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Gerry Maguire CC Replay and Notes from 2-29-16 (Not affiliated with WSOMN), 1 MARCH

Gerry Maguire  CC Replay and Notes from 2-29-16  (Not affiliated with WSOMN )


Camdoc RV/GCR / Phillip Tipton caller from Puerto Rico talks about a “treaty of 200” which he says it responsible for most of the “stalls”.  They have tried 4 times in the last  8  Days to get the world wide ping and get this done. 

There were some strange goings on with Greece.  Last night there was a hosting problem, but as of an hour ago they have solved this and are going to try again tonight to get this done.  They only move things on the 1st and the 15th.

The treaty of 200.  They are up to 209 now, including Iran and Cuba now.  This is a World Peace Treaty.  He names a bunch of “disinformation agents” like Jim Willie.
The sovereign movement is due to become liquid in the next 24 hours.

Phillip Tilton said yesterday that we would probably be delayed by a day.  Looks like he was correct, and we are ready to go now.

Caller:  Prosperity packages started Mon-Tues last week, according to Hong Kong contact. 

TTMs (Table Talk Meetings) are due to start on March 2nd.  The IMF lied on a daily basis.  Told Iraq in October that they would allow Iraq in place in April.

Lawyers will talk to you when you have the money.

Special Caller:  We are at the end.  Hold on.  We are pulling up to the train station now.

[According to the info I am getting] We are within 24 hours.  The PTB are now in control.  This last time, it was not them.  It was because of a couple of countries which were not finished with what they were doing.  Germany, Solomon Islands.

There was a couple of countries still had to de-peg from the dollar and get away from the Euro, and I understand that that was done yesterday.  Saudi Arabia and Japan have already done so, and joined the BRICS AIIB.  Or they are about to.

We were waiting for the Drachma to come out.  (Greece).

Aiib says that this was the last situation that had to be taken care of.  A certain individual signed a document at 5 last night, and that was the last thing that needed to happen, but it was not in time to happen last night.

There was a transaction that Stephen and I knew about yesterday, a huge transaction, that proved that the TRN was live at that time.

IMO it is not about whether you have an FRN or TRN, it is about what is in the system.  So, when you exchange, it will be FRN or not. 

They will not give out TRNs until the FRNs are used up.  It is based on what is in the system, asset backed or not.

Philip Tilton: 208 countries sre not receiving FRNs now.  NYC and New Jersey have not been at work for 8 days.  Shipping lanes are waiting.  Contracts pending are with gold contacts.


Banks will have asset side and wealth management side.  You will probably go to a different side than the regular bank.  The FRNs may take more that 6 months to get the FRNs off the market.

Iko:  That goes with what I heard.  We will start with international trade, then large consumer items, then consumer items.  We will be asset backed, but we will not look like it.  All of it is working towards parity world currency.  Some of us on the call may see TRNs because of the size of our accounts.

Rainbow currencies will trickle in.

Feb 8th congress approved a 17 percent tax.

Gerry:  Everything that I am hearing is that March 1st is a big deal!  90 days before they vote, and they have to have a tradable currency.

Rockstar (?): [They actually have until March 3rd because of extra days in March and May.]
Zim is in the basket.
PPs are being paid out of BIS accounts, but is being backed by the Global Collateral Accounts.
PT: Right now, private placements are going thru.  Have been for about 24-48 months.  We are not authors of the plan, we are benefactors who are last in line.  The Sovereigns were supposed to get paid, but got paid last month, 700 Billion.  And there was another payment last month and they said they never received it.
Soveriegns have not all gone yet.
Last year there were about 46 countries that were about to go belly up.  Those 46 countries were allowed to exchange just IQD at a rate of 7-9 dollars.  The countries are done.
Money for Landa is scheduled for Tuesday.
Even if they say 7 days, you know that it is not going to be 7 days because there are still some things you know have to be done first. (compared to a sale at a big Sears store).
TTM dates begin on March 2nd.   As it was physically an impossibility to make all downloads of funds at the same time, it was spread over three days, which ended yesterday.
Shanghai was just opened as AIIB bank HQ.  What if Shanghai suddenly said tonight that the price of gold is 3000?  That would set the price, and That would cut the cost of the GCR in half.  There is GCR time!!!
Right now, today starts Operation Northern Thunder, which include that all militaries are working together.
Caller:  When we exchange, our money will be asset backed.  The money we hold will be asset backed.  It will take some time to get the FRNs off the street. Then we will have USNs.  There will be an announcement, but most will pay no attention.  They will not wait 72 hours, they will do it or not.  (several experts agree with that caller).  But there will be a 72 hour window as I heard as of yesterday.
Caller: What hand are we holding?
Iko: You are holding about 18 aces.
Iko:  I think that there are very few intel providers, and we are listening to the same intell passed around the circle.  And what you hear depends on how far around the circle you  are.  But for the past two weeks, we are all hearing the same great stuff.   And no more negative information.  And it gets tighter and more pointed.
Spec Caller:  One of the reasons that the intel has become more tight is that Iraq put all of their money into a PPP trade.  The trade is now ending, and that is where we are now.  More info now.  More money now.
CMKXers have received 2% of their losses, and their money is in PPP trade now, will be divided after they are done.
PT: I believe that the 17% tax will be on things that are not necessary, like a big house.  And for necessary things, the tax will be less. I understand that it has been passed, but is under the hood.
IMF has 2-3 days on the 1st and 15th of the month that they can get things moved.
PT: We heard that there are 3 days for the whales to get done, and then 2 days for the sovereigns (the biggest group) to get done.  Before our time.  We don’t know if that is true or not, but that is what we have been hearing.
Iko: My understanding is that this went down on Saturday night, 1 am.  The whales could already be about done.

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