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Micah:  2/15/16 WSOMN Conf. Call  Wing It Call notes for 1st hour 2/15/16

I hope this is alright to post. It got too late for me to do the 2nd hour.

Jerry: It’s Valentine’s Day. Who would’ve thought we’d be here? Not me. I’d rather be explaining to the officer why I’m doing cartwheels in the front yard, naked as a jaybird.


Iko: I’m not ranting. I’m simply stating what I think is the obvious. So, we’re all focused on the market today bc they supposedly didn’t crash and you have to look at these things for what they are.

China basically just announced to the entire globe that they are in charge and they did that by announcing that they weren’t going to screw around with the value of the yuan anymore.

I ko: They thought the yuan was stable so they weren’t going to devalue. They came back on board last night and the entire world took the bait and dove back into the stock market. What’s interesting to me is that with that one gesture they were saying that they are in control of the world market. If they came out tonight ­­to say,

You know what, we were wrong – maybe we are going to revalue, everything would go red within two hours.

It shows 2 things: the fragility of the market and the people invested and trying to control the market, and it shows how fickle they are and how weak they are that they would move that quickly and that much in volume and value just from a single statement from China.

 When you look at the markets, look at the commodities and how low they are. You’ve got to look at the Baltic index and see how weak that is. That’s all the shipping world wide. Forget about the maritime – the marine watch. That program tells you one thing

But the Baltic index backs that up with hard information. I saw an article today where somebody tried to justify the Baltic tri-index being so low because ships got bigger and What the index does is it measures traffic so that you’ve got more goods shipped on fewer ships. There might be 30 or 40 mega bulk carriers now out of 50k ships.

It might be the same thing with the super-duper tankers that are 15-1600 ft. long and  carrying 6 million barrels of oil. It’s just that there aren’t that many ships that justify that reasoning but nobody simply wants to say in black and white the world’s in trouble and the reason the world is in trouble is bc it’s all based on the US dollar and the US dollar is in the crapper.

Just a reminder when you look at all these reports. They’re just measuring against the Euro. They’re not measuring against the Asian. If you just measure the dollar against Asia, I think it was around 3 or 4 cents –I think that’s what I heard—against the Asian.

So there’s still a ton of manipulation. In the European banks, you could just walk in and push a brick and Deutsche banks would just fall down. Deutsche bank falls down, Citi Bank falls down. All that weakness is still out there. The only way to cure that weakness is to eventually go to an asset backed economy and that’s what we’re all waiting for.

We’re all hoping it will take a little more time so we can make more money out of it. The bottom line, guys, is if anybody out there is concerned that the RV is never going to happen, don’t be, ok? There’s 193 countries out there that need it to happen and they ARE going to make it happen.

The fact that it hasn’t translated down to us so that we can go to an exchange center that’s just our tough luck. We have to wait with the rest of the world to line up and get it together. It’s a huge complex thing and it IS going to happen. We’re all going to be wealthy even though there’s 16 million of us now according to the US Treasury. The world econ. Can endure 16 million more millionaires out there.

 You gotta understand the market is all over the place and so easy to manipulate. They are so weak a single statement from China can change the whole market.

 Art: Everybody knows there’s a lot of information that comes through but Iko said it, the Chinese are in charge. They’re really ticked off so we’ve been told and Mr. Dunsford has been told to get this done or else.

They’re going to go around us. Period! The US is still making demands of Iraq that they shouldn’t be and still trying to hold this thing up. We know it’s been stopped a couple of times by the US. We don’t know who exactly but the Chinese are tired of it and they said you get this done by today or tomorrow or they‘ll go around us and do what they gotta do.

That’s about all I’ve got to say about that. We do know the PPs were supposed to go out last night and are waiting to go out.

Matter of fact we had a person on our call explaining everything she knew about them. She had been in them ever since the 1990s and we don’t agree with everything she said so we won’t get into that. All we know is that they’re going out.

People should be ready to receive them and when they do there’s always the question Can the RV happen before the PPs go out? We’re not sure. They said we’d be given 48 hrs from the time the Prosperity Packages start to go out and we’d have 48 hrs to get 70% of them delivered and then we can go to the banks and exchange centers. I’m not sure it’s gonna work that way if they haven’t gone out yet.

We’re told we could very well be at the exchange centers tomorrow and Wed. at the latest. TRNs are live. The rate has to be said and China may be setting the rate on that as a matter of fact.

Now addressing John to confirm his info.

Blondie wants him to verify or discredit this idle rumor – Dunsford was on his way to somewhere on Thurs. or Friday in his motorcade and he switched cars. The one he was riding in got blown up?

Art: Yes, and the bad guys are the ones who got killed for the most part. Then they tried again as we understand, a second time, a single shooter, and he got killed, too, I believe. And Judge Roberts life was tried last week. They’re claiming Scalia had a poison dart shot in his heart and that’s what caused his heart attack. I don’t know whether that’s true or not but that’s just stuff that’s going around out there which I’m sure you already know.

Blondie: You’re pretty sure about Dunsford and the car blowing up, though?

Art: yeah, but he’s ok. He went overseas and got signatures on the peace deals and came back last evening some time and then told everybody Get this thing done or else. We understand he’s got a crew of people working on this. The admiral signed everything he was supposed to and all the SKRs are supposedly being paid today. We’re next and probably go a week from tomorrow.

As long as we exchange, it’ll be about a week later and that’s pretty much it. China can crash the whole thing and go around us. They’re pretty ticked off and they won’t put up with this any longer. They’re tired of it. That’s about it as far as anything goes that I can tell you. Asking John if he agreed and he did. The US wanted Iraq to jump through more hoops but the Chinese said, nope that’s it. Get it done or else. Everyone is chomping at the bit.

 Dunsford said 40,000 banks and exchange centers would be open today and all together Bruce said 5500 exchange centers and the rest were banks. He had about 18,000 banks but Mr. Dunsford jumped that up. I don’t which were correct but there’s plenty that’s for sure. Nobody should lack for a place to do their exchange.

Guest Speaker from New Zealand:  He’s from US. Talks about family getting in. He asks, When this rolls out will there be a difference in time bc I’m wondering about the banks in New Zealand? Should he exchange there first before returning to the states or would there be a delay?  His 2nd question: Will there be a basket of currencies or just dinar and others to follow after a brief time?

Art: All are coming at the same time. Iraq and Iran made a deal. So they’re all coming out at the same time:...

2-15-16  Wing-it CC Replay Link


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