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TNT Call notes 29-February-2016

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RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Today is Marvelous Monday, February 29, 2016.  It’s the last day of the month in a leap year!
What’s the information? There are rumors galore, with everything out there floating.  Some is probably true to form, and some “no way in God’s green earth” will that take place.  I will just share the intel we have, not selected rumors running around the stratosphere. 
From the weekend, we had the banks expecting to see you on Friday or early Saturday morning. Then we had some that started mobilizing late Sunday evening for some of you today.  ‘Some of you’ means private exchanges, which they expect ot have this week, so far as my banking sources are saying. They may be starting group activities or any one of us. We’ll have to see how that unfolds until the full public release starts.  Until then, it looks like selected activity until that moves.  I don’t know why;  there are many rumors, and unless you give it from a direct source, I treat it as a rumor that could be true or could be someone’s interpretations. That’s all I have from this side.
On the other side, it gets even more interesting.  Bottom line:  information has come to me from both sides.  I’ve been told the salaries have been paid, and there have been articles saying this, that and the other payments have taken place.  Yet when you talk to the citizen on the street, this morning information came from citizens on the street, they are saying folks are still planning to demonstrate this upcoming Friday like they did last Friday.  They are talking about taking it into the Green Zone… at the same time as they are saying hundreds of thousands of people have been paid.  There is another statement as well, that I received from Iraq:  “they are trying to pacify us by paying this little money.”  So we’re hearing both that they have been paid, and yet they still intend to demonstrate.  So they seem to be saying “you are not paying me enough, or the rate promised.”  The television has been reporting new purchasing power, new rates.  So I think that the new argument is that they have been paid, but not as promised.  They are addressing the promised rate, and the increase in purchasing power.  That’s me, drawing my conclusion from the information this weekend and fresh this morning.  That kind of makes sense.
So as we wait for the first of the month, to see if they follow through with the new rate and what we have been looking forward to, we will see what unfolds in coming hours/days, even as the rumors run like nobody’s business this morning, the rest of today and even tomorrow.  Receive everything with a bit of caution and don’t take everything at face value.
Q:  What are your sources saying about info that the ‘ping went around the world, even to the Rothschild banks’?  A:  My sources are saying nothing about that.
Q:  Could you please discuss the ramifications if we don’t exchange by 1. March, if any?
A:  I don’t know if there are any ramifications if it doesn’t;  my sources in Iraq are saying that they want to get it done by 1. March.
Q:  If this comes in the middle of the night, will you send out a tweet or wait until morning?
A:  It depends on if I’m awake.  As soon as I get it, I will send it out, unless I am asked to sit on it until a certain time.  I assume info will come to me and I can put it out right then.
Q:  Could this go past the 3. March?  A:  Anything could happen, so sure it can go past that.  I don’t control it, and nobody you are likely to hear from can control it either.
Q:  If I have heard you correctly, you said on Friday that a banking source informed you there are 800 numbers.  A:  The banks have 800 numbers;  I don’t know if they will use the same ones to receive us or not.
Q:  On Sunday am chat, a member called and you said Iraqi employees were paid at a new rate.  A:  No, I said that everyone had been paid but they didn’t say what rate.
Q:  Have any groups been processed yet?  A:  I have been instructed that they have not, by people who stay in touch with these groups.  I haven’t asked the groups directly.
Q:  What is your practice for vetting possible wealth managers and idependent advisers?
A:  Check their track records and follow up with referrals.
Q:  Is it normal for trust companies to charge an annual maintenance fee?  A:  Some do and some don’t;  it depends on the service provider.
Q:  Does the date 1. March have anything to do with UK Parliamentary terms?  A:  I don’t know anything about that.
Q:  If the RV is not announced by 1. March, can the other countries in the first basket announce their own RV?  A:  I think they could, don’t know if they want to.
Q:  Are your sources telling you that the zim will NOT be part of the first basket?  A:  NO, sources are indicating it will be part of that basket.
Q: With bank appointment time limited, is it better to negotiate interest rates in second appointment?  A:  They would prefer you to roll in, exchange your currencies and roll out. We hear variations, but until it’s show time, we won’t know until you make your appoint-ment, whether it’s ‘drop and roll’, or if you will be able to negotiate those details.
610 caller:  have you been able to pay the bill yet?
RayRen:  Yes.  We’re here, so that meant the bill got taken carry of.
Caller:  Remember, these calls aren’t free, so those who are working and who can, go to www.tntsuperfantastic.com and make you donation today.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas and North Carolina for the BBQ!
RayRen:  You will all owe this gentleman a debt of gratitude for helping in getting the bills paid.  You folks know what the deal is.  We will be here as long as folks want us to be here.  I don’t think about paying the bills so much, unlike Tony and Pam.  This guy is passionate about that, and he is a reminder to me as well as you. 
865/404 caller:  We keep hearing that Iraq has done everything it’s been asked to do, yet PM Abadi is now forming a new, more inclusive government.  How long does that have to be in place before we see the RV?
RayRen: I haven’t heard the government  positions being vital to this being wrapped up.  That has not been mentioned to us in terms of what is important.  I’ve heard of something else that is important that I cannot talk about it.
Caller: Can you give us any idea of when you discuss the other matter?  Is that more about Iraq or the greater situation?
RayRen:  It pertains more to Iraq moving forward (the situation we cannot discuss).
Caller: I wonder if we need to take out focus off Iraq and put it more on the global situation?
RayRen:  Watch the world situation.  Remember, they think differently than we do.  If it were up to me, I’d be telling my people (who are demanding things) that it’s the world conditions, because that would take the heat off of me.  This is a tightrope walk, any way you look at it, especially when you are running a country. There are things the citizens should know, things they want to know, and things they should never know.  Everyone cannot be involved in a decision like this.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  and Negotiate!
RayRen:  Let’s wrap this call up.  Hopefully there will be a need to come back today and talk about some other things that are moving us forward. If not, and if new information comes out, I will tweet it out to you during the course of the day, if we get the information I look forward to receiving – or we will have a call.  Banking people, I would love to have a heads up on which way we are going and what to expect.  People are getting confused and emotional, and it is not my job to correct that, but I don’t want to contribute to that either.  So I would appreciate any information in any form you choose to send it.
That being said, let’s enjoy the rest of this marvelous Monday, and do the best you can to receive all that is being put out there.  Hold on!  This ride is coming to an end sometime, and hopefully very, very soon.

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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