Saturday, February 13, 2016



Wolfy Says Post RV
Most of us know when we RV and come into our new wealth, that we will be new creatures. To become a new creature or person, you must first lay down the old person or the old way of thinking..

Being wealthy is a whole new way of life that most of us are not used to living.. To succeed we need to put on a whole different way of thinking. 

For example--would we go to a department store to by a NEW coat and try it on over top of our old coat.. No we would not Because it would NOT fit..

First to try on a new coat we must take off our old coat. After taking off our old coat we will find that the new coat fits just fine.

Same way with being a new wealthy person.. Before we can fit into our new life we must lay down our old life.. God wants us to take up our new wealthy life and go forth in his holy name..  To be able to do his holy will for our lives and the lives of others, we simply must take off our old coat and put on our new coat. Think with a brand new attitude that God wants us to do.

Our new wealthy lives are about to start for all of us so get ready to remove your old coat/old way of thinking... Wolfy


Blondie:   JUST RECEIVED THIS PM FROM A MEMBER. MAKES SENSE TO ME. FEEL FREE TO REPOST. Just a little more info. on why Iran will not go before Iraq. Maliki illegally shipped pallets of dinar to Iran and there was much negotiation to get that back as well as other dinar that was smuggled into Iran that would have hurt Iraq big time....It took years.... So if Iran went first...the same thing would happen...Iran could buy up dinar like crazy....citizens and govt....the US will not let that happen again.

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