Wednesday, March 9, 2016


DR. CLARKE: For the past 9 weeks, we’ve been pointing toward the Month of MARCH, particularly the importance of the 1st Week of March, through the 8th.

Today is the 9th, and everything is right on schedule. The next 2 weeks are SUPER CRITICAL, as we’ll explain.

We still expect Everyone to be exchanging their Iraq Dinar at Exchange Centers, including Banks, NO LATER than MARCH 22, 2016.

We know, this is a bold statement. MUCH MUCH more is going on than is printed in ANY articles you read from anyone, anywhere. Articles are nice, but remember, Iraq is at ground zero, in the heart of a Worldwide War.

What’s printed for release is all controlled. ALL of it. Don’t kid yourself. Always keep this in mind going forward.

The most important, most detailed FACTS, are sealed from public knowledge. Also keep in mind, that NONE of this - is a “Logical” process. There’s too many moving parts, publicly controlled and released, on purpose. “Complete Confusion”, is the designed strategy, by those at the helm, and they’ve done a great job of it.

It’s necessary, for many reasons, to the good of the masses.

MOSUL, as we’ve said from the beginning, is the #1 Priority before the Dinar can raise in value and become Internationally traded - for WORLDWIDE SECURITY. It’s now Secure enough, by their standards, for this to occur.

OIL is rising, and will soon reach $40….it was $39 two days ago. Ideal targeted range, low 40’s. You see it happening, as we speak.

CORRUPT OFFICIALS, are being removed, with urgency. You see it happening.
World Conference & Exhibition, Beirut, March 8-9, 2016 (International Banking plans)
Alan Greenspan visiting Iraq this week. (at IMF’s request)

NOW, enough currency has been choked off, re-routed and destroyed, through enough channels, such as the Auction, large bank destructions in Mosul area, oil revenues cut off with falling prices for over a year, insider political back-door techniques, and support from other countries ending - that their currency supply is low enough (have run out of currency), that an increase in Rates, can be applied - without a large enough funding to them, that will make much of a difference in sustaining their growth, worldwide.

Add to this mix, the success of coalition military operations and it’s NOW secure enough and to the World, to raise the Rates.

Over the past 3 years, it would have just expanded their growth and made things MUCH worse Worldwide - maybe even unstoppable. Cutting off their funding, is/was the #1 strategy to stop their infrastructure, from massive growth worldwide.

Thus, the biggest reason Mosul is so important. It’s been their “currency headquarters”. It will soon be officially announced under the control of the country of Iraq, similar to the result in Ramadi - and Peace is the result.

Hopefully, the Mosul Dam will hold up long enough to keep another major disaster from occurring. It’s also at critical mass, and in a day to day status.

The BIG announcement we referred to from last week, was: North Korea was officially put under Sanctions, and as a result, they made this public announcement Monday, and I quote from CNN: North Korea warned it would make a “ preemptive & offensive nuclear strike”, in response to the joint U.S.- S. Korean military exercises.

The U.S. has 17,000 troops in S. Korea doing joint military exercises, through April 30th. (Read the CNN article released on Monday, link below)

Friends, this latest nuclear threat by N. Korea is a BIG BIG deal. VERY SERIOUS. Major attention Worldwide, is being given to this critical situation. We’ve said from the beginning, that time frames and plans, would come to fruition, “barring any major catastrophe’s happening, given the world we live in.”

Well, THIS is one of those times. A “threat” of nuclear war, especially involving the U.S., and is publicly being announced - has the immediate attention & focus of EVERYONE worldwide - and things are shifting quickly, because of it. This is NOT rumor. Read this article:

CNN N. Korea article Link: http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/06/asia/north-korea-preemptive-nuclear-strike-threat/

As a result, there’s serious talk, that depending on what happens in this critical situation with N. Korea, and what they do in the days ahead, could affect, whether or not, no later than MARCH 22nd, stays in place.

I know this is NOT what you want to hear, but IF missiles are fired, or this escalates, we now have a new, major Worldwide “catastrophe” taking shape. Analyze this a little deeper, put 2 & 2 together, and you’ll see this is much broader than, just N. Korea. Yes, this does affect Iraq, the currency events, and all other countries worldwide.

Nothing has been decided YET, so let’s hope for the best - sooner than later.

Even if something serious occurs, and we’re NOT saying it will - at this point, it is our opinion, this will not go past April 10th, given what we know, so far. We’re just wanting to make you aware of some real possibilities, as it stands right now, given this new information surrounding N. Korea.

Last post, we highlighted a CNBC article, officially telling the world about the corruption and theft of over $20+ million every month, within Iraq’s Currency Auction system. This information was officially made public NOW, because the Auction, is coming to an end…..and you know what THAT means.

Next Week, there will be another BIG Positive, Worldwide Financial announcement you’ll hear about, by midweek, (Thursday 17th), and this will stick out above all the other great things you’ll be hearing about.

Friends, the DATE and the RATE, is already planned. It’s set.

Sit back, Relax, Take your Time and Watch the Show. Hopefully, this N. Korea situation will come to a quick and Peaceful ending.

Make no mistake, there’s an URGENCY to increase the value of the Iraq Dinar and bring it to Internationally traded status.

Also, as we’ve been indicating, we expect that there’s a very high probability, that soon, the VN DONG will significantly increase in value, as well.

As a side note, we have a crazy, weird “unprecedented” Presidential election happening in the U.S., and this is making things a little more complicated from all angles, than originally planned.

I’d highly suggest you read this post, several times to get the most clear picture possible. Just a suggestion. We hope all this helps you out, in some way. Stay Tuned.

I Intend the Best for ALL,

Dr. Clarke

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