Friday, February 12, 2016

TNT :IKO post in evening 2/11/16 Post Reply by calgoldy, 12 FEB

mangelo wrote
This great news!!!! LAS wrote

Iko Ward wrote  Markets crash = RV happening 7:56 PM
Iko Ward wrote  market crashing 7:58 PM
Iko Ward wrote  No details, it's very simple. World markets crash, RV needed for recovery. RV = Exchange. Exchange = New World. 8:00 PM
Iko Ward wrote  4AM EST, Europe will have been open for an hour.

Iko Ward wrote  Set your alarms for 4AM EST. You can tell your grandkids you were there.

Dedar:Iridium242 wrote  So the South Korean markets are closed. Another market crashed scotchie wrote 4m ago China market closed due to New Year, all other asian markets are tanking, including India

Maggiemoo: Most of the world markets are currently closed,,not tanking yet,,,but they were in heavy red yesterday

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