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EdwardK:  The launch of thousands of helium balloons in the skies of Baghdad cel​ebrate "Valentine's Day" | Saturday 1​3-02-2016 | 9:13:47 9:13:47   Link
Lilypad:  Our neighbor works on an oil rig in Saudi Arabia.  He is their four weeks and home in the states four weeks.  he flys in and out of the Behran Airport.  Thinking the Iranian Rial would be cheaper there, we asked him to check on the exchange price at the airport.  

We had prior purchased some for us and him in the USA so he knew the price here in the states.  To our surprise, the exchange rate was $756 per million.  He also checked on the IraqI Dinar.  They could keep no more than 500,000 dinar at this exchange center and he said the exchange rate was way high.

 He said the best bang for the buck was the Saudi Arabia Rial which was $37. per 100,000.                                                                
On another note some of the men working on his rig in Saudi Arabia had been transferred there from an Iraq rig that had been taken over by  Isis.
These men have already been asked if they would return to iraq To work on the rig when it was safe.  The salary to return to work in Iraq was signifanctly higher.  So much increase that the cannot say no.  They are waiting on the move in from the oil company.

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