Tuesday, February 23, 2016



Dusty: Rumor is out that Iraq signed 28 agreements on the 8th of Feb that all intel about them going into the WTO on March 1st and have to have recognized tradable Internationally currency at that time-- we wait to see ==but had to be done by end of Feb for that to happen

Tank:  Ok roomies..Big difference..100 year charter of fed up November 2013....Since then China doing slow rooooooooollout with russia...Now they have THE BANK..WIRE
SYSTEM,,RESERVE STATUs..we have nothing anymore stand on..SA depegging from dollar..all our govt has is our DINAR and 4.5 trillion from war repirations

Saseearay: Mar 1 Iraq is being welcomed into the WTO... they cannot do that without an international recognized currency rate

 Iraq will be article 8 compliant by the IMF and the UN's Ban ki moon will welcome them into the wto... a big celebration is planned...

i heard the IMF is allowing iraq to go mar 1 and finish the last 30 days of compliance after they revalue.

Laszlo:  only once a year is they can get into the WTO….. If they miss it, then its next year


Duckie:  You guys know this is all a global game, those with the power also have the power to mislead us with all sorts of disinformation. That's why I no longer get excited when someone come out as says it's going. It's a game of manipulation, the players may have.changed, but the rules are still the same.

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