Monday, March 21, 2016

"God's Gift" RV Update, Intel, ​Plea Monday - March 21, 2016, 21 MARCH

"God's Gift"  RV Update, Intel, ​Plea   Monday - March 21, 2016
​Dear ​Brothers and Sisters,

There were some late security/cyber issues last night. Meaning, they started and stopped the RV in the USA. Was this accidental or intentional? One final pump fake to catch the last of the moles embedded by the bad guys? No one but Grandfather really knows for sure.

Now, how long they will take to restart the process we do not know either.

Some say it will be attempted again tonight. Some say Monday night, while others say Tuesday night to restart this event.

I'm no longer leaning either way because ​day, rate and time are irrelevant at this point. But what we know for sure is that late last night, right after the Springtime Vernal Equinox,

Sunday March 20, 2016, the Elders began an irreversible sequence to release humanity from bondage after centuries of planning and sacrifice. Yet it was suddenly halted.

Honestly, it's unfathomable to comprehend their patience or dedication needed to stop something so mammoth, but there must have been a good and Godly reason. So thank you Grandfather, Elders and all colors of the Dragon Families whenever you decide to bless the world. We trust your judgement.

Regardless of what exact time we are blessed, what's truly important is that our success is guaranteed by Christ the Savior who's life and death now allows for the Elders to be so meticulous in their planning. And the momentum needed to complete the RV is without question now overwhelming and building into a critical mass as humanity springs forward into another era of possibility and existence.

Sure the long hidden Middle Eastern monetary giant known as the Iranian Rial is now on front screens and rapidly moving higher by the minute (expect an announcement Tuesday morning AST regarding its international currency reinstatement); and yes all the first basket of currencies are now thought to be rolling out in a "gift card" format, whereby redeemers can adjust rates depending on individual needs--meaning, each of us can theoretically choose our own redemption rates/final amount depending on the currencies we hold.

Shut the front door! Boy, that would be one heck of a game changer

Thus all this incredible wealth we shall soon harvest is really just Christ's wealth reconstituted under our accounts. And therefore the true blessing of the RV rests in our ability to repurpose Christ's wealth for humanity through gifted monetary funds, and return the favor by handing out new gold-backed fishes and loaves to the tired and huddled masses.

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