Sunday, February 7, 2016



Appaloosa:; China's market is closed down until Jan.15th - sounds like a good week coming up for us guys.....bring it.

Uenvoy:  So with all the news,, and the final move towards a Economic freedom.. We should be hearing allot of good news. Shanbibi looking like a return as the Governer of the CBI, and Maliki being under house arrest.. We may have our finish line very soon….

Flashing Screens, Memos to the bank for releasing the currencies to exhange, Yes I am getting excited.. just not getting my hopes up to soon..

Irene:  Year of the Monkey ~~~~~~ Happy Chinese New Year 2016! Everything you need to know about th​e Year of the Monkey   Link

CaptWillie:  My daughter works at a local school and this year they're celebrating obscure holidays around the world. Guess what day tomorrow is?  Link

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