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Acdc:  I know it's bigger than Iraq. But Iraq is the back drop we can bite into to really see what's going on. We should here from Clarke on the 22 when shabbi is announced which articles do say lots of things r happening to day inlay Goi

Rebel:  So Clarke is saying sometime after Monday? I haven't been keepin up with him. And what does he say about the dinar rate change?

Acdc:  Dr. Clarke bullet points are Shabibi to return week of 22nd so this coming week, RI in Iraq first week of march but it may just pop with RV same time 1st through 22nd of March, watch Oil - when it gets to $5 we are there


LJ100: I work at one of the Big banks headquarters... And i can tell you they will never start something of this magnitude on a Saturday. IMO it will happen on a Monday or a Thursday
 I can say this...Banks are ready....

I don't have any info as what holding it up. And mostly when the GURU's have said date and times. there sources were correct. just something else came into play

They have security you can't possibly image.....there only concern is to get the money and do it without disrupting business. NO BAD PRESS. so they will make sure you are safe.


Humbled:  IKO: lady got email Thursday night to come in at 6am because 7am-11pm exchange shift would start...but no one was exchanged. Lady wasnt asked to work today

Scotchie:  Iko heard from someone who has family that works for Chase (corporate), they searched the ledger of who cashed in…. bank memos, asking people to come in, or work over weekend, confirmed…. Bank employees coming in, but no exchanges today

LJay100:   thats true what IKO is saying...I confirm

Flutterby:  LJay100 - your intel confirms IKO's also all the way?

LJ100:  yes and yes…. like I said earlier …..Monday or Tuesday (for us)   If the back room deals are done

Tank:  Hey LJay, I had heard we could be doing 24 hour exchanges, any truth to that? And if so, couldn't it start tomorrow night?

LJay100:  keep in mind I work at headquarters and not in a bank. My job function is not day to day banking....so bank intel for me is like undercover work...lol But anything is possible...but my experience say Monday for bank exchanges at the bank...now exchange centers are a different story

Flutterby:  LJ - perhaps Exchange Centers earlier?

LJ100:  yes thats very possible

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