Sunday, February 21, 2016

TNT :Mother, Thank you, observations and thoughts, 21 FEB

    • Mother said
      07:54 AM Feb 21, 2016
    Dear TNT Family,

    Just a short note of thanks.  I really appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness.  It really is a testament to the quality and character of TNT, the founders themselves, the monitors and to the citizenry of the site.   My hat is off to each and everyone of you regardless whether you agree with me or not.   I appreciate spirited, intellectual discussions without the demagoguery.   It is healthy just as it is in our “Democratically elected Republic”. Sorry had to take a swipe at the kooks.  

    There is a verse in the Bible, “As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17. It is hard to admit this but I am a humble lawyer and servant.  If anything I have learned to tone down my own rhetoric and you all have challenged me to make my writing more fluid and understanding.   When I sit and write all day, contracts, drafts, minutes, and unfortunately pleadings – I drift to legalism and you all helped me to more didactic --- thank you!

    Someone sent me some things from some other site I had no idea that existed.  Thank you to that sweet lady - you are a sweetheart!   It seems that when the new Republic comes about I will have to be “re-trained”.   And that Scalia who was buried yesterday will make the announcement introducing the Joint Chiefs of Staff Dunford as the new President of the United States.   “Amazing!”   I did not know there had been an election yet and it is truly amazing that Scalia is going to be resurrected from the dead to make this announcement.   Again my comment – about folks slicing their wrists and freaking out seems to apply.   Gheezzzz my goodness.

    The term Esq was discussed yesterday by a few.  Let me share this – I went to a very conservative law school on the east coast – Regent University School of Law. I graduated in the 2nd full class in the middle.   However the purpose of using Esq., as opposed to Atty.,  is one of tradition.   It is an old term.   Being conservative and traditional I prefer it to Atty.   No clandestine reason other than that and most of the time I never add it to my name when signing by hand only in formal writing.

    Someone brought up Municipal Bonds.   Let me tell you this – when you sit down with your Wealth Manager – he/she will do a “risk assessment”.  Sure there are a lot of risky states, municipalities etc.  However you are in the driver’s seat – you dictate what you want.   Honestly, my thoughts are and I have faith you can make solid decisions for yourself.  You tell the Wealth Manager – I want the best no “junk”.  Anyway – I appreciate the person who said not all municipals are the same.   You are correct – that is why you get expert help and you tell them, “This is what I want”.  You have the power to take charge.   If you want something else safe – Government Bonds, U.S. Treasuries, money market funds.   These are good safe bets for a “Tax Account”. They are all liquid and at least your earning income in safe instruments instead of sitting in cash.  Christ was once challenged about “taxes” remember what he said, ‘Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s”. Matthew 22:21.     I go back to parable of the Stewards.   Being a good steward also involves paying taxes and protecting assets.   Have faith in your ability to make sound decisions.  In my mind, “imagine you are managing money for the Lord of Lords”. Remember really it is all his anyway.   Wow then if it is all his what is the safest secure way to manage it?   Go back and read the parable – Matthew 25:14-30.  I think it will change your perspective if you can grasp the impact here.  The 80-10-10 plan is really just giving back the minimum.   However, I put it out there because it is simple and easy to follow.  We all have to take baby steps.   It is easy to say I want to do this and give to this and do that, however if you have never been a giver then I assure you it is harder than you think.  So take baby steps.  80-10-10 is easy.  Do it for a year and then maybe change it to challenge yourself and your faith.

    Again, thank you all.   Remember my constant admonition – “Be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove.”   In the end we are all accountable to the “highest power”. None of us leaves this earth with assets.   Remember Christ entered this world in poverty and he left this world not owning anything yet he controlled everything as God the Son, the Father and Holy Spirit.   What an example to you and I.  So if you can take that leap of faith and put yourself in a position where you own nothing, yet control everything then you are following the example of Christ and when you and I take our last breath we can smile have peace in our hearts and know we have left this world a little better than when we each arrived.   That to me is the legacy we should all try to achieve.  Tony, Rayren and others have tried to impart some wisdom and knowledge they have shared tools and ideas.  However as I have counseled take your time do not rush into a plan – seek good counsel and wisdom from the best you can afford. Then you can find that peace and confidence.

    So God bless you all each and every one of you.   My heart is full of genuine compassion and affection for the folks here.   I hope with all my heart this “revaluation” comes soon.   And the Good Lord opens the windows of heaven and brings you each blessing, good health, love and joy.   Always

    With warmest regards

    Mother, Esq

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