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Wingit Call Notes 2-18-16, 18 FEB


HighDollarFolks:  Wingit Call Notes 2-18-16

I took these. Good call , hope they help. 

Good info about where folks believe we are and clarification on MCA accounts and bank perks: 

Gerry and Blondie opened call: did housekeeping and disclaimer. then brought in special Guest: Landa man: Jersey/Zap got notification of money sent and waiting it for it to clear. At least it was sent! Historical documents are intended to settle all debt. release the world. By the time you hear a word it means it has already been done. 
Do not believe it will be a shotgun effect. Will be done in stages

Any   announcement will be after the stages are done. Anyone that has done exchanges only have skr's sitting in the bank, no spendable cash. Why doing it that way, skr's protect bank, add to their bottom line for asset but not spendable yet.

Global asset account have to be firmed up and settled before release. Has been going on. Rumors we are hearing about TRN's being out could be true and if so means we are in the final stages of process. 
Still believe it will be this quarter. Could be a month from time hits bank level till gets to public. That is just speculation on time frame. If exchanges have actually taken place that means we are further down the road than some think. 
Everyone talking from different spots and different info. Everyone is speculating. Everyone saying we are there. We could exchange tomorrow or in a month. 
The fact that funding has been received is good but it could take awhile to get to us. But what is US, admiral, Gen64 or who. No one knows. Their belief is we are there, at least in the process. 
STrongly believe we are really there, don't get caught up in day to day rumors but be patient, it is happening, NO ONE knows the exact timing.
Special guest: agreed with Landa Man, could be a couple of weeks but he does know the banks have the codes and they are expecting the exchanges at some levels to be happening this week or next. Who knows the correct time frame.
IKO Does agree with Landa and Guest that train is moving and cannot be stopped. Iko heard from a very good source that we should hear today about exchanges for groups in banks. Who knows. All intel providers are all saying the same thing. Time line set for today has NOT been reached yet! So hang in there. 
Hard work is keeping the money and protecting yourself from banksters and government. 
Wolfy- nothing new, still waiting for verification on rates being set. His cousin everyday Joe, but is in Iraq. Time difference throws others off. Will not call and talk just to talk. If not there, not there. He is trying to get to trusted folks for real verification on rates. What are rates? He calls late at night. But will hear from him no sooner than tomorrow. Trying to get it to the penny.
Blackeyed Pea: I want to highlight culmination of this thing. I got info earlier that was to be dignitaries in Iraq there on March 1st. Not just there for their health.
Landa:  Dignitaries statement is so true and accurate. They are going there to congratulate things that HAVE happened . not going to happen. Remember, if we see it , it is already done. 
Imperium: Do not have anything to contribute at this point. 
Art: I know nothing. Waiting for notifications. looking for that info. Heard sometime this afternoon. Guess time will tell.
Shae: What is a multi-currency account and how does it work. ? can US citizen get and hold an mca with foreign currency? Shae said not all banks offer that service. Some that are offered are different at each bank. Wells does not have that type of account. Answer is YES but you would have to find correct financial institution to do what you want. IT IS NOT Illegal to have that type of account. You need to find it and explore it to make sure it is the type of account you want. 
at PNC: MCA is an account with one acct number but has multiple currencies in it, say $100 in Euro, 100 US. It has to be set up so you can pull from each currency. Currencies have to be specified and designated. Set up for those that travel to diff. countries and do business there. YOu can only pull the 100 euro or 100 usd, not $150 from both at same time. Unless hooked to a sweep account. You need to check at each bank to find out how that account works for you and what you are wanting to do. 
You can be a citizen of USA and open an MCA account. 

? Iko: if they buy Yuan after they exchange can or should we put it in an MCA? Shae: No that will not fit and you will have to explore that currency and find out how you can access your foreign currency and will it work. 

IKO: Is that a private banking issue that needs to be resolved? Shae: I am not sure what you are describing will be available on the private banking side. could be coming up the line after RV but MCA on banking side is what she is discussing. She is not discussing brokerage accounts at all. 
She checked PNC, Citi about MCA. Wells and Chase said they do not have that type of accounts available. 
Blondie: some places have a Chinese CD in Yuan and have a 4% interest rate. Came from a good source. Bought from Bank of China. Shae was familiar with this but not from a US Bank. 
Shae Could you address Zim situation?: 

Shae: Sure, Zim Dollars, people are concerned that will all series be accepted, not just AA or AB series. I would not be concerned with series, if Identical in nature. Bank will authenticate it to make sure it , Zim, is for real. 

Only concern of Bank is if it is counterfeit. Gist is: take it all in! 
Questions: Kent Ohio: ? about annuities and MCA accounts? why would you need mca account, if Wells owned by China and lead bank and they have resolved derivatives, why would everyone not go to wells fargo and leave money in bank and as part of your negotiation, get insurance from Lloyds of London and they would secure your funds? 
Blondie: not sure Lloyds is the way to go, possibly not all that solvent. IKO: this has come up before. We are trying to project our info that we know today trying to put that on the "new" systems. Not sure that will work, but on the private side it might work, but we do not know how this all will change! What we know today is our paradigm, we do not know how it will look in the future. 

Wolfy: can I add to that? I was talking to my wealth manager, same thing being discussed. She said, when this thing comes out, She owns currency, people are worried about certain things, but the banks will change the rule to accommodate the way things are going on and needed at the time. Things will not remain the same, rules will change to fit the situations arising. 
?: Lake Chas, LA-#2-wanted to talk about MCA's. I have two mca accounts. I am an individual. Some US banks will allow individuals to have MCA's but some prefer not to do that. I have chinese yuan in two banks that cater to the Asian community. Would be good idea to open ahead of time, takes a few days to get it set up. Bank in area that does deal with Asian community should be able to do what you want. 
? other guy: MCA accounts he has been told it is mainly offshore. wanted to touch by Wells Fargo, does agree that it is primarily owned by Chinese. 

Gerry: told when this goes down get into the yuan and get as much of yuan as you can. How are we supposed to do this? 

Caller: 90 to 95% of what I am getting I have to fly to that country. He has been told to invest in YUan and Swiss Franc. Wells should be able to tell you how to do that since owned by HSBC/China. I think wells can do what you want. But if offshore you might want to go off shore but wells here should be able to do that for you. 

Gerry: so if wells does not want you to know about it now after RV they will be able to accommodate you. 

caller: I am told everything is done and we are litterlay waiting. I have call with China tonight and I have been told get ready.
Pavi: One of my sources suggested that Wells will be flexible what we can do after the Rv. Source suggested we could become a foreign currency dealer. You would have to have over 1 million in assets to do that and you may have that after RV. However you could buy directly from the country source. Just a suggestion. 
Idaho: alot of talk about buying yuan after we exchange and putting in MCA account. Why not buy before and hold it? 

Gerry: First when you exchange you MUST exchange into USD first. Next Yuan largest note is 100 yuan note. takes alot of space. 

Shae: incorrect that you cannot hold over 10K of foreign currency as an individual, no matter where held. She said that is totally incorrect statement. Currency most of us is holding is not live now. You are holding a collectors item anyway. Once it becomes live are you being held illegal for holding over 10K of currency, absolutely NOT correct statement by that previous person, what you have is money in your hand, you can hold what you need or as much as you have. 
Special caller agreed with Shae. No truth in what was said by person yesterday. You can hold what you need.

ast caller of day: ac 478- Had question about if you have other entities, set up offshore, when RV occurs and you have attorney firm taking care of it offshore, will that allow you to take care MCA accounts or do you have to go offshore?

Special caller: Answer , my opinion that is yes , that is what I am doing. 
OK Call ending. Blondies opinion about MCA, do not worry about it, get in , get your exchange done and get with professionals.

If you are exchanging at Wells Fargo they will take care of it all. Take time to explore what you need and get with professionals. We will not have all the pieces of the puzzle until after the fact. Relax.

Special caller agrees with Blondie. MCA account thing stirred up alot of stuff that is not necessary. Wolfy said he was told by his WM, you can throw the rules out the door. It will change. Do not worry, get your money in the bank, then the bank will work with you on the new deals. 
Gerry: stopped recording, want to thank everyone for making the call such a good call. 

Blondie: don't call cab or black car service, will call attention to you in your area/neighborhood. Some folks are in groups and will have special instructions. (she told Gerry not to recommend car service, etc) 


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