to leap to a new reality. YOu cant see it, it is invisible until you actually get there and they tell you this is what you are getting from this at this moment.it will struggle for you to take it in. you have to make a choice, Bruce: choose faith, love and hope

Q: if you receive currency after exchange will you get same high rate at exchange? Yosef: that is going to be taken off the table, not have that opportunity. you have to physically have to turn into the currency and exchange it.

Q: people that have exchanged have access to the funds? Bruce: yes

Q: iran rial in first exchange? Bruce: Yes, even though not in first basket. it is one to be reinstated.

Q: should i pay off my mortgage now? Yosef: if it gives you joy, yes you got to make own choices. should have enough cash to pay off all your bills

Q: for those dinarians that will have their excahnges temp accts and put into irrivocable acct:

Bruce: legal question, help of attorney, sounds like answer would be yes, best to pass on question,take it up to a professional

Q: can we get a proof of funds letter at appt? Bruce: get from wealth manager, not at appt.

Q: wil,l there be federal and state taxes? Bruce: what we understand this is for the most part a nontaxable event. not tax attorneys. dont know 100 percent answer of that. at time of exchange you should know that. make decision at that time. but my understanding nontaxable. Yosef: if annuity, whcih we understand at large zim exchanges, earning and generating taxes on that

Q: understanding to participating in humantiarian projects, what info for me to help, and donations to projects? Yosef: Bruce doing Veterans retreat, Sue doing healing projects,

Bruce site have info how you can participate. I am pursuing global service workers, helping people who help people. i already got a team of people around the world. A lot of people out there want to participate. if you have a desire to serve, somebody will find you, make it known and we get to you.

Bruce: we will be doing calls, humantiarian calls, we not going away Send email you want to help

Q: Afghani or rupiah? Bruce: in first basket, assume that, not heard much of those two, i think still good to go

Q: give zipcodes in area we want to exchange in? Bruce: yes Yosef: advice, not to travel far, tell them where you are, get into redemption centeras fast as you can driving least amount of distance

Q: i am part of a group and bought zim recently, let bank know? Bruce: let know time of appt setting, bank acct if set up already for exchange, dont know if they going to set up new accts. Yosef: for the exchange, new gold back acct,

Q: initial money in the province of china, going to help or hurt us? Yosef: answer it will hellp you everywhere, this blessing not as direct as the rv profits coming into china, the yuan will become so strong

Q: what will happen with currency on reserve? Bruce: dependds how quickly you get that currency on reserve, yes maybe wind up in public exchange

Q: so many become millionaries and billionaries have enough wealth managers? Yosef: have been training people, put together wonderful programs for us, banks very aware of our deer in headlights going into this. they set up family offices, they service you like cars, travel plans, health care, tickets, etc. been around long time, just never allowed into the party. banks prepared to grace us into that.

Q: when do you get that started? Yosef: they will know what family office are at the get go. go into the redemtption center and redeem they will have means to help you with those products

Q: exchanging before next tuesday? Yosef: use own discernment, not always been right, maybe right this time, pick own odd, be ready for 800 numbers to come out

Q: part of the general group, set up my trust, my trust hold my currency, can my currency be exchanged with group rate? Yosef: not talk about groups in this call. leave general 64 question. if not feel comfortable with that trust, can get new trust at time of redeeming, skeleton trust. Banks are ready

Bruce call: Yosef: once we sign nda, we serious about it, we cant answer these tpes of questions anymore.

Bruce: the banks want to proceed and get people through the process about 30 mins. answer questions with wealth managers

Q: currency in USA, br and sis in Europe, can they fly in and exchange? Yosef: i dont see why they couldnt, try to deal with it what ever country i am at, keep calling banks till they know what i am talking about

Q: tithing, should my 10 percent go to my charge, it will be a large amount? Bruce: setting up a Godfund, because amount so large. expand your vision what the tithe is.if you feel comfortable set up a God fund and give from that, as an endowment fund to tithe, legacy for yourself, that is the prospect i am taking

Yosef: if the amount of money coming in, maybe put 90% in tithing, and 10% for ourselves. Poverty, shelter, water, veterans, disability,etc. all counts...you can still manage it stilldoing humantiarian projects. how much do you need to live on? you got a plate, put what you need on your plate for your family and generation.

Sue: impact investing, if looking into high impact investing, look up high impact investing foundation online, work with an advisor, resesarch vehicle to work with people that are at the fore front how to help you.

Yosef: just go in and speak from your heart what you need to accomplish, keep in mind the chinese elders are looking to partner to us who wish to do humantiarian projects, they feel we have much biggter motive than making money

Yosef: in partnership. Sue: say i am passionate helping children, women, speak what you are passion about, intent to work with high impact investors

Q: layaway put away, will i be able to get them out and get high rate ? Bruce: we heard maybe some get in time and if you can receive these funds on layaway probably get opportunity to exchange at bank rates after the initual period of higher rates

Q: i went to prison 9 months, been given gift letters for my currency able to redeem? Yosef: banks be concern, know your client, i offer hope who made a mistake, always speak the truth, speak from love and put it out there. they will h ave the answer

Q: make appt via 800 number in the first 5 days get best rates? Bruce: as long as you set appt in 5 day period get rates. I cant say that be the case, the rates may drop after 5 initial period and get rates if they drop.

Q: speak to meeting in iraq, is truly a trigger to get this done? Bruce: that meeting suppose to take place on saturday, and welcome people all over the world, welcome iraq and iran into wto. is it a trigger? something happening result of this rv, note the timeing set for sat.

Q: if bought currency and not arrive till tuesday, can i bring it in for the same rate? Bruce: i say discuss early on in exchange process, make it known at time of exchange and see if they would honor that at same rate.

Q: exchange in china and where Yosef: where would be hsbc, bank of china, anything in hong kong. I dont knwo if they let you, if do those banks

Q: live in Arkansas, travel to st louis, exchange there? Yosef: will be WF presence there

Q: Yosef you speak that you so sure of answsrs,how do you know all this? Yosef: been involved in soveriegn banking long time, my understanding of the currency, acquiring info and gathering intel from variety of sources, diplomatically, militarlly, iha ve couple people inside, i am not only one, ohters have these contacts, we all been polling info last 6 months,

Yosef: try to share that with you as we are allowed to. always share after the fact. all 5 sec to 2 week delay of info, we just know there is a gcr, since we know that, we are confident

Q: gifted alot of dong: Bruce: i would do it before nda, let them know what you know, set appt and let them know what you have

Q: two signficant things to take place? Bruce: not appropriate now. YOsef: at some point, have to jump and do it on your own. you have to go to redemption center on your own, trying to give you answers now

Q: grandson on military base, can he exchange there? Bruce: maybe real possiblity Yosef: agree with that

Q: time limit to exchange the zim? Yosef: yes, specifically to exchange at highest possible rate, get in and get it done, negotiate rate

Q: give out the numbers? Bruce: not have numbers to give out during this call

Bruce: question for all of you Are you prepared to take this blessing that God is bestowing on each of us forward and do the very best you can with all the help of resources to bless as many people you can including your family and yourself? Good question to end. are you prepared?

Bruce: and done your homework? Do your best this time forward, pray to give you wisdom to go forward this point on, and you will have the wisdom. The questiona and answer all in one

Bruce: Enjoyed this. Sue, wonderful, Yosef, thank you to both of you. Kent, thank you. I going to thank everybody on call and those listening, thank you for confident placing in us, lets plan on lifting everyone up. blessing comes through and do good with the resources

Bruce: Thank you Kent, Sue, Yosef again, wonderful call, i look forward to experiencing the future with all of you. Yosef: wonderful job go forward with great confident we are blessed
Kent praying call out

Bruce call ended

The big call Bruce replay is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456

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