Tuesday, February 23, 2016

TNT : Update from a Group Leader BY TEXASMOG, 23 FEB

From Joyng @ WSOMN
Guys I believe this to be absolutely true.  It goes along with what Martha is saying.  BE READY!!

Good Evening Everyone,
Please find tonight’s update from our funders:
"It would appear that the redemption process has picked up steam and is surging full speed ahead.  Our sources tell us that multiple redemption sources have begun to rapidly process currency transactions starting today.  We have gotten word from several colleagues and clients who have been invited to redeem.  This is shaping up to be a fantastic week for currency holders.  As for the bonds, all new submissions have finally been halted.  Bond redemption/monetization will likely surge ahead after the bulk of the currency transactions have been processed.  There are no more delays! Any waiting we are doing from now and until the blackout is simply a function of redemption centers' bandwidth and hence their ability to get to our deals.  We hope you are all are ready. 

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