Monday, February 29, 2016



DRL: : ON OPEN MIC JUST NOW 7:50 PM CST: IKO Ward said, his connection in the Wells Fargo bank said, “Last night at 12:03 am, the ping went around the world to all of the Central Banks, even the Rothschild banks, who had not participated in the past.”

[IKOWard]: Proof will be tomorrow morning when the sun rises. Everyone I’ve been talking to says we are there

Iko: intel that we are there, it is done - waiting for notifications, there seems to be some discussion as to the form of those notificaitons will come in - whether you are a group or individual and where you are, notified tonight annd be in the banks tomorrow - hearing that everywhere.

WSOMN Just the Facts CC Replay and Notes  2-28-16


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