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Micah:  2/19/16 conf notes

Some of this got a bit mixed up when Yosef was talking but I have to leave so will edit later. .
2/19/16 WSOMN conf. call   WSOMN2015@yahoo.com
The Wing It email doesn’t get you anywhere. Gerry doesn’t have access to that but the  WSOMN yahoo address works.
 Hot Wheels: Blondie is key to bringing her in. This is a follow up to Wed. call.
The topic was Banks and how they use your money for their investments. Could you prevent them to not utilize your money? Yes, by using Non interest bearing acct. Many people do not have one but some do. I was coached to get this. The banks may not know how to do this. 1. the form from WF #DSG7322 to terminate interest. We will post a clean form on the WSOMN site.

As  I was coached and it dod come to bear I told the bank what I wanted to do. The guys didn’t think they could do that and I would have thought it wasn’t possible. But I showed him a form and told him to look it up. He was still insistent I not do it.

He called a superior to execute the form. I also asked for a copy so you should too. If your acct got turned back into int bear. Acct you have proof. I was told NI acct the banks will not do anything like if there was neg int rate or whatever in the future like Dodd-Frank. Govt. protects itself and we don’t find out about it.
Martha: What about sweeping the accts.
HW: don’t know the answer.
Blondie: it’s all about interest so in Non-Interest bearing acct you couldn’t sweep.
? --HW: the 2nd acct is savings and is designated on form
Gerry: this is only a 2 hr call
Yosef: You guys are really asking good questions. We can say about what we think or feel. Appreciation for everybody. In terms of income I couldn’t confirm higher rates.

When this finally goes down I thought there would be a big military presence. They have put the big helicopters . If you want peace you have to prepare to go to war. The pentagon is coord. This. The last time we were supposed to have a major transfer of wealth was 911. The zip codes have been tested. We’re there.

We ask when is it our turn…when the world markets close in a few min. so this is goodbye. I feel people deserve to know the truth. Banks have been using intel sources and give you the lowest rate possible. I wanted to be a counter balance for the higher rate. The zim is a bond. By order of the elders, you hold a valuable piece of currency you do have leverage. We’ve heard rates all the way to 60s.

The rate should be .65 or move the decimal and get 6.5 same as  yuan.       It’s a great rate. When you hold zim on the gold backed stream you’re holding yuan. The rainbow currencies coming out are all the same—gold backed. All the currencies of the rainbow is one can of white with mixed colors. All banks on same value system …don’t stress.

They’ve thought of it for you. Go get others if you want but all currencies the same as in gold backed. Everything is of extreme value on the world stage. You’ve earned the right to exchange. They are protecting you now and in the future.
Blondie: Please (LOL) don’t spread the rumor there is education here.
Yosef: I’ve been educated and appreciate it.
Gerry: When we’re at the exch ctr and they say talk to your WM. I’ll hold my zim bc I think we would lose our leverage.
Y: It’s 2 negotiations in one . There leverage is you don’t have time and they think people’s eyes will be so big at the time and hungry. You hold gold bouillon in your hand, sovereign claim to that land. They’re little bonds. You have power. Everybody should claim their power. Know your value before negotiating. We have been oppressed for a long time and it’s time to take our place.

The zim is unusual historical evidence with multiple functions. The Chinese used it as a weapon and have to redeem it bc they used it. BC many haven’t had money we might not have much certainty. When you turn it over that’s your one shot…the Olympics. Encourage women…it’s your time, a claim to your majesty.

As men we should let the women lead. It’s time for us to stand back. We need women, their love, drive, commitment. We can be servants, stewards…so much joy in serving. Women: lead, lead, lead.
Art: I heard Monday is exch. Day.
Iko: I’ve been living with the divine feminine for 40 years …LOL. Men, just nod your head and say you’re right and then just do what you always do. That’s actually what’s coming about…leveling is a big part. We’ve been trying to build a patriarchal landscape built on oppression, etc. I still hear a lot of fear about 1st meeting. I want to reinforce that they don’t want you to leave banks without every penny. They want you satisfied. Many products…investments & managing funds.
You’re going to be all done and you’lll say I want another 5%. Try it and you’ll be amazed. Every penny on a 100Tr Zim is a million $  If the dong rates are what they say, every dong is a major bell ringer. Something else, if you’re by yourself bring a trusted friend that’s on your side. It’s a big advantage. Your energy doubles.
Blondie: when do exchange get yuan if fiat backed and was 6 to 1 time to buy it to hold. what is rate now?
Iko: ratio? Anything over $1 is a good buy. We don’t know what will happen after the first 30 days so diversify. Not all in $ and not in one bank.
Blondie: If you could get yuan after RV, can we get quick turn around
Iko: Yuan will be declared asset backed. Before that it will be $6.50.
I might buy kronos and swiss francs. 90% will be to purchase yuan. If it falls flat on its face, I’m still wealthy.
Bodi: saw that that the Swiss franc and French franc was $1 to $1.09.
Iko: surprised that means we are asset backed but the yuan is $6.50
Iko disagrees. He and Gerry thinks we’re exchanging fiat.
Josef: The banks will treat zim as currency. If we get $6 for it
The admiral had his finger on the button of nuclear
We haven’t been on fiat since 2015. They are issuing new currency
In reverse of that zim doesn’t trust their coins so they use yuan. If we go to the banks and get $6.50
Gerry: sovereign rate for dong is $80
Yosef: a client in another country has $8 quintrillion . The problem they’re having with dinar is staggering and bc it’s wrapped with yuan.
China is getting all the natural reserves. In Zimbabwe you could scrape it off the dirt it’s so plentiful. So China has to have it. Ask, it’s the one time you can seize the day.
Gerry: When I walk into the WF with dinar and they offer $3.48 (might be double). I give them 1 mill and they give me 5 mill $ and I want to buy yuan. On Forex it’s ______and I get 35 mill. Then China declares they’re asset backed. When they do that my 35 mil yuan is worth  now 15 cents of US $ (iceberg upside down) After GCR yuan will be worth $1 and US $ will be $.15 . It stabilizes in local econ.
Gerry: the day we exchange we have gone asset backed. It will be dollar for dollar. Now, the only reason to purchase foreign curr is for safety and diversification.
Martha: What’s happening at 5:00 today?
Yosef: no comment; you have the power—claim it.
Martha: You are all looking to next Monday. Everbody wants to hush her.
Mr. B: Cap on zim still enforced?
Gerry: don’t know. If there is a cap, bank can’t handle your business go to another bank.
Iko: we left the dinar world in the breeze. Most expecting fiat exchange. Now plan B
Gerry: If we haven’t gone to banks we could do a call tomorrow on this subject for an hr about 3:30 ET.
Iko: According to what Martha says we might not need it. The US $ collapsed in 2012 and didn’t get resolved in 2014
The US surrendered to China in 2014—Another major event happened but was announced.
Caller: wants to help big family & set up something for others
G: not yet but not much longer according to Martha and Yosef
G: not yet but not much longer according to Martha and Yosef
C: Do I need separate trust for each thing
Yosef: almost end, when you redeem ask for highest rate to help these. In terms of putting currency in diff. accts, it doesn’t matter. It’s all asset backed. Tell them you have a mission and need a banking partner to serve families who have been without for a long time. The Chinese elders put this money up and bankers work for them. When the weak come in you owe it to them to give the highest rates. Talking to banking executives and not to serve just whales.
C: I want to buy schools, remodel them and make a place for special needs children.
Caller in Phoenix: 5:00 where?
Gerry: Usually eastern time
Caller in Tx: 90% into yuan?! Is it worth more after the dust settles?
Martha: If it’s 1 to 1 Iko plans to do that.
Bodie: 90% is first scenario if we’re fiat. That question is good for tomorrow.
Martha: At 5:00 the markets are closed…that’s it.
Blondie: suggests question area in the forum; Gerry agrees
Blackeyed Pea: tomorrow is a possible firestorm of rainbow currency; thinks it’s still fiat to fiat.
Caller in Mich: chipster on board –1 to 1 asset backed? We heard $ would devalue about 30%. Over a period of time is the new USN going to devalue up to 60% or remain at a 1 to level?\
Yosef: It’s already been revalued and at street level it’s been reset. Derivatives, everything, fiat vs asset all been settled almost a year now. Every currency 210 countries have agreed to gold standard. US using existing currency and others are getting new currency. You can’t create good money from bad system. In theory we should not notice a change but when we travel we will notice.
It’s already been thought through by really smart people
Caller: no reason to buy other currencies.
Yosef: I’m going to buy two types of insurance – one from Elliance and another for protection….Ask for this as one of your perks. Banks will pay for it. I’ll get my base acct with WF.

Caller 910: When we go to exchange, how can I ensure that it’s non-interest bearing?
Blondie: Yosef has acknowledged …just go do your exchange, chill a couple of days and then move it if you want. Blondie is not going to get all worked up over it. If I go with what I know now, I’d just exchange and make decisions afterwards.
Caller in SC: Military troups moving? They’re making her roar…and her son is Leo but Gerry says she could just say meow. Between 1 and 2 pm yesterday we saw 4-6 military convoys, 3 helicopters (last night). There’s verification if that helps.
Blondie: in my area, there’s been excessive (in sets of 5) unmarked black helicopters. Was told they’re here to protect us.
Blondie: Chinooks over Dallas yesterday
Bodie: forms are in the forum
Caller SC: thinks zim could be $70 ( said this for 3 yrs now) bc of all the gold. Negotiate. You’ve got more than you need so hand it out gracefully. History note: original confed. flag is still at the SC capital.
Wolfie: What I heard about getting this done this weekend, what made me know is WHO said it—big confirmation! This IS for real and I know this is hours away.
Gerry: great call today—short bc there’s an hour call tomorrow at 3:30 ET to address the topic earlier discussed—Iko will lead it
Discussion about women’s power sending women into a trance with the words “Blue Light Special.”  That’s a wrap! Thanks to all!
Iko: Just talked to Dali Lama who is invested and wants to buy Tibet back on Monday but I think it will go today.


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