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TNT Call notes 26-February-2016
I was only able to get on the call at 10.37, and have pieced together these notes from what I heard and what was in the forum.  I don’t guarantee these are complete, and I definitely left out all chit-chat.
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RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Today is Finally Gonna See It Friday, February 26, 2016.  Are we ready?  Are you ready to walk into your season?  Are you really ready? 
On the US side, bank folks were thinking they would see us this morning at opening, but the day is not gone… they are anticipating.  The banks have their 800 numbers and I don’t know if they will give it to me.  It will be posted on their websites.  First screening will be on calls;  they will possibly negotiate a rate and lock you in on that call.  It’s just a stray thought, may or many not happen – may be possible especially for the contract rate.  That would make sense.  The amounts you are exchanging will also have an impact on your rates.  The reports I got were for this to be done on Friday and blow it out into the weekend.
In Iraq, demonstrations are going on wanting the reforms, and for the corrupt individuals to be dealt with;  this is from people other there, not my government contacts.  Their televisions are saying that they will have monetary reforms tomorrow.
Q:  Did the RV begin last night?  Is it being activated now?  A:  Not to my knowledge.  Bank folks will give me a call so we can know.
Q:  I’d think a person with less currency would need the contract rate more.  A:  I just don’t know about that.
Q:  You talked about a formula during the last call?  A:  Yes, that is to calculate how much you need (capital) at what rate of interest per year to get X thousand per month in income.  [Same example as Wednesday’s call;  this is the link:  bit.ly/openmicformula.  [Basically, take the amount you want monthly (e.g., 10K) x 12 months = yearly income = 120K x 18 = $2,160,000 x 2 = $4,320,000 @ 4%.]
Q:  Is it true we will have to have 20 million dinar to get the contract rates?  A:  I don’t think that is true;  we have not been told that and it doesn’t go with what we’ve been told about the caps.
Q:  I would like to know about annuities.  A:  Look online and investigate.  There are many different annuities.
Q:  What do you think of exchanging one note and using that to set up a trust before exchanging the rest?  A:  It would be better to get a bridging loan to set up the entity, because you may not get the best rate for the remainder of your exchange. You don’t have to rush;  you can take a few days to make your decisions.  If you just have 1 currency, go to bank and see about a loan before you revalue your note and have extra money to blow.  Educate yourself and talk to your financial/wealth managers, too.
Q:  Can you suggest any good place to exchange outside the banking system? 
A:  Outside of the banking system, the only other place would be your exchange centers and also airports for exchanges. 
Caller:  How are Tony and Pam? Will I hear from them when this wrapped up? 
RayRen:  Yes.  And Pam hangs out in chat.
Caller:  Can I gift a note to someone in another country? 
RayRen:  Yes, sure.
Caller:  My bank is saying I cannot do X from my account.
Next caller:  Switch your bank!  Ray, you talked about Friday being the start of the RV – today or next week?
RayRen:  I was referring to the demonstrations in Iraq, and they are being told they will see their money tomorrow.  The banks were expecting us today, Friday.  Now we are here on Friday, and the citizens are demonstrating over there, and their television says they will see their money tomorrow.  Time will tell.  It won’t be a reality until it becomes a reality.
Next caller:  So the Iraqis are being told they will see their money tomorrow?
RayRen:  That’s what they seeing on their television screens.
Caller:  We just have to have patience and know it will happen in the end.  I pray that everyone will do the right thing, and that we are given the wisdom to deal with this.  When you exchange, can you directly into another currency?
RayRen:  I haven’t found any bank in the US that will allow you to exchange into anything other than US dollars.  Then if you want to turn it into something else, you can buy back those other currencies.
Caller:  So that is how they will use that to collect up those US dollars, because the US has the most invested in this.
RayRen:  They aren’t collecting dollars here, and around the world it’s mainly electronic, apart from the cash in people’s wallets.
Caller:  DC said he didn’t think that the dollar would drop more than 2%.  Your thoughts?
RayRen:  I don’t see the dollar dropping.  Yes, there is fiat money and the national debt.  But during the Kuwait deal, our debt structure changed and the value of the dollar was stronger after that.  This is not exactly a repeat process, but times 10.  If so, what does that do for our dollar, when the deficit is gone and we have a surplus.  Even with others starting other reserve currencies, I don’t see a 30% devaluation with the strengthening this will bring to the process.
Caller:  If this is true, then 192 countries will level the playing field, right?
RayRen:  That’s what we are being told.
419 caller:  I have never believed in the contract rates, because what is the contract and what is it pertaining to?  Where did the concept come from?  To me, you can go to the bank and exchange the dong at the current rate;  you can only exchange at what they are showing you.  I’ve always wondered where the contract part comes from.
RayRen:  I understand your train of thought and felt the same way a few years back, but I knew I wouldn’t get the answers I wanted.  If it is to be, I decided that I would go for that contract rate if there is one.  We have been told there will be contract rates, and my bank contacts are saying that they are seeing two different rates – say, $2 and $8.  If they SEE that, there must be a contract rate as well.  If I get to the bank and they say that there is no contract rate or NDA, but we can exchange you at the international rate and send you down the road… I’m okay with that, too.
Caller:  I assume the bank will give me the same rate they will give to everyone. The other just doesn’t make sense to me.
RayRen: It doesn’t make sense because there is a missing rate so you don’t have enough information for that to make sense.  Because of what the banking people have told me, I do believe there is a contract rate, although I cannot explain it to you.
There have been rumors that the RV started last night at 8pm, and at the same time there are people in the streets protesting that they want economic reforms, I cannot put that together.  We might be going to the banks this afternoon.  If the bank information is true, I don’t think we will be there until their issues are resolved, and that means tomorrow or even Monday.  But for those not going along with the banking information we are received, your information may say “look forward to this today”.  You have to look at your information and make a decision that’s good for you – not because Ray said it or anyone else but because it makes sense.  It still might not happen, but at least you are not going on someone else’s information.  We will be back when the time right.

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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