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    • sunny said
      10:20 AM Feb 22, 2016
    Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
    Ray:  Go over intel . . .nothing new, just some updates.  Over the course of the weekend, reported to me, info went out to the bankers.  Instructional information telling them to be ready to process on the new rates, which was to be effective over the course of the weekend.
    Heard from some banks on Sunday, "we're rolling this evening,"  Sunday evening.  
    WHERE WE ARE:  Instructions went out and they did not do their thing.  Went out on Sunday saying it was going down today. . . we took a wait and see approach - did not have 100% belief in.  Accepted it but want to see what happens.  We decided not to be the boy who cried wolf.  
    Some of you are on the ledge, some have jumped off.  We are doing everything we can to keep that from happening.   
    Banks were looking for it this weekend.  We don't know why it did not go.  Know your hearing it's all done and cards funded.  Our sources are not saying that.  (Ray has multiple sources in Iraq and here.)  Cards being activated and funded in some areas, but not all across the board.  It's confusing. . . they perceive the English language to mean one thing and we perceive it to be another.  English is not their number one language. . . And an English word, depending on how you say it, can change the meaning.
    CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  I'm in the any day window. . . We are still at any moment, any minute. . . I'm looking for Friday to be a mute point.  I'm definitely in this week. . . I'm not looking for it today.
    IRAQ:    Everyone conceding there has been an RI in Iraq.  70 dinar and 4 fills = $100 over there. ($1.43 rate)  Budget based on $3.41.   Ray thinks people have been paid at the $1.43 rate.  Ray:  Mosul could be handled in a few days. . . get this done by the 1st.  I'm excited with the success it's taking over there to get to us. . . Believe and been informed Iraq wants to get this done by March 1st.
    • CBI     
    • Banks 
    • TV:     topic of discussion is Mosul.  Ray: Once they get that out of the way, everything else will probably fall in line.         
    • IMF    
    • Rates    Ray has no idea if the ZIM rate of .65 is for real.  He only knows about people who have had offers on the ZIM and those offers were in the single digit range.
    • UST:    
    • Banks:  Ray was told the $1.43 rate showing on the bank screens is a phase and the banks have the completed rates.
    • Taxes:   Ray:  Have not been able to get one definitive statute or law.   We've always said set aside 50% and if that doesn't happen you have that much more money and let the professional people guide you.
    • Packages:          
    I know a lot of you probably, if your on various web sites, skype rooms, cc, you've heard a number of things that came out over the weekend.  Things you've heard me say don't match up with other things you've heard.  All I can say is, "Wait and see."  Not going to pump you up with a bunch of stuff.  Some doesn't make sense, collaborated on or researched to see if it's even feasible.  Some of it could be true.  But even if it could be true, and you can't substantiate it, your putting it at risk putting it out there.
    We are the shepherd and the shepherd should take it upon himself to have the responsibility for those listening.  We are dealing with fragile minded people.  Those who have already lost things.  If your standing on your soapbox think how it affects those individuals.  Think about the one's it does affect.
    People want to hear the rate, when can I pay the bills, when can I, when can I, etc?  Know in the morning it's over with and then when the morning comes it's not out there.  We've put a stop to that on TNT and on Open Mic.  People can come and talk.  Make sure the words come out the right way. 
    You want to listen to other people.  That's okay.  You know what your gong to receive.  I'm not going to pump you up and give you stuff I don't believe.  Not going to do it under my watch.  If I'm telling it to you you can believe it.  Can it be wrong?  Sure it can be, because I'm not calling the shots.
    We are repoting what I call good information.  Can we know it's 100 true?  Of course not, but not coming at you with it's going to happen in the morning at such and such time.  Then it doesn't happen and expectations just "pop."
    At TNT, we want to deal with reality.  Give you the information as we receive it, but what I call good information, real information.  Not just something that you'll come back the next day or next week.  We don't make money like that.  We don't make any money at all even though some people have put that out there.  It's an outlay, an expense.  So, we ask you to share in that expense.  It helps keep it going.
    But the same ones that throw stones by us - saying we're getting paid by the CC people, etc.  Maybe that is how they are getting paid.    I'm not going to fight tooth and nail to keep you here.  It's not an income producing activity.
    Yes, I still too wanted to be in the information stream.  It made sense to keep this going.  It's Feb 22, 2016 and we are still looking for that elusive date to exchange if we choose too.  This is training for you if your paying attention to the words.
    Continue to get the information from wherever you want.  Use discernment.  None of us are saints or know it all.  You've heard me say this, "It's not about a man, it's a plan."  Look at where we are right now.  Still rolling, still learning, still looking forward for that day.  You didn't start off with this man did you?  Of course not but that should let you know, it's not about a man, it's about a plan.  And I believe. (played "I Believe.")

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