Monday, February 29, 2016


Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.   SHORT CALL Today - 30 minutes long.

Ray:  YES, the bill was paid.  It's why we are still here
Ray:  Where are we.  Rumors galore!  Some of them no way on God's green earth would you believe.
Weekend:  Banks expecting you on Friday . . . some early Saturday morning . . . some started mobilizing late Sunday evening to prepare for exchanges today . . . groups . . . private exchanges this week - their own client base.  Until it pops out public looks like selected activity.  I call them rumors because it's 'he said, she said" stuff.  Or someone's interpretation of what is going on.
Information came to me from both sides:  All salaries paid - caught up.  Articles saying 14K paid over there, 20K paid over there paid, 15K there . . . it's taken place.  Yet the man on the street, citizens on the street - they say folks are still planning to demonstrate this coming Friday . . . talking about taking it into the green zone.
They made another statement.  I'll say it in my own words, "They try to pacify us by paying us this little money!"
So, it looks like the argument now is, "your not paying me enough, at the right rate!"  They are asking to be paid at the rate they were promised.  That is me drawing my conclusions based on information coming to me this morning and trying to make it make sense.  News articles saying paid in the multitudes of thousands.
We just have to wait and see what will happen over the coming days.  Rumors will abound thru the next days.  Don't take anything at face value
CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray: I just know, information coming out of Iraq, is they wanted to get it done by March 1.
IRAQ:    Abadhi working on forming a new government?   Ray: No time line has been heard.  It has not been mentioned to us about what was important.  Something else being discussed that I cannot say anything about at this time.
  • Rates    
  • Banks:    Yes, banks have an 800#.           
Q & A: 
Q -What are your sources saying about ping went round the world last night including Rothschild banks?   Ray:  My sources are saying nothing.  Have made no references to it.
Q - Ramifications if not completed by March 1?  Ray:  I don't know of any.  I just know information coming out of Iraq is they wanted to get it done by Mar 1.
Q - Send Tweet in the middle of the night?  Ray:  Whenever I get it, it's going out.  If they give me authorization. . . they may say sit on it until 7 am or whatever.  
Q- Groups exchanged yet?  Ray:  From our understanding and information received, No, they have not been processed yet.
Q - Will you be offering instruction on classes post RV:  Ray: Yes, but not for a long time.
Q - Yearly maintenance fee by Trust provider? Ray: Some do and some don't.
Q - If Iraq does not go by March 1st, could other countries go ahead.  Ray:  I would assume so.  I don't really hang out in that neighborhood.
Q - Are your sources telling you the ZIM will not be part of the basket when RV occurs? Ray:  No!
Q - Exchange by drop and roll - drop it off and negotiate later? Ray:  We'll have to wait and see.
Wrap this one up.  Good short session.  Hopefully come back today.  If not, new information comes out that needs to go out, I will Tweet it out.
To the bank people, we appreciate the heads up on what you are doing.  I would appreciate a heads up on what to expect.  Rumors going up and down, putting people in a tail spin, going this way, that way.  Don't want to contribute to it in anyway.   Gladly receive any info you want to put out.  
That been said, let's enjoy the rest of this marvelous Monday.  Do the best you can to receive what's out there, except what you feel reasonable to accept.  Hold on.  This ride is coming to a end and let's hope very, very soon.  (played "I believe) - recording stopped.

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