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TNT Call notes 17-February-2016

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RayRen: I’m in a very benevolent mood, with the exception of the haters. I’d like to politely ask you to hang up and get off the call.  I just don’t want to share information with you. Haters be gone!  If you would be so kind as to disconnect and get off my call…
You know they aren’t going to hang up;  they are like roaches, they just go and hide. 
Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Today is Wednesday, February 17, 2016.  Here we are, on When Am I Gonna See It Wednesday – you might have your own answer to that question by the time we finish.  I will start with intel for those who only want that – you can then enjoy the rest of your day.
There is so much information that I’m wondering what to say and how to say it.  I was so busy with calls and info that I couldn’t lay out an agenda.  Let’s go back to Friday, because we didn’t have a  Monday call, and so we had things on Friday through Tuesday, and we missed the opportunity to share with you.  We did tweet a few things to give you a few more  pieces of the puzzle.  Even though one or two little pieces of that puzzle, many of us can now see the overall puzzle, and that is great.
Now, on Friday, the Iraqi news was that the card-holders were told to look for their funding between the 15th and the end of this month – that was their timeframe.  Also, some currency exchanger licenses were pulled by the CBI, and somewhere in there I did say that I believe the final phase has been done.  US banks were looking for this on the first of the week – they said they were expecting this Monday or Tuesday, thereabouts.
On Monday, we saw the activity over the weekend. You didn’t get this because Monday was the holiday.  In Iraq, reports came to us that there was excitement between the neighbors.  Who are the neighbors? Iraq and iran.  They were excited over seeing their blessings “in the coming days”. That was the message on Monday, that they were having some jubilation over what is to come in the coming days.  On Monday the banks were telling us ‘possibly Tuesday’;  emails were going through the bank system for the employees to make ‘procedural plans’ and gearing up for Tuesday.  That’s good and we will be patient and see. Iran also announced it is in the SWIFT system since Sunday, and that ties into the ‘neighbors’ being jubilant.  It’s all coming together.  
On Monday, private exchanges were being set up by the banks in other jurisdictions, but the US banks were not yet willing to move.  We got reports of private exchanges else-where, and I had my best people on it (from the banks and government people) and from both sides I was getting that no exchange activity took place.  If anyone did exchange, I would love to hear about that directly.  At this point, we need really good, solid stuff because many are hanging on by a thread.  Some have fallen off, but we can pull them back up with solid information.  So we are in pursuit of that information.  It’s not that big a deal, but we do want to nail down that information as best we can.  I do believe we are in the final stage, and everything is connected.
Let’s look at Items 1, 2 and 3 for a minute, to tie this together.  Item 1 is not time-dependent and I’m going to give others a chance to bring that out.  Items 2 and 3 were memos to the currency exchanger sin Iraq saying “currency RV expected between now and X date”.  Item 3 said the same thing for US banks, and I got that from someone who actually read that memo, saying the same thing for Iraq currency between now and X date.  I don’t need to see that memo, I am being told that by people who actually read the memo, and the X date is 17-February. 
The whammy is that someone went to the bank in Iraq on Monday the 15th, and the person there told them that 70.04 dinar are now worth $100.  We get our Iraqi information from many sources, so we sat on that on Monday until we could confirm it.  On Tuesday, we got the rest – what I consider the confirmation on that new rate.  If someone in the bank told them that, it was a rate change, fulfilling that memo’s prophecy, as it were. We got that on the 15th, confirmed it on the 16th, and now we are at the 17th.
In the US banks, they are going “We don’t understand why you people aren’t in here;  we have rates live, we see them on the screen, and we’re just waiting for authorization.” Don’t call the banks, they cannot do anything until they have permission. However, it appears to me that this is the rate change before the 17th – they just don’t have permission to play with it yet.  We still don’t know that those are the actual, true rates, although we have been told that if the rate has RV beside it, that is the true rate.  Time will tell.
The lead bank is live across the world, but still doing all it can to limit initial exposure.  We’ve been telling you for two years who the lead bank is, so if you don’t know by now, you shouldn’t be in this game.  I’m being tough, and it’s time to get serious because this show is about over.  I’m taking off the gloves and handling you with adults, because this is the end.  We are giving you the information as we have received it, up to 30 minutes ago.  Anything we get 30 minutes ago, we will check before giving it to you.  I always check it and feel good about it first.
As of yesterday, Chase and WF are saying “why not today?” Everything is live on the screen and they are just waiting for the Okay.  Remember how they clammed up last week and we couldn’t get anything from the banks/  They are talking now!
That’s it;  the rest is something we are trying to nail down now. You got your bang for your buck now!  I’m talking about those who donate, because we don’t charge anyone. There are a few other things but I want to make sure it’s super-reliable before I put it out there.
Q:  Do you still believe we will see this before the end of February?  A:  I do!
Q:  Bitcoin?  A:  I didn’t mention bitcoin on the call;  I did mention www.coinmill.com as a site to check rates that I find is reliable.  There are sites where you can investigate bitcoin – just google it.
Q:  Can you clarify what you meant in the tweet yesterday about ‘banks can see everything’?  A:  That was answered in the opening intel.
Q:  It is more and more apparent that we should be asking about post-RV plans and projects.  Will you keep TNTShowtime together so we can discuss process, professionals and post-RV plans?  A:  No and yes.
Q:  Have the people in Baghdad been paid at the new rate? A:  I received some information I decided NOT to share on this call because there is not enough, yet.  I did get some intel that cards have been activated, by not from my usual sources.  I don’t want to share until my guys tell me and I feel good about it.
Q:  Can you explain the difference between international rate and market rate? A:  I like tha answer given on OM the other night.  international rate is the standard, official rate for that currency.  Market rate is the actual rate being traded, and it goes up and down.  As the market rate increases, that would be the international rate for that currency until it goes back down again. We will learn together on that one.
Q:  Any new information about Iran in this process?  A:  Probably, but I don’t have it apart from their entry into the SWIFT system.
Q:  Have the rate changes been confirmed?  Have you heard anything official about Dr. Shabibi’s re-appointment to the CBI?  A:  Someone in their bank in Iraq said that $100 = 70.04 dinar;  we had some confirmation and we’re waiting for more.
Q:  What do you call the person who looks after an elderly person?  A:  Text me, and if we find that answer we will share it.   Someone texted me “deed for life”.  I’m not sure about that, and it doesn’t sound like a conversation I was part of.  Another says “life estate”.
Q:  Please explain that this intel is from your sources;  they keep asking what your sources are, like they don’t believe what you said!  A:  Some of you come on the call for so long, and get so fixated on their particular question that they don’t realize I’ve already answered that question.  I give them the benefit of the doubt on that.
Q:  Can you tell the difference between information in the past about Items 2 and 3 and what you are telling us today?  A:  February 17th!
Q: Why do the people on the other sites not like TNT? Because we are happy people? 
A:  I don’t know why they don’t like TNT.  We are after the truth, the facts;  we don’t do anything against people, so I don’t know why…  We can even receive negative information if there is substance behind it.  You can come to TNT and say that the RV won’t happen until Jutember 2017. Why?  “I just have a feeling.”  That’s not enough to go on.  If you have something to back it up, people say “thank you for your information”.  If there is substance, there is nothing wrong about making a plan around that idea as well as the idea you subscribe to.  We don’t stick our head in the sand unless you say “it’s happening tomorrow”;  we want good information we can use.  If it’s really not going to happen for six months, then we’ll get onto other projects.  I am results-oriented, and I cannot get results off hype and supposition.  So I ask what we have to work with and we make plans with that.
Q:  If the memos mention only dinar and dong, why do we think the zim will be in the basket? A:  The memo mentioned Iraq and Iran specifically, “and other currencies”.  The said Iran and Iraq because they were blacklisted, which is not the case with dong and zim.  They are now being brought back onboard, that’s my take.
210 caller:  In your reference to the lead bank not seeing authorization to go, and past comments about activity at various banks, have you heard anything about California?  It feels like we are being left out a bit.
RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything in the last couple of weeks apart from a few people who went to exchange but refused the offer. Those were on the East Coast and Midwest.  It could be the West Coast people just don’t want to share.  The last time I heard of bank activity on the West Coast was months ago when the rupiah was bouncing around.
770 / 404 caller:  What is the issue when we are past the 17th?
RayRen:  I think we are already fulfilled!  When you have the 70  dinar = 100 dollars and the bank said that, then this is already fulfilled.  In the banks here, they are showing a different rate on the screen, and we are just waiting on that one element that blocks us from enjoying that exchange now.  We assumed that if the rates changed, we would exchange on it.  The banks have the new rates, they are just waiting for authorization.
Caller:  As an optimist, I see us having a two-hour window before it becomes the 18th in Iraq.
RayRen:  We don’t deal with law of business on a daily basis, and words have different meanings in those arenas.  On the street, we agree on things based on assumptions and common interpretations.  That is not the case in law – the words have to be very precise.  When we look at that memo, we see it was 100% accurate in that there is a new rate between now and the 17th.  It didn’t say that we would definitely exchange on the 17th.  Yes, I was making that assumption and so did the banks.  They see the rates but they cannot exchange us until they have the go-ahead.
Caller:  I will do more research and find out how they did this in Kuwait. [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
RayRen:  The Kuwait situation was private;  very few people knew about it and they could do what they want.  This time there are millions of people who are ready and waiting and watching. You might want to pick up a Black’s Legal Dictionary and read the definitions. The memo said rate change, not exchange; w e have to learn how to receive it, accept it, and roll with it.
502 caller:  Who gives permission to start the RV? 
RayRen:  When I ask the people at the bank, they just say “higher up”.  I am assuming it’s the US Treasury giving the go-ahead to exchange on the currency.
Caller:  So the IMF and CBI have nothing to do with it?
RayRen:  I’m sure they are involved in the process, but I don’t’ think they can instruct the US banks what they can do. They communicate with the banks in Iraq and here about the cards, that they are now international.  That was a big move!
Caller:  About the licensing issue, the company I do business with says the license has been suspended in Texas and the website has been shut down.  Is it possible to have just one state’s business shut down?
RayRen:  Sure, the states regulate these businesses, and they can shut down any particular company that is domiciled there.  The other states may do the same, fi they wish.
Caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
410 caller:  Thanks for the ‘whammy’!  Many are still concerned about how this will break down. It’s in the bank now, so will you be getting a call about 800 numbers or what they want you to do?
RayRen:  Today I am taking away the banks’ excuses.  You are asking for the 800 numbers, and I know the banks are monitoring these calls. Today I’m taking away there excuse that they didn’t know we want to hand out this information.  If that information will help make the process smoother, we will send it out.  At least they know that this is what we want to do, putting them on notice.  If there is information they want to give you, we will send that out.  It will make it smoother if we know what to expect:  for instance, people want to know if they can bring extra people.  We just want the banks to give us the information about the process to make it easier;  they may give it to us, or they may not.  If they didn’t know before that this is what we want, they know it now.  There was also some talk about National Guard people at the banks. We don’t need that foolishness;  just tell us what to expect.  Something like 100,000 listen to this call and the replay, and we have 300,000 people on twitter.  We can get that information out so that there can be calm, orderly processing. It’s up to them to get the information to us.
Caller:  No matter what, we need to be calm and polite.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  and 800 numbers!  And negotiate!
RayRen: We’ve covered some good information today.  Don’t bother the banks – they know what they have and what they are trying to do, within reason.  If things are meant to happen today, they will unfold for us.  If things are meant to happen by the end of the month, let’s be civil and patient and let it come to us.  You got a lot of good information today.  This ride is coming to an end, and unless something comes from out of left field, I’m looking for this to be the final phase, however much longer it takes. That, I believe.
If we have to come back here on Friday, we will!  I’m optimistic that Showtime is coming. Enjoy your day. Hold on! If you are at the end of your rope, go grab someone else’s and hold on.  If you have fallen off the cliff, we can pull you back up!

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