Monday, March 7, 2016


Why is it that when man is excited, nerves,anxious or depressed  they seem to hear and see things that are not really there. They speculate much on these ghosts and they swear by what they hear and see to be true when in fact that is not actually accurate. 

It isn't accurate because the people who have in there hands the safety, the change of the entire world and its people, the control of what is spoken and what cannot be, the same people who control what the media can cover or not,those who govern and those that pay to govern are not speaking. 

Didn't I say many a time that "this shall come like a thief in the silence of the night." Well that my friends is exactly how it will be. My friends even though we are so very close, there is a time stamp  to its outcome and only that person or persons know when and where it will transpire and not before.  

Yes we will be blessed shortly but relax and pray it in, but please leave your ghosts to make there noise in your closets and don't permit them to wonder into the mainstream because those phantom voices are being spread and they are actually the cause of this and all delays.

Silence is of the essence and once you choose to do so you will see this rv flow without any obstacles whatsoever. It will be by tiers the rates will be as promised you will receive a 800 # and you will be treated with the upmost respect and professionalism.

​Be blessed and honestly take my advice on this subject which is of importance to all mankind.Now is that time to be silent for all prosperity to flow !  

Na'maste Bluwolf
​Happy Journeys

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