Monday, February 15, 2016

TNT :IKO posts this morning (15 FEB) by Cinnamonswirl, 15 FEB

    • Cinnamonswirl said
      06:15 AM Feb 15, 2016
    Tbarts wrote
    1h ago
    1. This was about 5 am... Iko Ward wrote 1h ago So now we know
     just how powerful China has become. The simple statement by 
    them declaring a stable Yuan was enough for Japan to show a 7.5% 
    rebound and right now Europe is on a steady roll to recover 3%
     tonight. Too bad we have to wait until tuesday to see how 
    the idiots on Wall Street take it. No doubt, the
     headlines will read all is well and lets carry on.
    2.  5 am cont. Iko Ward wrote 1h ago Don't be fooled. Commodities 
    are down, the dollar is crap, shipping is crap..I'm using 
    the word "crap” here...because now China has the ball out
     in public, and next time they call “crap” the world is going 
    to ask, “How much would you like, sir?”
    3.  5 am final 3 of 3 ....Iko Ward wrote 1h ago The good
     news is they are calling for the RV and now the PTBl have 
    to take it seriously.
     They just got trounced. Maybe a full on crash has been avoided.
     The next few days will tell.
    Thanks Tbarts for capturing these posts for us! 

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