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Camdoc:  02/17/16 WING-IT CALL NOTES
Take away info from the WSOMN today:

You may not have time to negotiate, so let them know that you expect to be eligible for the contract rate, and that you will be negotiating that with a Wealth Manager as soon as possible.

[This goes against what others said, which was to negotiate BEFORE you do anything else.)

Buy your RenMinBi at this first exchange meeting. [Probably can’t do that, see later under MCA.]

Iko: Also nail down the terms of your participation with that bank, at that first meeting.  Includes Zim.  Meetings will be recorded.

You may want to open a multi-currency at that first meeting.  Things are likely to shift within the first 72 hours.

Every dollar we exchange is going into the bank’s asset fund.  It will become real assets, not fiat dollars.

They do not want you leaving until they have receive every bit of your currency.  It is making a large asset for them.
Imperium:  Improves their lending reserves, drives up their ratings.  Stand tall.
Iko:  Yes, we are not used to being in a position of power in regards to the bank.  We are used to begging.
Guest: Banker said if you are going to buy any currency, get the rupiah and the dong.  A lot of the tellers don’t know about it,  The executives do.
Wells Fargo does not have the dinar on the retail screen, but it does have it in the brokerage screen

Blackeyed Pea:  A confidential contact said that this thing was NOT ready to go 6-7 months ago.  Iraq was not ready. They were not going to RV during Maliki.  And when Abadi came in, they would not do it because he was new. 

Iraq just now, 6 months ago, is only now ready to go.  And if Iraq was not ready to go, as the lynch pin, the others involved were not ready to go.  It was impossible to go until about 6 months ago.

WTO accession is once a year, in June, and they have to have a tradable currency 90 days before. So that is the end of February.

The delay we see was really not a delay.  And it has cause the dinarians to be more seasoned, more mature, and more ready to do good with what has been entrusted to us.

Gerry: After you have exchanged all your currency, what leverage do you have left to get a higher rate?  You have already told them about your projects and PIF.

Hold back your ZIM at that point.  Tell them that when the WF talks to you, you will gladly turn over your zim at that point, if the conditions are good.

Once the currency is out of your hand, you have lost leverage.

Iko:  If you walk into any business and say that you have 10 million dollars, and you want to do business, they will give you the best deal they can
And if we are walking down the road with hundreds of millions, we will be royal.
You may not have as much leverage as you did that first 20 minutes, but there is a lot of ways to skin a cat.

Wolfie:  I got some emails about people’s Pay it Forward, and they have some great ideas.  But many are trying to think of PIF with the mindset they have now.  And when they have their big money, they will find that they are underprepared.  Can’t think about PIF in the new world we are entering, while holding onto the mindset we have.  IT will not allow us to expand to the greatest position we can hold.  Some people are not really realizing where they are going to be and what they can do.  They are dealing with the tip of the iceberg compared to what they WILL be able to do.
Sit back and grab your plans again, and realize that what you will be able to do for humanity is much greater than what they are thinking now.
Think bigger.  What you have sent me is great.  But we can be greater.
Iko:  I am putting together a foundation to help veterans in crisis.  Creating drop in centers, similar to VFW posts.

Jerry: Says that it is against US law to hold foreign currency in a US bank account.
IKO:  I have had incredible resistance to my drop in centers.  Giving away the money is absolutely necessary, but be prepared for it to be a challenge!  Petty bureaucrats who have to protect their fiefdom.  Bill Gates said the hardest thing about having your own charity is giving away money and having it get where you want it to go.
It is easy to give a check to a church, but setting up a foundation is difficult. It is not easy to be good in our society now.
Black Eyed Pea:  We hear an internet rumor that we need a contingency plan, because they will try to circumvent us.  What bank would not want to make money on us?
Iko: That is disinformation.  People love to wallow in their fear.  People who want to live in fear.  Same brain centers as stimulated by an orgasm are stimulated by these fear.
The Chinese want us to succeed. I believe this 100%.  They want us to be part of the NWO that takes care of this massive corruption. Everyone is ok with it!  Why hasn’t anyone gone after the bankers?
Laws protected us to get into Vietnam, but the people got into the streets and got us out. Why isn’t that happenng anymore?  The houses over  our heads and the food in our kids mouths are in danger, and nobody is reacting.
Gerry: It is fear.  One person responds, and they make him an example. And no one then wants to respond.
Blondie: We will be able to exchange our currency.  End of story.

Iko: this whole thing is about getting a stable currency for oil transactions.  Oil has to become a stable commodity once again.  The RV will be the basis of that stability.  The last hold out is now the OPEC nations.  They finally told the US to go pound sand.  Russians and Chinese are ready.  OPEC is waiting to make sure they are all on the same page.  All indicators are that they are on the same page.  It is a coordination now.

Iko: I don’t think we have to worry about any little laws in Iraq.  The general structure is in place.  That is why we had all that great intel yesterday.  People are starting to think.
Guest: Multicurrency account: Someone told me that you must be a business to own one.
Banks make money by loaning money.  Take deposits 11 times .  Banks make 22 times the amount they take in.
Imperium:  we anticipate that this kind of fractional banking will go away.  But we don’t know what is coming.
Wolfie:  My cousin does not have any special connection, or even a cell phone.  He is a clerk in a store.  The rate he heard was any place from 3.45 to 3.95.  He is not an insider.  But he said that it HAS been set, but cannot verify the rate.
Multicurrency person:  There are three different subjects I wanted to address.  Seem unrelated but are all related.  I bank with Wells Fargo for generations, we have real estate holdings in other countries, so we have used multicurrency accounts for that.
Real estate in other countries require we pay taxes, maintenance, in their currency. We are not a business, we are a family.  We deposit USD in US, and it comes out the other end in their  currency.  And vice versa, when it comes to US it is converted to USD.  It is against US law to hold foreign currency in a US bank.
So I talked to my US banker, asked if I could get an account for Yuan, or rupiah. He said yes, but if you deposit them into US bank account, it will change to USD.
Multicurrency account puts USD in this end, and it can be taken out in another currency at the other end.
You can’t buy Yuan and hold it in a US bank.  Obama has also made I illegal to hold large amounts of currency, gold, silver, in our homes.  Executive order.  You can’t put it in a bank, and not your home, or they can confiscate it.
Gerry:  Texas is putting in an asset backed bank, a gold repository.
MCA guy:  interest bearing vs non- interest bearing.  When you put your money in an interest bearing account, bank can use it to invest. It is their money, they can lose it.  If you keep it in a non-interest bearing account, it remains YOUR money.  They can’t use it.   If you put it into a brokerage account, they can do anything they want with it. For 1% interest, they put your entire principle at risk.
Gerry: My trust says that the bank has no fiduciary responsibility over the account.
MCA guy: Fine print on the account overrides that.  Go to the bank, ask them for the paperwork you have to sign for an interest bearing account.  You will see that they have the right to invest it at their whim.
Blondi: yes, that is true, I did that.
MCA:  They have to separate value and price. Consider real estate.  Average home in 1960 costs the same ounces of gold today as it did then.  Buying power of gold is consistent.
When Fed Reserve was created, dollar was pegged to gold.  25 dollars/ounce, then 35 dollars/ounce.  Price of gold changes because value of dollare changes.  Gold does not change in buying power.  It is a hedge against fluctuations of currency. We expect the value of FRNs to fall, so it is smart to buy gold to preserve the value that you have.
Understanding gold, MCAs, interest vs non-interest bearing accounts, and gold being a hedge, not an investment, are critical to what we are about to do.
Makes sense to diversity into different currencies.  Can’t do it at Wells Fargo.
MCA is helpful so we can wire money which comes out in another currency at the other end.  We used to have to get a cashier’s check in their currency, and mail it to them.
Special guest:  We are at the end of this thing, and if everything goes to plan we will be in the bank real soon.
Be very cautious with the exchange process. Make sure everyone has a plan of what they will do with the money.  Consider lottery winners, football players, etc.
This thing has been very mechanical.  Many people have blinders on, thinking that this is all about Iraq.  But if you take the blinders off and see that this is a global event, then you see all sorts of other things happening.  Iran.  The popes meeting.  It is on TV, it is in the movie theater.  It is all there.  Many do not believe in the GCR, but it is very real.

Gerry: I am vouching for what he knows, and it is a hell of a lot more than we know!
So I invited him to do a drive buy.
Special Guest: I have connections in Iraq. I speak to Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.  I am on several Intel calls. 

I confirm that the rate has been set and all the cards in all the provinces have been set.
As of this morning Iran cards were loaded as well.  Waiting for activation date, which is real soon.
Iko: Has OpeC agreed?
Guest:  As far as I know, yes.
B:  What is your estimation of a few days?
Guest: we have all been guilty of guessing it is done.  But everything that I know is that this is done.  And are within 72 hours of this happening.  As of yesterday.  Could change.
This is Plan B #4.  It is in movie theaters, leaking out. X-files, Black list, exoge, 13 hours, everywhere.  We are absolutely at the end of this thing.  My people say that this done, they don’t see it going past this week.
Wolfie:  My cousin is working at the shop in Baghdad. When he says that people are using that card,  is that it?
Guest:  I hear that the rate is 3.61, and internationally 3.71.  And bagdad is the only place we have been waiting for.
Wolfie: We have been waiting for him to give us that info.
Spec Guest: This is biblical. We need to make sure that we pay it forward. Buy extra groceries.  Pay for other people’s bills.  Buy extra Chik fil A.
Tomorrow’s call is on MCAs, gold, and it will be a free for all.  Wil be a heated discussion. 230-330 tomorrow.  One hour.


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