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      10:30 AM Feb 5, 2016
    Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
                        Ray:  Now hearing rates showing on banks screens with the letters "RV" beside them.                            
    I've learned the RV means this is the revalued rate for this currency . . . the true rate when we exchange..
    Ray:  Another FANTABULOUS Friday!!!  
    We lost a member today.  Kansas, was straight forward and out right in his dispositon.  A joy to know.  Members were talking with him about 6:00 last evening.  He was found this morning.  Some indications of foul play.  The death is being investigated.  They asked me to remind you to be mindful and careful.  People have done things for smaller amounts of money than the millions you will be seeing.  Just be cautious.  Keep your financial affairs private. Keep it close to your chest.
    INTERESTING DEVELOPMENTS - IS THE EGG CRACKED? Time will tell if it is cracked and if hatching will be immediate or later. .  .You've heard about the protests over there.  The cards not activated or issued.  Some issued sparingly in the Baghdad area.  Not issued completely and at old rate unlike other areas.
    A meeting took place with the big wigs the other day . . .The conclusion was those cards are gonna be completed and activated with new rates starting as early as today or going into the weekend and/or next week.  The pensions and salaries should both be paid.
    We said a long time ago, there would be private exchanges, then groups, the the general public.  We were told that those are the phases.
     RAY:  DO NOT CALL THE BANKS!  If we are in the midst of a phase, just wait.  Wait your turn.
    CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  Can be any minute, an hour, any day.  Some were looking for it this morning.  There was a scheduled release for it.  Planned announcement this morning in Iraq.  Have not heard any announcements being made or in the mosques. . . All still progress.  
    Just waiting for the green light so that we can exchange. 
    Ray:  I received . . . a few days ago . . .from the banking sector, “everything has been turned over to us now.”  . . . I learned what happened yesterday, that people had multiple appointments and they were offered the opportunity to exchange their currency then and there, on particular rates and conditions.  Ray questioned if the phrase, “everything turned over to them” meant the banks have full control?  To do exchanges? Set rates and conditions? He did use it as a means to show how far we have come as the people who had appointments yesterday were made offers by the bank. 
    IRAQ:   Ray: Rumor of a supposed announcement this morning Iraqi time, but have not heard a confirmation.  Some have not reported in yet.  
    • Baghdad New Rate has not been paid out yet.  Supposed to take place next week.     
    • Protests going on. 
    • Chinese New Year Affect this RV:  Ray: I don't see that having any bearing, any impact on it.    
    • Rates         Ray is now hearing rates showing on banks screens with the letters "RV" beside them.  Ray has learned the RV means this is the revalued rate for this currency.
    • UST:    
    • Banks:  People have gone into appointments this week and were offered rates to exchange right then and there yesterday.  Some of them rejected the offers.  Ray:  Is the egg being cracked?  . . . Private deals, making offers, getting the ball rolling?  The ones we heard about turned them down due to rates and conditions.  Two reports of .47 dong offered yesterday.  One declined because of conditions, not the rate.                                                                                                                        Ray:  We have waited for the banks to recognize it saying it was a scam.  Then it changed and now people in the banking structure are keeping an eye on it.  I have people today with appointments to go in and do their exchange.  This is not a scam!  It is real!
    • Don't be taking Saddam currency to bank to exchange.
    Q & A:
    Q - Projected rate on Rupiah?   Ray, $1.00 - $1.28.
    To look for rates go to www.coinmill.com  Ray said that's where the banker told him they get their rates.
    Caller:  obstacles that still exist before we can exchange?  Ray:  I don't know of any.  We are just waiting to get the green light to move forward.
    Exchange Process?  Ray - Have not learned of anything new. 
    M under house arrest?  Ray:  I heard that but don't know.
    Ministers meeting this weekend - would you guess the rates would be loaded at the new rate?  Ray: Yes, I would guess that.
    FINCEN FORM:  Ray:  My understanding it's done at night . . . not during the day.  Told we won't see that.  It's an internal form saying X amount of dollars was handled in this manner.
    Multiple purchase with receipts in the buyers name - in one name - how to handle this?  Ray:  Your not gifting anything. I would go with an affidavit saying what you engaged in and how you agreed to divide it up and pay for it.   I don't think you will need it for exchange.  For taxes, the affidavit will work in place of a receipt.  None of the people Ray has heard exchange, talked to a bank or personnel about exchange, did not receipts. 
    Business Cards:  Ray said put "superfantastic on them so the pay it forward project can be tracked.
     A lot of exciting things taking place.  Folks at bank appointments right now.  I can’t wait to see what they do.  Look how far we have come.  Bank throwing people out on their keister . . . being laughed out of the building.  (Now) Offers being put on the table and we say, “Hmm, no, not good enough.”
    Look where we are at.  The financial training. Folks look at a $2 million opportunity and say , “I’ll pass on that.”  Good financial training.
    Be prepared to go in and negotiate, negotiate, negotiate and be fully ready to say, “Thank you, but no thank you.”
    Lost opportunity.  Learn what that means and understand it.  Don’t have to calculate it.  You just need to know what it is and what it represents.   Too many times we have lost opportunity and say , “Oh it’s just XXX dollars.  Have to change your thinking.
    Your aspiring to be something you’ve never been before.  Extremely wealthy.  There is a required mentality that goes with that.  You could join the ranks of the lottery winners, athletes, recording stars who . . . trying to survive, get back where I was.  You don’t want that to be your legacy or sitting on the porch talking to your grandchildren who say, “Why couldn’t we be living like that?”
    “The man held me back” are jive excuses.  We’ve worked night and day . . . to do one major thing – take away your excuse for failing.  We are taking away your excuse for failing, because when you don’t have an excuse you won’t fail. 
    It’s Friday.  Let's enjoy our weekend.  I’m waiting to get off the line so that the people at the banks can tell me what happened.  We are in that window and I wouldn’t be surprised if this pops up.  If it popped up this evening I would not be surprised.  If it popped up Saturday morning I would not be surprised.  If it popped up Monday, I would not be surprised.  We have taken a big change in our direction.
    Hopefully , I’ll come back and do the call when it’s the right time.  Tonight, I’ll do the call.  Tomorrow, I’ll do the call. Monday, I’ll do the call.  When ever is the time I will do it.   And we hold on to this one thought.  (played “I Believe)
    As we close going to ask the believers and the non-believers- this one time indulge us you non-believers.  We ask you individually collectively offer a prayer for "Kansas" who we lost in the night time and the bereaved family.  When the reaper comes to visit we know not the length of time the reaper comes around.  Cannot assume when the funeral is over and death is gone, everything is OK.  Prayer for ___ in N. Carolina in the hospital along with the rest of the sick and the distressed, all those worthy of prayer.  Thank you!

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