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      10:32 AM Feb 12, 2016
    Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
    MONDAY CALL - Presidents Day Holiday:  Ray: May not have a need to be here Monday if certain                                                 things happen between now and Sunday. 
    Ray:  Good afternoon TNT Superfantastic family.  We've made it to fantastic Friday. . . may seem like deja vu. . .information has not changed, except for few minor things, from Wednesday to Friday.
     Cards holders now being told to expect to be funded/paid between February 15th and the end of the month.
    . . . this final phase does not have a time table set to complete it's self. . .  Some bank sources have clammed up. . . It got quiet right after Monday.  . . Even agencies . . . clamming up . . . getting zip lip.
    I do believe the final phase has commenced.   Some other info I was waiting for .. did not get here yet
    CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  Still have window we are working within. All indications they want to get this done by the 1st.  Sent out notices that the currency would be revalued.  I'm still optimistic about any hour any day.
    Ray:  Certain things need to be done by June as a precursor and need it done 90 day prior (to June).  That brings up March 1 date.  Information is they want it done before, with many days to play with when done by 1st.
    IRAQ:    Mosul is secured.
    • CBI has announced it has pulled the license on at least one (1) dealer there.  Ray still working on getting more information about this.   Some of the information Ray gets is leading him to believe we are in the final process         
    • Cards:  Citizens just waiting for these to be issued and funded.  Ray:  Told they would be funded at an International rate.
    • TV              Mosques 
    • IMF    
    • Rates  on screens maybe placeholder rates.  Ray:  What will be the rates when we show up? We don't really know.. . Offer . . . made on dong (last week) was .47.
    • UST:    
    • Banks:   Banks not giving detailed information out but are giving peripheral information:  what currencies they will exchange for instance.  Banks saying it will be wide open and clean.  (I have no idea what that translates into)   Ray:  No mention of taxes being withheld from their exchanges .. not even uttered. . . They are excited about seeing us in our individual capacities.   No mention of only exchanging groups
    Q & A:  
    Q:  Website on Trusts?  Ray:  I don't know of one.   
    Q: Question you would ask Tony  or DC?  Ray:  Don't have question that I would ask them at this time that would be something we couldn't not answer on this call. 
    Q:  Best scenario if cannot afford a Trust at this time?  Ray:  For asset protection, etc. most of you . . . will have to wait till you have the funds to do that.  Ray used to advocate exchanging one note, like dinar, to fund the legal entities you wanted before exchanging the rest.  The scenario has changed and he no longer recommends that strategy as you would lose a lot by not exchanging at a high rate for that one note.
    Q:  If only 20 minutes how do we negotiate?   Ray:  If all you have is 20 minutes and you can't negotiate what you want, get up and leave.  Your in control. Have been told in the past .. exchange and then talk to WM .. I see the negotiation right at the very front.  If it's not what you want, get up and leave.
    Q:  Do you know that the exchange banks are hiring all over the US?  Ray:  No, I didn't know that.
    Q:  Caps?  Ray:  It won't be all you can get.  It will be a structured payout.  You will be able to exchange all of your currency.  Just a cap on what shows up in your account immediately.
    Q:  Can you explain the prosperity packages?   Ray:  No, cannot.  I don't know they will come out before the RV.  My understanding you needed the RV before funding even those.
    Q:  Does window extend past March?   Ray:  No!
    Caller Comment:    Had a friend who got a trust through a bank and the bank made themselves Power of Attorney over the Trust.  It was a nightmare!
    Q: You mentioned before about Q card being loaded in Iraq.  Have to be completed before RV funded?  Ray:  No, I don't believe it has to be completed, but if it's done, it's RV time.
    CALLER:  Remember folks, these calls are not free! 
    Ray, Tony been putting money into paying for these calls. We can step up today and make donations for these calls. Go to www.tntsuperfantastic.com and make donation today.
    Ray:  At the top of the hour.  This is the lovers weekend.  Valentines day is on Sunday.  To the ladies say, "Happy Valentines Day" to you.  Monday being a holiday, we will not be here Monday with our regular broadcast.  May not have a need to be here Monday if certain things happen between now and Sunday.  When the appropriate time comes we will do the call even if on a holiday.
    We're in a window.  I'm still optimistic about any hour any day. . . I'm sure scheduled time to get this out.  I'm sure some timetable for Iraq to get this out.  All we can do is sit on the sidelines and watch this game.  Root for whomever you want to root for.  We're just spectators.  Wait for the end of the game. . . We're not major players, not even minor players.  We're not players at all.  When that last tick goes by, we're the ones that run down on the court and leave the arena happy to go home and to our lives.  We'll go to our new lives.
     Let's wait it out and let's be ready and it will be party time for us. . . Enjoy your weekend.          Happy Valentines!  Hang in there.  It's almost over.  I do believe the final phase has begun.     (playing "I believe.")
    After the song:  Ray:  Enjoy your Friday. Your weekend and Happy Valentines day!

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