Tuesday, February 16, 2016



Iko Ward:  Stop missing the forest for the trees. If one tree falls does the forest disappear? You think this world wide event is dependant on one man or one entity or one philosophy. Wake up!

Catalina:  IKO, hate to put you on the spot...but any new intel?

Iko Ward:  Sorry, had to take a call. Yes, the rate has been set in Iraq by the CBI and we are expecting confirmation any moment. What comes after an announcement of an internal rate by the CBI? Class dismissed.

Iko Ward:  Every source out there hearing the same thing.

Jael:  Yay!! IKO... Lets see we should look for rates on the Qi cards all over....PP funded...800's out....then us!!!

Snickers:  I'm thinking the date the rate was set, and the date of the announcement of that, are two different things. Maybe they'll happen close to one another, but we don't know. Hopeful.

Tank:  Now, don't get too excited yet, anything could happen....HAHA Forget that! Laugh and cry until your backs hurt! It's going down!

Wolfy:  IKO-my cousin in Baghdad is saying it is done in Iraq--you say the same thing??? Thanks

Cool1967:  wolfy is it RI or RV?

Wolfy:  cool--im trying to find out

Rod:  wolfy...you think we havent heard the announcement yet...to give the call centers time o people into them

Tank:  Rod, I heard they needed two hours after it went live in Baghdad

Wolfy:  well, all I know at this point is what my cousin said--he said it was done in Iraq - and that was all he knew at that time--soooo I am still waiting…. My cousin didnt know if RI or RV but he did say they had the rate set now--that was good enough for me


Malefic:  GE, everyone. A little bank story from earlier today. Business associates have an LLC that owns IQD. They bank at WF(Atlanta). Last Nov. they were called to WF & swapped the IQD for an SKR at an agreed upon rate of $3.58. Their bank officer called today and said they expected to have funds in their account by the end of the month; didn't give a specific date. Sounds like things are definitely moving in the right direction.



Nohavec:   My dear friend asked me to be a PI to find out what was going on, so we drove out there and played "customer".

I posted all the info - lots of new employees, had 6 wait on me making a $50 new account, they openly talked about the currency, said they were glad I had dong, and when I left 6 of them said " good by Pat, see you soon" - no date was mentioned just instructions IF it went….

Bodi, keep in mind I've never been in that bank location, only drove by it. Also, Wells here has always been negative about it. AND, only 2 tellers normally, today 5…..

It is a 2 man small branch that norm is 2 cars or less - today over 20, packed, new employees, 5 tellers, extra management


Beamer:  Delta from Franks group >>but indirectly the IMF is telling Iraq you have to show me a new rate by the end of February….now the I-TEAM is saying a similar thing…watch for something to come from the CBI on the Arabic side….IMO….if they are following the IMF game plan then we should see a rate by the end of this month

Acdc:  On f26 call it is being reported 1-1 exchange with many celebrations. This Is what dr Clarke thought would be 1 st week of March than Rv after. He reported an update that that item has changed and Rv will be week or 3-1. Well the 1-1 had to happen. A strep necessary in methodical process of re entering into world ecomey. So imo we should here about shabbi before 2/22

Beamer:  These systems are changing. And it’s already happening. All the alte​rnatives and resources already exist >>https://www.sovereignman.com/podcast/dont-count-on-banks-and-governmen​ts-to-go-gentle-into-that-good-night-18659/

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