Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
Ray:  No pending!  NO Nothin'.  We are just waiting.  This show is about over!
Ray:  Let me go back to Friday.  It all ties in.  Information is current up to about 30 minutes ago.
Iraq New on Friday:  Cards to be funded between 15th and end of the month.  Dealers license pulled and I commented, “I believe the final phase had begun.”  US banks were saying they were looking for it the first of the week . . .expecting massive activity on Tuesday. . . private exchanges were setup by appointment.
Jump to Monday which will cover weekend activity.  Over across the pond reports came to us excitement between the neighbors. Having a bit of jubilation, if you will, of what was to come between neighboring countries.  Projections of working together and co-existing.  Who are the neighbors? Iraq and Iran.  Iran announced they were in the Swift system effective on Sunday.


1)  MEMO from weeks ago giving a date said, "currency revaluation between now and FEBRUARY 17th."  Memo said be ready for a rate change between now and the 17th.
2)  ON Monday the 15th a person in Iraq was told by their bank, "70 dinars and 4 fills worth $100.00 USD." That's confirmed with additional info Ray gave out. 
Ray:  There appears to me that there is a rate change. . . they just don’t have permission to show it yet.    
I think it's already fulfilled. When you have 70 dinar and 4 fills equals $100 USD - that's fulfilled as far as I'm concerned.
CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  No pending!  NO Nothin'.  We are just waiting.  This show is about over!
                                                              Everything is live on screens.  Just waiting for the OK. 

Ray:  We are just waiting for permission to do it.  DO NOT CALL THE BANKS!!!

Ray:  How's somebody posting cliff notes without me having finished the call? (laughing)

IRAQ:   Ray said he's heard some have cards activated but he did not get that information from his sources and he wants that information confirmed through his sources.
  • CBI:  Nothing official yet about Dr. Shabibi's return to CBI.     
  • Banks 
  • TV              Mosques 
  • Kuwait:  Ray:  The Kuwait situation was private.  They could, pretty much, do what they wanted to.  But this situation . . . millions are watching it and waiting.   
  • Rates    
  • 800#'s:  Reports of the National Guard will be at the banks.  Ray: We don't need that foolishness. KNOW THE BANKS MONITOR THESE CALLS.  PUTTING  THE BANKS ON NOTICE.  If you guy’s give us the information . . . we anticipate 800#'s but they made decide not to give them to us.  This call is going to take away there excuse, they did not know that is what we wanted. We have so many on TNT, listen to the call, twitter. Between all of us we can get info out to the people to help make sure there is calm orderly processing. We can be instrumental in getting that done. Up to them to take advantage or not.
  • Banks: Ray:  Yesterday, Chase and other banks, WF thinking why not today?  Everything is live on screens just waiting for the  OK.  
Q & A:  
Q- Why don’t the other sites like TNT?
Ray:  Just jealous?   I don’t know.   We don't just stick our head in the sand and say the RV is happening tomorrow. Your going to hear good factual things you can use.  We are just looking for substance and real information we can do something with.  I'm results driven, oriented. I can’t get results off hype or suppositions.
Q - With items 2 & 3, what sort of issue is there if we go beyond the 17th?  Only hours to go.  Ray:  I think it's already fulfilled. When you have 70 dinar and 4 fills equals $100 USD - that's fulfilled as far as I'm concerned.

Q- Who is the person, committee, country who gives permission to start the RV?  Ray, I really don't know and when asking the banks they only say, "higher up."  I'm assuming it's the UST that gives the banks authority.  . . .IMF would not have authority over US banks.


I want to re-emphasize.  DON'T CALL THE BANKS.  Let’s let nature take it’s course.  If thinks are meant to happen today . . . tomorrow . . . next week, let those things take the natural order.  Be patient.  It’s coming.
We had lot of good information today.  This ride is coming to an end.  I definitively believe that.  Unless, something comes out of left field that I didn’t expect. 
If we have to come back here on Friday, we will.  Enjoy your day.  When are you going to see it Wednesday.  I think I answered that.  Maybe not specifically.  If your at the end of your rope reach out and grab somebody else’s.  Have a great day everyone.  (played “I Believe.”)

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