Tuesday, February 2, 2016

TNT :Tenn and Iko in the morning by Luvwulfs, 2 FEB

I just pulled Tenn off gurus ..wolfy : got an email in last night after bedtime saying--Historical Bond Funds have been released, and will be transferred in 3 days. But I have to get confirmation on that It could happen today or any day but Wed is looking great in my book All I know is the 3 day period expires on Wed and Wed is supposed to be a big day for us A lot of sources have stopped giving intel and sometimes its hard to get good news to share You cant get milk from a dry cow lol

IKO Early Morning 2/2/16 Shipping Update Permalink Shipping News...Oil continues to slide. Northern Gulf still blacked out. Southern Gulf is a parking lot. Galveston also showing signs of another bottle neck. Overall traffic slowing again across the Atlantic. Even though the markets aren't diving...yet...the dam is weakening.

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