Thursday, February 11, 2016

TNT :Cool Bank update by maninc56, 11 FEB

    • maninc56 said
      03:12 PM Feb 11, 2016
    Posted a bank story a couple months ago...friend walked into Chase to buy 10 Million Rupiah and the tellers said ''sure that will be $170,000 US... he missed it... by the time he got back it  was normal...I told him to carry a note or two. crap
    Got a call today from him... His WM from WF called and apologized...he said he kind of believed the RV just from Bank commotion...but got a call from the Currency Manager ...who stated ''I saw the Dong change last night''  this was a few  days ago...apparently it went US Pennies per dollar...for 20 minutes...
    now the WM has an alert on his cell for any changes so get can wake my friend up if need be...
    We are getting close my friends...

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