Monday, February 8, 2016



Iko Ward:  what I am hearing from four other sources. The intel these last two days has been consistent     
Iko Ward :  Guys, gotta run. Lets just say we are getting more solid int abut tomorrow and don't sweat the details The 800 will come, go exchange, then sit back and watch the show.

Joshua:  QUOTE:  A meeting took place with the big wigs the other day . . .The conclusion was those cards are gonna be completed and activated with new rates starting as early as today or going into the weekend and/or next week. The pensions and salaries should both be paid

TnDr:  Baghdad seems to be getting paid, which has meant we are next....

Pollysue:  To me if they have new rates on their cards , ans if those card can be used anywhere in the world, them there has to be a RV. Think about it this was if they buy something in the USA using their card they need a better rate.


Elmerf123456:  We were all drawn to what's said is improbable to do and accomplish what some say impossible! I proudly stand with all of you my friends. Are we ready for our mission? Let's rock this house!!

If we can't find the hiding RV...lets shake it loose!!!!!  

Everyone. I feel the winds of change. Ray feels excited and news seems to be the same everywhere. Good times about to roll!

Enjoy the Super Bowl game. Next year we all can attend it.

Positive energy is contagious. Let's spread it.


Gmancometh:  PM of Canada has put out Press Release on "important announcement​" to be made tomorrow morning. No idea what it will be and can't​ find anything on what the content will be. Strange how vague it is. ​ http://pm.gc.ca/eng/news/2016/02/07/prime-minister-justin-trudeau-make​-important-announcement

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