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Highlights from The Big Call 3-22-16, 23 MARCH

Highlights from The Big Call 3-22-16

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: starting

Bruce call: Bruce: welcome all, we are all at the right place right now. I am excited for thelast few days, really excited now where we are. and about to receive. opening call with prayer

Bruce call: Bruce: The listeners very meaningful to us, been a great time and plan to continue in one form or fashion.

Bruce call: Intel

Bruce: I told you on the outset I am very happy, good mood, looking forward to the rest of this week. I believe without dates and rates, that we are right where we need to be right now.

Bruce: this is an opportunity to have this coming very very quickly, every indication i have so far is coming through without a hitch, on autopilot. now is the time to get ready if you not ready. everything is about ready to change for all of our lives.

Bruce: rates continue to go up, notifications is all we are looking for. stay tuned. keep eye on your emails. that is far as we need to go so far. banks, redemption centers ready, just waiting to get notified.

Bruce call: Q and A

Bruce: Able to help elderly friend with exchange, or nda prevent that? Bruce: I think you need do your own exchange first. when they set their appt or if they are, let them know you want to assist them. that way you’ve gone through exchange process first, then you know what you can share if you signed nda.

Bruce: mention you have someone you planning to help and make sure it is okay with them to do that. see what response you will get. they want us to be happy, want us to get this done. dont want rates blabbed after this, that is the main thing. i think nda will deal with that. ithey want the financial aspect of it private.

Bruce: A: will rates be live at teller screens at banks? Bruce: all tellers not doing exchanges, i wouldnt think you willey nilley pick a bank and walk in. call 800 number, set appt. they will have rates on screens where you go to exchange

Bruce: Q: development funds Bruce: I think talking about humanitarian project funds to help build projects, not sure what that means. will they have those when you go in for exchange is the quesiton. I think speaking of individual exchange, go on basically concept you want to work with the bank as a partner in funding whatever it is you want to do, and you need certain amount of money to do will they help you achieve that goal to fund that project

Bruce: Q: who is the lead bank in Canada? Bruce: the lead bank is really HSBC if they are there, which i believe they are, NO. 1 bank. Royal bank, TD bank, last Nova Soctia bank. I heard at one time NOVa Soctia only doing zim, others doing all currencies. that is what i heard couple months ago.

Bruce Q: will the rates in canada be the same as us rates and need spouse with us to exchange? Bruce: rates not the same as us. not need to have your spouse, can exchange individually, can go on your own.

Bruce: Q: what about the dong, is rate good? Bruce: yes better than good. all the rates are good, dont think about it, all great

Bruce: Q: after the rv any of you willing to meet on regular basis to help Bruce: mainthing yes, all doing the exchange on the bigcall, all involved, how soon will we be available for a call. try to keep a little bit of regularity till we get to the point we say not going to do tues, thurs nite call and do something different, and let you know by email what that is.

Bruce: something that will bring you more knowledge so you can grow with this redemption. yes talking to experts about all types of things, way we want to invest the money, help through humanitarian causes, we want you guys to continue, more of an internet presence. hang in during the adjustment period, realize everybody is going to exchange, get life changes done, we no exception, hang in there, stay in touch.

Bruce: we will do some call, dates and times may change but let you know before that happens

Bruce: Q: buying home,will it be benefit to pay with dinar than usd? Bruce: if you were use dinar to buy property what value it be worth at time of purchase. lets take random number. lets say dinar value international at $3.50, not saying the rate is, jsut example. why would you do taht if you can excahnge the dinar and have it worth quite abit more.

Bruce; you come out much better using dinar as part of exchange and buying in usd. rate of exchange we going to get much higher than the normal international rate.

Bruce: Q: will it matter if currency is circulated or not circulated? Bruce: not matter

Bruce q: Wells fargo closed my acct due to fraudalent, can i still exchange there or go
elsewhere Bruce: i would say that info you have, you got little different situation there, could do set appt and see what happens when you got there. then have back up plan if they not work with you. they want you as customer as long as you a good customer. right now your track record not good. i would give it a try, but not too disappointed if wells not able to help you

Bruce Q: asset back currency system, dismiss of high yield trading fund? Bruce: i would say it still yield good profits, 50% to humanitarian projects, 50% to principle, i did hear 80% to humanitarian, 20% to principle, not really going away, returns maybe reduced

BruceQ: help us understand codes reaching banks Bruce: we had codes released. had Christine l. make announcment last night, but none of us seen that GCR taking place......

Bruce Q: the lead bank say it ready to go, but waiting for permission? Bruce: the ust aspect already handled, down to last step. up to the lead bank, no one knows time to release it, on autopilot

Bruce A: how it will roll out in Australia for 800 mumbers? Bruce: I not think do you guys good to use numbers in us banks. Look to banks there unless you plan on flying here and do exchange here in the us. you will do fine with the plans they have down there. I dont know if we will have numbers for banks other than for Canada or US. who knows. Kent will put out what we can under banking on website.

Bruce: Australia and New Zealand they have their own plan, own rates, all set, just have to exchange down under

Bruce Q: with all the people involved now, how long to wait for their appt? Bruce: they have so many exchange locations. their intentions for us paying  attention, to get us through in 5 days. good to go in one or two days, three max

Bruce Q: define impact investing? Bruce: it is investing in companies with technology or ideas that make an impact on people in the world, combining humanitarian funding with investing. beautiful concept. why invest in something that doesnt do anything for anybody?

Bruce: not intersested on profit we will make, but helping people

Bruce Q: some say we should ask for more than what on screen show, how do we know what to ask for? Bruce; screen rates extremely high. lets say if you know what screen rates are? if you think need more, little more than that to fund a project or projects you have heart set on, can you ask for more? you could, will you get more, depend on your ability to convince the bank what you doing just not for you to buy more stuff but help people in humanitarian project way.

Bruce Q: iran rial included in exchange? Bruce; iran riel there, even though not a first basket currency per say, it should reflect same time or 24 hours after currencies shown

Bruce Q: what is exactly we need drivers license, etc. Bruce: two bills to show address and name on it to show you a real person and live at certain place, bring drivers license, passport even if it is expired because it shows another picture id. any photo id, student, govt issue id, sams card, no harm to bring it, receipts for currency i am wishy washy, i dont want to bring mine, but have them in brief case, but not going to bring them out. I sure as the world not going to mention them..

Bruce; Q: if gred go down (?) Bruce; if it goes down, all currency in the clouds, digital, going to get receipt...

Bruce Q: exchange centers be in all providences in Canada? Bruce: there be 100 or 120 ex. centers in Canada, a few hundred in Canada, you guys be covered

Bruce Q: talked to wells exchange banker, he told me i could open acct day i exchange . i read on other site i had to have an acct or they will not exchange my currency Bruce: i think basing that on the past. this is life changing money. not going to hold you to that. they want your money.

Bruce Q: another person advised us to exchange iqd in another acct is it revelent? Bruce: no, all gold back

Bruce Q: will this increase inflation? Bruce: could depending on effect on prices, could see some inflation in terms of the pricing, depends on the dollar, could have some of it going on

Bruce Q: could hurt the poor if this happens, some said limited spending one million dollar first 6 months? Bruce: no, little based on how you spend money, how you work with your bank. you want relation with your bank, talk to them reasonable to do. i dont think limits what people spoke about in the past

Bruce Q: good you provide good internet sources rates posted? Bruce: i know people have posted rates from other calls, we dont do rates. Kent? do you know? Kent: i dont know.

Bruce: i dont knwo either. search around see what people are saying. I wouldnt worry about the rates so much. go in confident. what is on the screens right now are amazing.
Bruce Q: does the international or street rate require nda? Bruce: so far we know does not require nda, what we been told it doesn’t

Bruce call; Q: should we separte all my currency from my receipts? Bruce: yes, that is what i done. aas long as you dont look alter suspicious, i think they know we all there for currency exchange, wouldnt sweat it, just have in separate folder.

Bruce: Q: Zim, do i drop zeros? Bruce: no let them drop the math, just let them know what you have in terms of trillions or quad trillions of currency

Bruce:Q: what is holding up the release? all exchange sign nda? Bruce; we dont know if all will sign. We went right spack the time for this to let go, seem now just waiting for the release of notifications and 800 numbers

Bruce call Q: reserves, cash or dinar? Bruce: if you can still get reserves, it is your choice. you can use currency to pay it off, only differene the value the dealer would give you to pay off your reserve. i would say probably to use usd to pay it off

Bruce Q: husband and wife question: understand we dont ahve to exchange together, husband working out of state. can she excahnge, and help him in separte appt to exchange currency in his name?

Bruce: yes, so far i know yes. why would she want to go with him to his appt.

Bruce Q: how long of delay bombing in Brussels cause? Bruce: on the face of it, i really dont think it did. we feel badly for those in Belguim that endured that great loss

Bruce q: Yosef said in past if cant get 800 numbers, have to find them, where we look?

Bruce: certain people in big all community will furnish those to us. we looking forward to receiving. kent will put them on website

Kent: we wont be sending emails for 800 numbers

Bruce Q: wondering it been so close, not happen, is someone manipulating the process from keeping it from happening? Bruce; was in the past, been couple of glitches here and there legit, most of that done, as far as we know no more delay

Bruce Q: when the rv happens, what will happen to price of gold and silver? Bruce: we cant advise on that, we just dont know. if you interested in purchasing on that, do some research, that is up to you to monitor that and find a place and any price level you mind at, you want to get in at comfortable level and just hold it. gold and silver a buy and hold, have as backup, i wouldnt worry about

Bruce Q: will we still receive couple of cashier checks? Bruce: Yes  Bruce Q: trust before the exchange? Bruce: no, the banks are ready to put our funds after exchange in an holding trust, temporary holding trust till you come in with a new structure to utilize instead of the holding trust so you got some security that your funds are safe.

Bruce Q: any advance using an exchange center instead of a bank if you have many currency to exchange? Bruce: i would think when you call , they primarily going to be seeing what currency you have, if you have zim tell them that, may go to head of line because of that

Bruce: not so much as a bank vs a redemption center, just based on location, your zip code, in some areas where they have fewer banks, going to use redemption centers. both good. i think off site redemption centers, 24 hour ones, more productive. they like to take you through in 30 mins.

Bruce: they plug you in and boom you got it opening acct, they verify your money, in and out of there couple cashier checks, business card to call wealth manager that might come with your bank. you should have and i hoping this is true for everybody, have ability to set up a holding trust right off the bat before you leave exchange center

Bruce: Kent good place to stop

Bruce: We are looking forward this going down for us very quickly, stay patient, pray it goes down with no delay, be interesting what happens tonight. see what happens. Plan doing call Thursday, watch the boards for info, look for 800 numbers to be out there. some of the guys will make them available to us, be aware, look forward to making appt. make appt with bank you want. take deep breath, thank God, pray for peace

Bruce: give you wisdom to get through it, you knwo alot of knowledge, no more than most bankers. be kind, smile enjoy the exchange. a wonderful time in our lives, give thanks, we will be in touch with you guys.
Bruce: Kent pray us out

Bruce call ended

The big call Bruce a is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456

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