Tuesday, February 9, 2016



Wolfy:  my contact in the high end trading platforms told me last night she lost money in the platform trading because they were unstable now

That's bad for some but good for us--if they are stable it means we wait a while longer…..unstable means we are closer

Cowboy:  Do we know what "thing" stopped the release this weekend?

Wolfy:  imo-it wasnt stopped as persay--it was just a timing issue

Catalina:  RV is need to prop up the banks...if not, we are in for a huge market crash. The bank stocks keep the market from falling. The printing of money by the fed created a huge debt. Dept is followed by deflation, then we go into a recession. To keep stocks from falling, companies have been buying their own stocks with a buyback plan. But as earnings of companies started to drop, there isn't enough money available to make significant stock buybacks.

Ukmtb:  http://www.theguardian.com/business/live/2016/feb/09/market-turmoil-ni​kkei-plunges-european-stocks-germany-ftse-live


Tator:  My story begins with a phone call from a very good friend of mine stating that today her x-husbands brother in Texas was offered to exchange at a Chase Bank.
They told him the rate on his Dinar was $1.23   It was a random situation in that he did not have his currency with him when visiting the bank. 

Having a tax situation with his business he decides to take the offer.

He hurries  home grabs his currency and is now in the Bank again filling out the information to open a few accounts. 

Up walks upper management and states they will not be  exchanging this for him at this time....not much of an explanation only that it would  not happen at this time. 

Even though this was not a done deal it was great hearing this story from my dear friend that I trust immensely, and for a while we were contemplating a convoy to Texas with other dinarian friends in our small group here in the Sunflower state.  Just kidding about the convoy...but maybe not.  LOL  Tater

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