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Micah: 2/20/16 conf. call notes

2/20/16 WSOMN notes

Wolfie: nothing really except for the info I’ve put out. Nothing has changed just tidbits lining up. People lining up all over the states confirming now through Monday the 22nd. I’m not so much into the indepthness as Yosef. What I get I get from my contacts I trust. I think it’s so close we might fall into it. I get it from top notch people. They asked me not to tell. There are tons of confirmation but no new intel.

Iko: Greetings. I’d like to second Wolfie and put on the same hat. I’ve never had a direct line to overseas, but just what some people are letting me in on their intel circles. Nothing out there now. Just different ways of looking at it however we’re connected.

Keep hearing Monday. Actual moment differs among intel providers but we’ll start appts. On Monday. Lots of excitement and by the time it goes through the rumor mill it’s Wolfie or someone said this and such. Once we are wealthy we’ll be bombarded by information.

Maybe their heart is in the right place but info in left field. Discernment.

Wolfie: Amazing how my intel is spread all over like Iko’s. They don’t know each other but contacts are lining up with each other. Bodie agrees. No new intel but just confirmations.

Iko: The thing that has changed in the last couple of weeks, somebody with family member in Chase Corp. who can search by deposit amt on daily ledger can see it. Black and white confirmation. Resource for 6 weeks. We know people in the banks that may confirm. Last Thurs. woman got email in bank to go in on Friday to see exchangers. No email today but still waiting for email to see what Monday brings. This is an example of what we’re getting. We’re getting good at this game.

Wolfie: You’re serious but it does sound funny bc I know what we’re getting. People are pushing others aside to give us info.

Martha: 5:00 yesterday wheels started turning. A directive China wants us in by the 21st. On the 22nd is the 21st here.

HotWheels: We’ve only got 5 min. for professor to impart info re: MCA

Professor: Whole principle about MCA is if you have foreign curr. In AM accts is illegal. When I was in Houston I opened……they have accts for each currency. Don’t buy currency. Buy yuan CDs held in Shanghai. Whatever you have remains in Chinese   You can roll them over. If you take them out early 2% penalty on interest. When you deposit $ into acct then buy CDs. Just a thought. After talking to tax attnys I’m uncomfortable with Dodd-Frank bill of holding yuan in an acct. I explored Bank of China in NY, Chicago, etc. East/West Bank in Houston and Pasadena. Key item you must go in person. They won’t open it otherwise. Then you can move it by phone or wire.

Bodie: MCA does  exist; you’ll use credit card.

Iko: tag on to Martha; in agreement. WF has vehicles to handle this situation. Yuan is debit card acct. They will make money off it and the exchange rate is phenomenal after they go asset back. Just from diversification issue it’s great.

Bodie: Throw out what you’ve learned through the years. That’s what I’ve learned.
Biggest question is what are each of us going to do on the first appt. I’m willing to share. In/out synopsis. The last 3 years we learned so much. Being asset backed simplifies everything. Based on what you have is your clout. I’m going for NI acct. I’m in Trusts and LLC. Separate accts for currencies. Florida has no tax. China says no tax but we wait on it.
Iko: You are like reading off my outline here. It doesn’t make us crazy wealthy. It’s simply wonderful no matter what. Get money distributed to diff. accts and take a vacation and come back to it.

Bodie: pay your bills and get a bank check. Put enough in reg. acct for the next couple of months and get away for awhile. Iko agrees.\

Yosef: God is love in Hawaiian: Aloha Ke Akua! Juicy rumor: I had confirm. That final security checks have gone through, redemption ctrs, potential choke points, now looking at Dunford to move into the new age. Got it yesterday before phone call.

No dates or time even known at top level. There is a window. 5000+ ctrs and manned 100+ open 24 hrs. Beta tests completed and successful. Still over .60 for zim. Back in July military Operation Sunrise (slowly comes up and fills the darkness).

They want full sunrise when markets are closed. First one open about 8-8:30 in Iraq on Sunday. Then London, Germany, and then the west. Wanted prime time release. Even though appts taken prior to opening. 800#s released prior. Whales go under cover of darkness because of risks. Knew this back in July. Rumor I have from very good source is that Scalia is very much alive. Part of the reason for faked death near Juarez where Pope was speaking.

Scalia’s absence changes court’s direction drastically. Next appts BIG deal. New congress to be elected lose their power on Jan 3 and Pres. Loses it on the 20th so pres. Can nominate anyone.

Nesara: release of currency into Nesara, release of humanity from bondage. US Corp. lost power in July 2013 and working through transition of power since then. Nesara is absolute so all has to be reset to common benchmark standard without making major spikes in market. Get values going before hand. You can figure out the timeline.

Bodie: Full moon today. When Nesara comes in isn’t the Pres. Coming in a moot point.
Yosef: It’s like they’ve been paid out their salary but are not in control of things. Not everyone is paying attention. If you talked to anyone about this they would put you in a straight jacket. Like a sunrise, it’s happening.

Blondie: Pres. Going to Cuba

Yosef: he’s not pres. Anymore and that’s why he plays so much golf. LOL They’re mimicking banking structures, etc. to make it look real. The benevolents don’t want the Emperor’s clothes to come off too quickly so people won’t get upset.

Some think this has been worked on for 10 years or more. If you have a LOT of currency, you might have to travel to major metropolis to be first. Guppies will have local places. Be honest with appt. setter, tell him your needs and they will fit you. Like going to a wedding, name tags, waiters, etc. are there.

Focus on your plans to accomplish and ask person at redemption ctr. They will work for you. They will look at your projects and purpose.
Blondie: firm belief everyone will get what they’re supposed to.

Yosef: It will be a peaceful, generous situation. If I had told you it would be over .60 on the zim 6 months ago you would have thrown me out. It’s a transition of energy from low to high energy.

Miracle Queen: What are the rates?

Yosef: You are going to do AMAZING things. In most of the blogs are the current rates. Extremely high!! No beef about it. Focus on what you will do with this. She wants to help build the church and help others. Yosef says there will definitely be enough. WSOMN, Bruce will have 800#s. You’re in a very good place for it to happen in a very short period of time. She’s in Maryland so she will be able to exchange in her area. His mom is about 80 and he assures her she’ll be fine.

You’ll get checks to pay off things after this appt.. You’ll get an acct for your money and then get the next person in. About 36 min per person. MQ wants to buy a home.

Martha: the room is asking about Canada.  

Yosef: can’t answer that. I didn’t expect to be able to talk on this call.
Wolfie: comment—tithing: WM says you can put up to 5 churches on a flexible trust. If you pay right up front it will gone all at once. This way they get a monthly payout and will last longer and get more interest. You can add/remove them.

Martha: the room agrees we covered everything. We don’t have time to talk about Nesara.
Blondie: hosts can jump in to answer

C 770: If you are married and sign an NDA you have to have your spouse there?
Wolfie: If married, yes. Whether at separate times or what, I don’t know, but both sign.
Iko: I second that.

C Georgia: Like the music; Thanks to all. If I set up offshore accts for entities with attny doing it so I don’t own it, would the attny have to go there?

Iko: offshore accts are safe havens. They won’t be what they used to be. Can be in other countries but the reason for them is no longer applicable. Everything is transparent now. No place to hide. Focus on appts and then hire good, legal and cunning staff. This is step 1.
Caller said it’s already done for other reasons. Since I no longer own these entities, where will the lawyer go? They’re in the US and will always be here.

Iko: no worries about transferring. Talk about Kuwait. But this one is unprecedented situation and old playbook is no longer current. Whatever entities will convert.

Caller: Since large turnover and transparent, how can we hire the professionals.

Iko: New regs have been held back and people will have to be trained afterwards with new regs. In banking sector, personnel have been trained. Trust, Tax, Legal professionals will have to be trained now. There’s a new sheriff in town. Not sure how secondary educ. Will roll out on this but let’s get there before we ask. WF will understand and have all the professionals. They’ve been preparing for years.

Caller: Talking about music with Iko who wrote some of the lyrics but didn’t sing.

Iko: Dinar Chronicles has a lot of the information. People just don’t know what’s going on.
C 214 Phenom from Tx: friend has tons of zim. What’s a whale where you could get $6.50. He’s happy with .15 but his friend could do a lot of good stuff with his.

Yosef: trying to stay away from talking about whales. Many have invested hundreds of millions of dollars and are flying to hotel rooms right now. Don’t worry about your friend being a whale or not. When you call, they will know you’re a whale before you show up. Whales get more than 36 min.

There’s a partnership thing going on. They have to make questions to know you before offering higher rates than those on the screens. Anything written up, bring it with you. You tell them you need a partner to help you get these projects done.

If you have these currencies from private places you’re probably not a whale. Whales have their own planes. Most redemption ctrs for the public. Most are single currency holders. Focus on what you want to accomplish and share that at exchange and work out what it will take to get there.

Big Fish: thanks to Yosef; all currencies on the table?  Yosef says yes.

C 337: comment on Professor’s comment. On last call I said I have 2 MCAs in East/West bank in 3 mo and 1 yr CDs. I have yuan. We need to have yuan in CNH offshore acct. We have seen the gain already. When we go into redemption we’ll put $ into MCA. E/W bank is diff. from WF bc banking and investment altogether. We believe we have more security with E/W bank

Iko: We are asking people to look at 1950 type info but everything is going to change. All programs are going to have to mesh. Chances are MCAs are not going to be the same thing as you now have come Tuesday night. Lots of work and thousands of unknowns for this new world. Take a vacation and get used to being wealthy.

Bodie: Can you give advice on finding professionals.

Iko: I’m spending a lot of money on legal fees as retainers for people who don’t know it all. Find people who will go back to school to learn. We’re 99% more informed than they are.
Yosef: Sheldon Nidle http://www.paoweb.com/updates.htm and ?? gets into all the changes out there. He goes thru the entire process, Nesara, Dragon family, money PPs. Even spiritually we’re much farther ahead. Going from pre to post redemption.

We’ll be spiritual leaders about. Discern for yourself. Expose yourself to new ideas. They’re not going to stop. We have to let go of old belief systems that didn’t work.

People in the top of their field will have a hard time with this. Ascencion with Earth.com http://www.ascensionwithearth.com/2016/02/alexandra-meadors-interviews​-sheldan.html

Iko: So much will shake out the first few weeks. BIG questions will still be there.

C 719: Trying to get head around this NewRepublic. About the elections, do they all know what’s going on? Are they wasting their time, money, energy?

Yosef: This is the unraveling. It’s all been a lie. They select candidates. Our votes don’t count. Aside from NewRepublic the Corp. US founded in Puerto Rico in 1871 and headquartered in Chicago. DC doesn’t have to follow constitution. More history…

When TRNs came, process started for new govt. RV and Republic coming in together.  Many of us haven’t existed without Fed. Govt. Candidates are actually throw aways. Trump is just entertainment. They all know but are sworn to secrecy. Watch movie, Wag the Dog with Dustin Hoffman.

Blondie: Judges are 4 and 5. Good guys against bad guys. Dark to light. No one wants to vote for those people running politically. Future bliss talk. Love is filling the space, the darkness. It won’t stop. Things are changing. Put on new coat, walk into new era. In new republic, educ. And other issues have been resolved but rolling out slowly. Even Palestine and Israel working things out. Isis is Egyptian god. Palestine’s history for last 2000 years. Be open. You never know what will be true. I never thought I could buy currency online and become a multi-mill/billionaire .

Here is the link to the Interview that Yosef Mentioned on the call https://youtu.be/LsvCugQMJPw

They’re going to throw the system for election counting out. Instead of arrests, people will just bow out like John Boehner. Best thing is peaceful transition. The older you are the harder it is to let go but it doesn’t change the truth.
Wolfie: Get your bags packed. This thing is here.

Io: could be the last call so I want to say I’m honored by the trust you put in me; Try to relax; it’s all being handled. Give it over to Christ or whomever you believe in. It will be a wonderful new world. Learn to listen.

When people are quiet most of the time they are profound when they do open their mouths, so learn from that. Look at exchanges as water in your hand. Relaxed with cupped hands, God will fill them generously—too loose, it goes through your fingers—too tight, you squeeze it out. Turn the other cheek toward those who didn’t believe in this and gave you a hard time.
Saturday CC 2-20-16 Replay
sparkyLady:  Sheldan Nidle http://www.paoweb.com/updates.htm Alexandra Meadors/Nidle http://us4.campaign-archive1.com/home/?u=f5ae1fdcaa9144b29aa90b48d&id= ​aebd2bb672&mc_cid=4733638f90&mc_eid=f9dc8969b9



Yosef wrote this document, I am attaching this for all members to down load.
It will probably be a fantastic reference document.


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