Monday, February 1, 2016


JeanBob8:  Received this from a good source,  RV INTEL: Heard Friday the screens were flashing at Wells Fargo and Chase with indication to anticipate a rate change.

It seems the whole world is anticipating these two or three days to show us the money. "Wells Fargo Banker says those screens flashing are a preset program running to test the system.

Means they are ready and system is "locked and loaded." Test started at 3pm PST; when test completes, it means they are ready for the actual movement of funds through disbursement accounts.

The Admiral is supposed to go in sometime afterward, verifies/signs the paperwork etc., and that's the trigger for the TRNs/USNs to be put into circulation.

Heard 15 big banks around the world said they would begin using TRNs/USNs by Monday Feb 1st!

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