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    • sunny said
      10:23 AM Feb 1, 2016
    Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
    Ray:  Here we are, the 1st of Feb. .  . Lot of expectations over the weekend on Friday.  Lot of folks listing times they thought this was going to pop.  Then we had 31st to look forward to with the smart cards . . . anticipated they would be issued or funded by the 31st.  We still have some not issued or not funded.  We do not have the answers why that did not take place yet.
    WHERE ARE WE: Ray: Some banks more excited today than they were on Friday.  Code changes happened.  Made public.  They are super excited about that.
    CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  Still in the window.   They (banks) are receiving release codes.  We have not past the dates in the memo's (bank memo's).  I'm excited.
    IRAQ:    Ray has not heard from the Iraq contacts.   Contacts quiet.  Ray: Baghdad is silent.  No feedback from 2-3 source we have tried to communicate with and haven't heard back from them.  Baghdad at this point is a big unknown. . .Kurdistan has been put to bed.  It's Baghdad we want to hear from.   Understanding cards will be issued with the new rate.
    • TV              Mosque is silent.
    • IMF    
    • Rates:   Ray said rates in the banks seem to be changing on a daily basis. Ray: $3.71 rate seems to be holding give or take a few pennies.  That is what most of them are still seeing. . .some are repeating rates with "RV" posted beside it.  Don't really know what it means.  It excites them . . .it excites us.  Most of the folks are quoting the same rates.
    UNITED STATES:    Caller:  Heard rumor that banks are supposed to set up a program and reset it @ 3 pm PDT today.                                                  Ray:  I'm game.  Let's see what happens. 
    • Agencies still listen to the calls?   Ray:  I'm sure they do.    
    • Banks:    Code changes happened.  Made public.  Caller:  Read online that banks have a new account that will insure whatever amount you put into it.  Have you heard that ?   Ray:  Easy to solve just call the bank and ask them.  I've not heard of it.
    • Taxes:  No new information
    • Contract Rates:  Rumor the contract rate availability is declining.  Ray:  I'm not hearing anything one way or the other.  None of my intel sources have said one peep about contract rates being depleted.  Some of the exchanges are not cash - they are SKR's.        
    The call is not about what Ray wants or Ray's way.  It's always better to keep your mouth shut than to open it and remove all reasonable doubt.  I'll let you do it.  I'm not hard to get along with.
    Are we still feeling good?  Yes, bank people are excited.  We told you that Friday.   Some of them felt they were going to be exchanging us based on what their superiors told them or what they knew.  They were even telling me certain time frame they expected people to come in.  Notice I said expect.  There were no guarantees.
    In the meantime we wait for that which we believe it is coming.  The only way I know it's coming is if I put it in place and put it through.  So, the only thing I can do is tell you what I feel based on the information I receive.  Can it change?  Of course.
    We are in this until we no longer want to be in it.  That's your choice.  .. I know the choices I've made.  I've made the choice to stay in it.  To win it.  To see it through. With or without you.  We'll get the information we can get, when we can get it to take you one step further, until we get to the place where we no longer need information.
    Once you make that choice, whether to stay in it or drop out . . . Did you believe in yourself or the information that got you to your conclusion?  Because I do.  I believe! (Ray played the song "I Believe)
    And that's a wrap.  If need be we will be back here on Wednesday to update you and talk to you or even complain.  Have a good day.

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