Tuesday, February 2, 2016


R:  We’re up and we’re running!  Good afternoon TNT Superfantastic Family!  Here we are on Marvelous Monday, February the 1st, 2016.  And yes, here we are into the month of February, and a lot of people didn’t think we would be here on this side of the RV.  But, be here we are!  So we just go with that.  There was a lot of expectation over the weekend, actually on Friday that had some bank folks actually listing times on when this was going to pop on Friday, that, that they were given information or at least under the impression it was gonna pop out on Friday.  And we had the 31st to look forward to with the smart cards being, is promised a good word to use?  Well, at least anticipated that they would be issued and, and funded on or by the 31st.  So the 31st came and we still have some cards that are not issued, to my understanding, and definitely not funded!  Now why that is or why that is not, I do not have the answer, and...don’t know what I could do even if I had the answer!  Not much I could do about it other just deal with it and keep rolling.  So we do not know the answer why that did not take place yet.  We just feel pretty sure that it did not take place, at least according to some of the citizens over there it did not take place, because they don’t have it in their possession.  And of course Baghdad was the, the area of interest as we were looking for that to take place, as well as some of the other areas and confirming more citizens receiving their cards or being funded, whatever the case may be.  

So where are we?  That’s what most folks want to know right now.  We are still in the window, from the best that I can see.  Banks are...well, some of them are a little bit more excited today than they were Friday, and that’s because they have been experiencing some code changes, the release codes.  So that’s, that’s a first, if memory serves me correctly, that we’ve experienced that, or at least that it’s been made public.  Now, they may have experienced it before and never told us, but I think that’s the first time that we’ve gotten to where we’re putting in out, letting you know the codes changed.  They’re super excited about that.  We’re getting a, a variation if you will, of what the banks are seeing from, it looks like these codes are changing--not the codes--the rates are changing about as much as we change clothes on a daily basis you would think, the way that these numbers keep popping back and forth.  But it looks like the, the majority of what we’re receiving from the different banks, you know the...the, the tier ones and the tier twos.  I’ll stay away from names right now and just say the tier ones and the tier twos.  From what we’re getting from the majority of them, that $3.71 rate is, is kind of holding, plus or minus a few pennies here or there, but, but for the most part that $3.71 rate.  So I’m thinking that’s probably going to be it.  That’s what most of them are still seeing.  And there has been some other variations of some rates that have been purported throughout the weekend that some saw on their screens or could have been a temporary adjustment, a move.  I don’t know.  We’ll know the final results when it’s time to go in and do...our exchanges.  But they’re still expecting it any minute.  Some of them, the rates are grayed out, so they’re super excited that something’s about to pop any second because they can’t even see the rate.  Some of them have reported rates with “RV” beside it.  We’ve had in the past where they saw rates that said “Pending” posted beside it, “On Hold” posted beside it.  Now we’re getting some reports of “RV, Revaluation” posted beside it.  What does that really mean?  Well, we don’t know and neither do they!  But it’s something new that excites them; it excites us.  Did it mean RV Monday morning?  I don’t think so because we don’t have one.  And even though some banks saw this “RV” posting over the course of the weekend, some people were able to see that then, the rest of them have seen it this morning, confirming that it’s been posted there that they’ve seen it.  So that’s where we are right now as far as with, with banks.  The rate pretty much, I’m going to stay with $3.71.  If it comes out anything higher than that, then great!  But we’re going to plan, we’re going to make mental plans for $3.71.  Let’s do that and see what happens, because if you have a rate to at least start with, you can map out some things and then leave some variances for adjusting.  But at least it gives you, it gives you a base to start, start off.  

The mosque, from our understanding, is silent.  There’s not a whole lot going on over there.  The, the Baghdad region at this point is a big unknown.  Not getting any solid reports out of Baghdad with the...no!  Come to think of it, no, nothing absolutely solid like this minute where they’re saying nothing is going on.  We just haven’t gotten feedback.  Two or three sources that we’ve tried to communicate with we have not heard back from in Baghdad proper.  Now Kurdistan, oh, we can find out about Kurdistan all day long, but Kurdistan is pretty much put to bed as far as we’re concerned, as far as what we need to know.  It’s Baghdad that we want to hear, is everything wrapped up over there?  And then if it is, we can then pretty much assume that it’s all done, all wrapped up, all completed as far as Iraq and it’s revaluing process, other than the rate changing.  Of course, we always had that understanding with the cards that were going to be issued and funded would be on the new rates, which I think now everyone is fixating on $3.71 over there as well as over here.  But time will tell on that as well.

So we’ve covered, let me see.  Oh, let me talk about items 1, 2, and 3, ‘cause someone’s going to ask.  Item 1, as I’ve said before, we’ve talked about item 1 before.  You guys just don’t know what it is, but you already have the information, so that puts me even more at peace with just waiting to see is it gonna come out from somewhere else.  Which it probably won’t now as old as it is, it’s a couple weeks old.  But I guess some of these other folks just don’t have the, the banking information that we get.  The item 2 and 3, those were the date-specific memos.  Number 2 was for over in Iraq, and item number 3 was here in the US, and we have not passed those dates that were in, in those memos as far as the window, if you will, for the, the RV to take place and the rate change and et cetera.  That memo said anytime from now until, or by such-and-such date.  And such-and-such date we have not hit it yet, so we’re still in the window!  Still looking good!  I’m excited, and just as happy as anybody else could be on a Monday for being able to wake up and see the sky and see light and get up out of bed and walk about.  There’s a lot of things to be happy and excited about.  Now, for those of you who are saddened or upset that you did not see an RV this morning, we weren’t promised it.  We had indications of it.  Or least I didn’t promise it to you.  I don’t know what someone else may have told you to look for, but we were highly optimistic but with no definite confirmed it is going to happen by this time.  The only thing that we realistically looked for this weekend was for those cards to be issued and funded because that was the report that went out, that they were going to get that done.  And right now it seems like it was not done.  But, you know, there’s always tomorrow.  So we live, we continue, and we wait.  And we wait for that which we feel and know is definitely coming.  

So with that being said, that’s the intel, ladies and gents, those who just wanted to hear intel.  Think I pretty much provided that for you.  And we’re going to do a few questions from our members, and then we’ll wrap up for today.  Okay.  Buz2ard, “Are the banks still operating call centers?”  To the best of my knowledge, they are.  I don’t now what their, what they did over the weekend, if anything, but they still have their call centers that they’re utilizing.  

Fweman, F-W-E-M-A-N, “How much assets should you have to make it worth your while to have an LLC or a trust set up?”  It’s not so much how much assets, it’s more importantly what do the assets mean to you in term of protecting them, and then also in term of making sure those who are coming behind you at your passing receive those assets 100% intact without any interference.  That’s the decision that you’re making.  So the, it could be that, that you have a, a Pinto and a 500-square-foot home, and you may not deem that to be valuable enough to protect it, ‘cause who’s going to sue you and try to go after your Pinto and take your 500-square-foot house?  But when you pass, what do you want to happen to that Pinto and that 500-square-foot house?  Do you have a relative that you want to get both of those without any interruption, no probate, no inheritance tax, no executor handling an estate, no court, no attorneys, nobody else in your business but that family member?  Well if you said yes to any of that or all of it, regardless of what the Pinto was worth, regardless of what the 500-square-foot home is worth, if you said yes to those things then you’re a candidate for setting your affairs up in trust.

Hmm, a lot of the members must have missed that question section ‘cause there are only two there.  Unless there’s another thread or something that I missed for the questions for me.  So we’ll talk to a few of the members on the call and go from there.  Let’s see.  Let me get over to this board, hope everything will maintain throughout the duration of this call that we’re doing.  Okay, I’m going to start right here at the top of the list and work my way down and in the, in the future, ‘cause I’m starting to, it looks like I’m seeing some similar names and numbers.  Some of them look familiar, some, some I’m not sure, and we do want to try to make sure that others can, can get questions in, too.  So for the future calls, those of you who have been on and have asked numerous questions numerous times, you’re always like the very first one or two people on the call because you can get on like two days early and just let your phone sit there, unless you have a real important question, that makes it a whole lot easier if you just don’t do that instead of me trying to remember who is a repeat person.  That’s just aggravating for me trying to skip numbers.  I like to just go straight down one right behind the other.  So if you would be thinking about that for future calls--not today, ‘cause I didn’t ask you before today--so don’t feel bad about where you are today.  But for future calls, that’ll make it a whole lot easier on me so I don’t have to try to remember who’s up here all the time first, all the time second.  I just don’t have that time and it, stuff like that.  So!  Okay, now the first person I clicked on must have just changed their mind and put their hand down, so okay.  I’ll go to the next one.  865, you’re on!

C:  Thank you, Ray, for taking my call, and thank you for all of the...

R:  Hey!

C:  ...information!  Especially about the tier one and tier two banks with the $3.71-plus-or-minus rate for the dinar.  What sort of rates can you share with us from the tier one, tier two banks with respect to the dong, rupiah, and Zim?

R:  I’m gonna say pretty much probably what you’ve heard already over, over the weekend or the last couple days.  ‘Cause most of the folks that are quoting rates are quoting about the same ones, unless, unless I have missed out on something.  But generally what I’m hearing from different people, all the rates are falling about, about the same.  If it’s....

C:  So they’re pretty much holding steady?

R:  Yes.

C:  Okay.  Okay.  And contract rates, how much of an availability for those?  ‘Cause there, there seem to be rumors floating around now that because we have not been brought in that the rates are starting to dwindle, excuse me, and we’re not going to be able to have much access to them.  What are your sources saying?

R:  I’m not hearing anything like that, and of the, of the people that, that we have talked to that exchanged, they did not get high contract rates.  So I don’t know!

C:  Okay.

R:  I don’t feel like that’s a big issue, but I don’t know.  Some people may have heard something and, but you don’t know, one person can hear something and then put it out there in the stratosphere, and then by the time it gets around to hundreds of folks, it’s, it’s severely distorted. 

C:  Right.  And that’s why we ask you.

R:  Or exaggerate.  And see, I haven’t heard one way or the other.  None of the sources that I talk to, none of our intel people, no one said a peep about, “Hey, you know, the contract rate is being depleted because all these folks are going and exchanging.”  We’re hearing about exchanges, private exchanges taking place, but it’s not all Wells.  And then some of them aren’t even being cash exchanges, they’re being SKRs, they’re being loans against what they know that you are going to have on deposit.  So they’re hearing a combination of things that are taking place with some of these early exchange activities. 

C:  Okay.

R:  And I don’t hear anybody else saying that, so now I’m beginning to wonder are, who’s getting the, the good information or the right information, because none of you have been asking me about that.  You know, “So and so said they were doing SKRs, So and so said they were doing loans,” so here again, it’s the level of the source of the information.  And of course ours has always been top notch.  I’m not saying that the other people’s are not, but clearly we’re getting and reporting things that others are not.  And it may be that they choose not to!  I don’t know!  I’ll leave it up to you all to decide.

C:  Okay.  Good enough.  And with that, I will close off with Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, and negotiate, negotiate, negotiate, and thank you times three.  Appreciate all your help, Ray.

R:  All right.  Thank you.

C:  Have a great afternoon.  Thanks.  Bye-bye.

R:  You, too.  Bye-bye.  Next in line, 813.  

C:  Hello, Ray.  

R:  Hi there!

C:  Can you hear me?  

R:  Yes, I hear you fine.  

C:  Okay.  Let me take you off of speaker.  I just had to bring something to your attention.  I’m not sure if you guys are aware, but a lot of us are not getting your tweets anymore.

R:  Oh!  Okay.  The only thing that I can tell you is to resubscribe.

C:  We did that.  Did that also, ‘cause I had put it out on your, I had sent it a few times and was asking a few people if they were having the same problem.  A few people responded to it and said one of the followers said that he had to do that a few months ago.  And I did that and still not getting your tweets.  So just so you know, I’m bringing it to your attention.  A few of us are not getting your daily tweet.  So I just got on the call just because I know, you know, the call is Monday, Wednesday, Fridays, but we are not gettin’ your tweets.  And this happened to me, the last tweet I got from you was the 20th of January. 

R:  Ooo.  Okay.

C:  And I am, and I’m not the only one that’s having the problem.  When I, I posted it a couple of times and asked if anyone else is having a problem and, you know, at the TNT Team, and a few people responded, yes, they’re having the problem.  I’m not, unfortunately I’m not in your forum so I don’t know if the folks in your forum is having the problem, but a few of us are not gettin’ the tweets anymore.  And...

R:  Okay.

C:  ...I went through, you know, changed the number, went back in again and we’re still not gettin’ your tweets.  

R:  Okay, so since the, the 20th of January you said was the last tweet you received?

C:  Since the 20th of January, no I haven’t gotten any tweets from you.  I just came on the call...

R:  Okay.  Now....

C:  ...because I know the number, so I just came in.

R:  Okay.  Now you said you....

C:  So I’m just bringing it to your attention.

R:  All right.  But you said...

C:  Yeah.

R:  ...you did resubscribe?  Since the 20th you resubscribed?

C:  I did re, yes, I, I resubscribed since the 20th because one of your followers, when I asked the question, a few people responded, replied to it and said they are having the same problem.  ‘Cause I thought it was just me, it was probably just my phone.  So I went, you know, ‘cause I tweeted you and I said, “Is anyone else having this problem where we’re not getting the tweets, you know, to say the call is on time, the call is...whatever?”  And a few people responded to the tweet that yes, having the same problem.  And I also saw somebody saying, “Why did I have to look for the tweet?  Why did I have to look for the call?”  And I’m like I’m not the only one that’s having the problem, something’s up!  So I don’t know if you needed to talk to Twitter, but your tweets are not going out to all your followers, just so you know.  

R:  Okay.

C:  All right!  And it’s critical!

R:  So I’m gonna have someone look into that.  Thank you.

C:  Yeah, ‘cause now with this, it’s critical time, we don’t, we don’t want to...

R:  Yes, that’s right!

C:  ...I leave my phone on at three and four o’clock in the morning.  I do not want to miss any of your tweets.

R:  Okay.

C:  So I thought I’d bring it, but the last tweet I got was on the 20th of January, and I’m like I don’t want to miss anymore tweets, so I’m bringing it to your attention.  But I also want to thank you guys for what you’ve been doing.  I’ve been following you guys for three years.  Miss Tony, give him my love, and....

R:  Sure.  Will do.

C:  You know, Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

R:  Okay!  Thank you!

C:  All right.  Thank you!

R:  Okay.  Bye-bye.  All right, let me go down south.  954, hey.  954.

C:  Good afternoon!

R:  Greetings, sir.

C:  Good afternoon!

R:  How are you?

C:  How are you?  Great.  Just one quick question.  Any new information regarding taxes?

R:  None.

C:  Well, I guess that’s good news.

R:  Okay!

C:  Thank you very much!

R:  Yes, sir.

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

R:  All right, thank you.  Take care.  702, you’re on!

C:  Yes.  Good morning or good afternoon to you.

R:  Greetings!

C:  How are you today?

R:  I’m fantabulous-er to the endth, endth degree.

C:  Wow!  That’s a great degree.  One of my, well, my question is, I could say maybe it’s a rumor, but I read on, online that the banks have a new account that will insure whatever amount you put into the account.  Is that a rumor, or have you heard it, or, or are....

R:  Well now, you know, that one is very easy to solve.

C:  Okay.

R:  Just call your bank and ask them!

C:  Okay.  All right.  So you haven’t heard it...

R:  If it’s in effect, they should know!

C:  ...you haven’t heard it though.

R:  No, I have not heard it, but that doesn’t mean...

C:  Okay.

R:  ...it’s not true yet.  And (inaudible)...

C:  Right.  Right.  Right.

R:  ...that supposedly popped up over the weekend, so, but the banks are open today.  We can call your banking person and just ask them is there some new type of insurance or, or whatever, if FDIC is now limitless, they’ll tell you in a quick minute yes or no, and you’ll know if that rumor was fact or fiction.

C:  All right.  Well, that’s all I have to say, and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

R:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.  Thank you!

C:  See you there.  All right.

R:  All right.  

C:  (Unintelligible)

R:  Okay, 561?  You want to talk to us?  561?  You wanted to talk to us?  Okay, I guess not.  All right.  713, good afternoon.  Seven one...

C:  Hello.

R:  ...hey there!

C:  Can you hear me, Ray?

R:  I hear you fine!

C:  All right, buddy.  Listen, I don’t want to throw anything out there negative.

R:  Then don’t.

C:  I have a lot of currency myself.

R:  Uh-huh?

C:  I plan on holding on to that currency.

R:  Okay.

C:  But I had been doing an awful lot of research, and my source is very good, she’s highly intelligent and I believe in what she’s told me, so I’m hanging in there with the currency I have.  

R:  Good.

C:  What has bothered me, though...

R:  Okay.

C:  ...is doing some of my research I found out that there’s actually more physical US Dollars outside our country and in different countries than there is in our own country.

R:  Okay.

C:  Are you following where this is leading to?

R:  Not yet.  But you will...

C:  Well....

R:  ...you will get me there.

C:  Okay, I’m gonna try to get you there.

R:  Uh-huh.

C:  Every time we exchange our hard-earned US Dollars that is the most valuable currency in the world, ‘cause everybody bills in it, they all want US Dollars.  So what happens?  We go to exchange centers, we buy the currency.  Our US Dollars goes to these countries who already have US Dollars, they keep on building up a big, substantial amount of US Dollars, and then they devalue their own currency.  And this is food for thought for everyone.

R:  Okay.

C:  What are we doing here?  I love my country, and I want to see us prosper.  And if we keep givin’ away the boat without them really RV’ing, this Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement is worthless.  We have...

R:  Okay.

C:  ...to put our people back to work and the only way we’re gonna do that is for them to raise the value of their currency, or we’re gonna have to start really putting some tariffs on the goods coming in, because it’s unfair.  And in the meantime, they keep taking our currency and flopping a dollar bill down on the bar or wherever they’re at in their own country...

R:  Okay.

C:  ...and getting ten times the value of what they were if they were using their own currency.  You look at a country like Vietnam, who is prospering.  I look at them as being the next Singapore of Southeast Asia, but yet their people are not benefitting from it.  Where are all, where is all this currency going?  I don’t know that anybody...

R:  Okay.

C:  ...has the answer to it.

R:  Okay.  

C:  But it is....

R:  Well thank you for bringing that to our attention if that’s a concern of yours.  I think there’s some pieces missing there, but I didn’t come prepared to get into this type of a conversation with you.  But it will all come to light in the, in the end.

C:  Well, Ray, I just hope that people put a lot of thought into it.

R:  Yes, sir.

C:  Because I know there are people out there that...are just going, I mean, they’re, they’re selling the farm.

R:  Okay.

C:  And they need to be very careful.

R:  All right, well, thank you.

C:  But thank you for taking my call, and I’ll...

R:  Yes, sir.

C:  ...even say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

R:  All right.  Thank you, sir!  Have a good day.

C:  Thank you.  Bye.

R:  Okay, thank you.  405.

C:  Hi, Ray, can you hear me?

R:  Hey!  I hear you fine!  What’s goin’ on?

C:  Not a lot.  Just really wanted to say thank you for what you do and your team and the information you give.  It’s a little bit different than the way Tony gave it, but one of the things I like that you do is you challenge everyone to do their own research to get their own understanding, which is gonna be beneficial for us when it does actually RV and we have a sense of how money actually works in the world.  And I think...

R:  Right.

C:  ...that that’s one of the things that most of us are missing is that we, we never really knew how money works in the world outside of our own comfort zone.  So just wanted to say thank you and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

R:  Okay.  Well, thank you for your comments.  ‘Cause you’re right, you know, we, a lot of us are in our present-day situations because of what we did not know.  And look at the things that most of you that are on this call, look at what you have learned in the last two to three years.  And what if you had known that what you learned in the last two to three years, what if you knew that five years ago or ten years ago?  Would you be in the same situation that you’re in right this very moment?  And I’m pretty sure most of you said no, I would not be in the same situation, and that was because of the lack of knowledge.  So we focus on that because that’s something that no one can take away from you once you get it, is knowledge and understanding.  Once you have that, people can’t hold you back.  You can’t say, “Well, I, I didn’t know, the man held me back.”  Well, the only way the man can hold you back is making sure you don’t know certain things.  But once you learn it, he is, is powerless to hold you back.  Then he tries to convince you to go along with him, whoever he is, because he’s powerless in any other way other than to convince you let’s, let’s do this together.  And that’s what it’s all about, that’s where we’re headed, and that’s what these, this call, way longer than any of us planned to be involved in these types of calls, but we’ve decided because we’re here, because we convene for one reason, let’s see can we get some other things achieved along the way, more particularly in the financial education sector because that’s what brought us all together!   A financial reason brought you to this call!  So anything that we can teach and educate you on by way of finances, it all connects.  Now when we’re ready to invest, some of us are going to be better investors because of what we’ve learned on this ride.  Some of us are going to be better leaders because of what we learned on this ride.  And some of us are even going to be better citizens because of what we learned on this ride.  And that’s what motivates me to keep on coming and keep doing, ‘cause as long as we can get something positive out of being together, until that day comes when everybody says, “Okay, I got this now,” it’ll be worth it.  But thank you, sir.  Thank you for your comments.  

C:  Thank you.

R:  Okay.  Let me go to two one, 210.  

C:  (Unintelligible) save at the credit union.

R:  210, do you want to talk to us?  Okay.  210?  Okay.  I guess not!  Okay, let me go to 510.  Good afternoon!  510.

C:  Hey, Tony.  I mean hey, Ray.

R:  510?  Hey!  

C:  Hey.  Yeah, I was just gonna ask you, yeah I heard a rumor that today the banks are supposed to shut a program, shut the program up, and at three o’clock they’re gonna reset it and it’s gonna be possible that they RV today?

R:  At three o’clock Eastern, Central, Pacific?  Which time zone?  I can’t wait!  

C:  Pacific time.

R:  Three o’clock Pacific time.  Okay, I have not heard anything like that, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not true!  I just have not heard it.  So that gives us something to look forward to.  I mean, if it happens, great!  And then if it doesn’t happen, well, okay, it missed it by some degree.

C:  Yeah.  Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

R:  Okay, thank you!  And hopefully three o’clock Pacific, and let’s see what happens!  I’m game!

C:  Me, too.

R:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

C:  Thanks, Ray.

R:  Okay.  623, what’s on your mind?  Good afternoon.  623.

C:  Hi!

R:  Hey!

C:  How are you?

R:  I’m fantabulous-er to the endth degree.  How ‘bout you?

C:  Thank you for taking my call.

R:  You’re welcome.

C:  And thank you for your generosity of all the time that you put into this for us.  And I’d like to say hello to Ray, tell him we miss him, and I’m wondering what happened to Pam.

R:  You mean Tony.  Hello to, want me to say hello to Tony.  ‘Cause I’m Ray.  

C:  I’m, I’m sorry.

R:  That’s okay!

C:  I, I want to say hello to Tony and, and....

R:  Yes, I’ll tell him.  What happened to Pam?  Well, nothing actually happened to Pam.  Pam took, took some time off, took a vacation.  But, now she, not completely gone, she just said, “You know, Ray, I really want to back away from doing the calls so much.”  And I said, “Okay, Pam, I got it, don’t worry about it.”  But she’s here.  She’s on the board from time to time, and....

C:  Okay.  

R:  And she even came in on the, you know we, we started doing some...what I call “family calls.”  I call them family calls, TNT Family.  So like Saturday and Sunday we had family calls.  Saturday afternoon, I forgot what time it was, and then Sunday morning.

C:  I see.  So you were talking with Pam during those calls.

R:  And yeah, and she was in the family call.  We, we just, and there’s 500 of us on the call, we’re just chatting, talking about things.  She’s not gone by any....

C:  Wow, pretty good size family!  Yeah.

R:  Well, yes, the TNT Family, just whoever was hanging out in chat, we just said, “Hey guys, the line’s open, let’s talk!”  

C:  I see.

R:  (Inaudible) doing that if there’s a need to continue to be here.  We’ll, we’ll do that from time to time and just do what I call TNT Family calls where it’s not trying to get the entire public but just the membership itself and just chat, talk about things.

C:  I remember Tony used to talk about there being high officials listening in on the calls.  Are they still listening?

R:  I’m sure they are, and that’s why I do the family calls, because they don’t know about those.

C:  Oh, okay.

R:  Only know about the ones that we tweet out.  And if we don’t tweet it out, they don’t know we’re doing a call, so I’ll just go into, in the chat room and just say, “Hey, guys, let’s talk!”  And 400, 500, 600, we’ll have TNT Family calls.

C:  Okay, well I gotta figure out how to get in on that.

R:  Well, they’re sporadic at this moment.  They’re not a set time, but, but it’s not like secret intel no one else gets.  It’s just, you know, we just put our hair down and talk!

C:  Okay, well I appreciate all you do.  I’m excited.  I think we’re close, and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

R:  Okay.  Thank you.

C:  Thank you.

R:  Okay, let’s see.  I’ll squeeze in one more here.  What time is it?  Okay.  415, are you on?  I’m sorry, 415, I accidentally muted you.  Hit the wrong button!

C:  I’m here!

R:  415.  There you are.

C:  Hi.

R:  Hey, there!

C:  Hi!  I just had a suggestion regarding the tweets.  Could maybe they be posted on the website?  Because they’re not always posted on there.

R:  Can what be posted on the website?

C:  The tweets.  There are tweets at times that you do that get on the website, on your TNT Superfantastic website.

R:  Hmm.

C:  And so I don’t know who does those, but if they post them there, then if people aren’t getting the tweets from their phones, see I don’t have a cell phone, so I can’t get a tweet from that way anyway.  But I always look on your website, and sometimes there’s, you know, it says whether there’s going to be a call or not.  But it doesn’t do that all the time.

R:  Okay.  That’s because the, the individuals that, that took the responsibility to get that done?

C:  Uh-huh?

R:  They don’t do it all the time!  I thought they were doing it, and since they work for free, I can’t really dock their pay.

C:  Oh, okay.

R:  Since they don’t get paid anything.

C:  Uh-huh.

R:  We’ll look, we’ll try to look into that and make sure that we have it covered, ‘cause there’s at least two people now that, that would get that done, and so we’ll make sure between the two of ‘em that we still get that posted.

C:  That would be great.

R:  Okay.

C:  Okay.  Well thank you so much for taking my call.  

R:  All right, you’re welcome.

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

R:  Thank you!

C:  Bye-bye.

R:  Bye-bye.  You know, I said this was going to be a very short call, but I’d really like to give the members an opportunity to engage with us.  So let me get one more caller and see what’s on their mind.  805.

C:  Hey.  Hey, Ray?

R:  Yes.

C:  Can you hear me?

R:  Yes, I hear you.

C:  Okay.  Hold on one second, let me...that’s better.

R:  Yes.  

C:  Right?

R:  How are you?

C:  Hey...good!  I’m good.  Hey, question.  I noticed, I’ve been listening to you guys for like five years on and off, I, I feel like the morale of, of this phone call has just really gone down a lot.  There was an excitement at one time, and now it’s just like a, like a drudge almost.  And I mean I’m just being honest with you.  I, I don’t understand....

R:  How, how do you base that when you only hear four or five people on a call?

C:  Well, you can tell!  From people’s voice.  People used to be excited, and now when they say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, it’s like vegas, vegas....

R:  Okay.

C:  So, but I, but I wanted to ask a question real quick, and then you can find somebody else.  What’s gonna happen in three or four months if this doesn’t happen?  You know, and I know that DC, he left, and then you know, your brother left.

R:  DC didn’t leave.  DC didn’t leave.

C:  Well, he didn’t, he’s not on the radio.

R:  You just don’t hear him on the call talking, but he didn’t leave!

C:  But, yeah, but okay.

R:  Leaving is we never ever hear from them again.  

C:  All right, well you can, you, you can, you can use the words, but he’s no longer on the radio with us.  And then your brother was no longer on it, and then Pam and then somebody’s gonna, you know, six months down the line or, or is somebody gonna come on the line and say, “You know, Ray’s gotta do something or he can’t do this no more, he’s taking vacation and I’m gonna take it up,” and, and I think that the integrity of everybody is that, you know, if you’re gonna leave, you leave properly like, “Hey, I can’t make it,” or whatever.  Nobody ever told anybody....

R:  No, but...but you’re missing it.

C:  (Inaudible) about DC or your brother...

R:  You’re missing it.

C:  ...or Pam.

R:  You’re, you’re missing it.  Number one, see....

C:  No, I’m not missing it.

R:  Yes, you are!  You’re missing the most important of all of what we do.  It’s not about a man, it’s about a plan.  Now, just because you don’t hear the voice of DC, you don’t hear the voice of Pam, doesn’t mean that they’re not still contributing.  And the most important thing that we can bring you, to TNT, is the information.  Because a person talking means nothing if they aren’t talking about anything, if they aren’t giving you good information, because most of you come here for information!  You don’t come here just to hear some voices!  I don’t think you do.  You want to hear information!  So since the voices that you’re used to hearing are not here, as long as they still contribute--and we talk to them day and in day out and they say, “Here’s what I have, here’s what I have”--so then when I bring it to you, I say, “Okay, here’s the information that we have,” I’m not saying here’s what I got because I went and dig and did this and did this.  I’m gonna say, “Here’s what I have to bring you that the team has brought together,” which they have always done.  So that’s the most important part of, of the TNT process is the information you’re receiving and whom you are receiving it from.  So DC still...

C:  But wait, don’t you think that....

R:  ...contributes.  Pam still contributes!  

C:  Okay, but let me ask you a question.  Did, you know I’ve been listening like it’s, for five years.  It’s, it’s a, it’s a rerun.  You know, it, it’s a rerun.  Every year it’s a rerun of, I mean, we have, it’s nothing that you can say that we haven’t heard...

R:  Okay.

C:  ...last year or the year before!  Around Christmastime.  Last year, man, it was, you know...

R:  Okay, now, now you, now you’re shifting...

C:  ...everybody’s gonna get their presents!

R:  ...now you’re shifting from the people to the information!  What’s gonna satisfy you?

C:  The same old stuff!

R:  Well, what, well what difference does that make whether it’s Pam, DC, me or Bart, Amy, Ed?  

C:  I think the intent, okay, okay, I think....

R:  (Inaudible) the same old stuff!  It’s gonna be the same old stuff if that’s all they’re gonna give us, sir, until it happens!  We can’t make it happen.

C:  No, I, no you can (inaudible).

R:  So all we can do is give you the information.  All we can do is give you the information that we receive each day as this process unfolds until it completes itself.  We can’t...

C:  If it ever completes itself.

R:  ...speed it up.  Okay, well if you want to go with if it ever completes, then that, that’ll be the case, too, if it ever....

C:  ‘Cause we, we’re hearing the same thing, we were hearing the same thing last year as we heard now as, I mean your, in your different voice...

R:  No, you, you’re not hearing...

C:  ...and I understand that.

R:  ...not hearing the exact same thing.  

C:  Huh?

R:  If you’re hearing the exact same thing that you heard last year, you’re not listening.

C:  Oh, I’m listening!

R:  You’re not, you’re not hearing the exact same thing as you heard last year!

C:  It’s a general, it’s in general.  It’s in general the same stuff.  In general.  It may not be per se the same thing but in general it’s just....

R:  Well, I ain’t gonna win this conversation no matter what I say, right?  You (inaudible) this conversation.  You, it just (inaudible) that you can’t.

C:  No!  I”m just trying to say that a lot of people are frustrated.

R:  But you’re not trying to listen!

C:  A lot of people....

R:  You’re not trying to listen!  Do you want answers?

C:  I do!

R:  Well, you’re not trying to listen...

C:  I do.

R:  ...‘cause I’m trying to give you answers, and you’re, you’re contradicting and debating every answer that I give you.  So that means you already have your mind made up that you, you’re fixed on what you’re fixed on.  And if you’re fixed on it, then there is no need to come on this call to, to bring that to me.  I already know how people feel, and I’m not gonna try to change your mind.  But when you say it’s the exact same thing as last year, you haven’t been listening.  Because there’s hundreds of people that will stand you down and say, “No, sir, that is not the exact same thing as last year.”

C:  Well how far are we now, this year (inaudible)?

R:  I have no idea!  I have no idea how far we are.

C:  How far are we?

R:  It’s still not the exact same thing.

C:  How far are we?

R:  I just said I have no idea, why do you keep asking me the same question?

**Skipping to the wrap-up at the end of the call**

R:  Little bit past the top of the hour, so I think we got in all that we could get in for right now, and in the midst of the conversations and the discontented member and frustrated member or whatever you want to call that person, that doesn’t really bother me.  That’s all part of reality, too.  Everyone’s not gonna feel the same all the, all the time.  We’re going to have different feelings.  We’re going to think differently.  We’re going to express our thoughts differently.  But when you want to jump on a national call with thousands of people on it and say your piece, just make sure you bring it right, and it’ll be okay!  ‘Cause, you know, the call doesn’t have to be about what Ray wants and doing it Ray’s way, but you’ll definitely do it the right way or you’ll do nothing but make a fool of yourself.  Because there’s one thing that always is gonna hold true.  It’s always better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and release all reasonable doubt.  And I will give you that opportunity if that’s what you want, to release all reasonable doubt.  I don’t believe in shutting a person up.  I’ll let you speak if that’s what you want to do.  You went through all that trouble to wait, wait, and wait and get on the call, but be ready to take all that goes along with that.  I’m not hard to get along with.  

Now, in, in, in spite of that, are we still feeling good?  Of course we are!  We are feeling exceptionally good!  We have bank people that are, that are still excited.  Were they excited Friday?  Of course, yes.  Did we tell you that?  Sure, we told you that Friday.  Does that change today?  No, it doesn’t!  Friday was that day!  Some of them felt that they were going to be exchanging us, either based on what their superiors told them or just based on their own human intuition, I, I don’t know.  But all they know is that they said, “We’re expecting to see you guys,” and some even tried to give me time frames of when they thought they were going to be exchanging us.  And of course I did not share that with you so you wouldn’t wind up with your lips poked all out over the weekend because you didn’t get in the bank on Friday.  But they, they were even telling me certain time frames that they were going to expect the first wave to come in.  And notice I said expect.  That wasn’t a guarantee.  So what are they anticipating and expecting right now?  To see you today/tomorrow!  Is that a guarantee?  No, it isn’t!  But what do we do in the meantime in between time?  We wait.  We wait for that which we do believe is coming, have every indication that it’s coming, and we can say everything except that I know that it’s coming.  ‘Cause the only way that I could tell you that I know it’s coming is if I put it in place and push it through and I can tell you I know such and such is going to happen and on such and such day.  But because I don’t have the capability to put it through and push the numbers myself, the only thing that I can tell you is what I know that I feel based on the information that I receive!  Does the information change?  Of course it does!  That’s life too!  But what else do we have to go on other than the information that comes to us.  What else do you have to go on?  

You don’t like my information, then go get your own information!  But when it all settles down, it’s still gonna be the same thing.  You got some information, no matter where you got it from, and then if you don’t see what you’re looking for on the day that you’re looking for it, either the information changed or you had some bad information.  Whether you got it from me or your own sources or if you dreamed it up, it still ain’t gonna change the reality of we’re in this until we no longer need to be in it or until we no longer want to be in it.  That will be your choice!  Stay in this as long as you need to stay in it or as long as you want to stay in it.  And when you adhere to that, I think you’re going to be okay, deep down within yourself, no matter what I have to say about it or anybody else.  I know the choices that I’ve made, and I have made the choice to stay in it, to win it, to see it through with or without you.  If you want to go along for the ride, then come on and hang tough, let’s ride!  We’ll do this!  We’ll get the information that we can get wherever we can get it, whenever we can get it, to tell you whatever, that can take you one step further until we get to that time and place where we can say okay, we no longer need information, we have that which we want, let us rejoice in it and go and enjoy our lives.  Those are your choices.  They were mine, I made them, now you have to make them.  And then once you make that choice, whether to stay in it to win it or drop out, did you believe in yourself, and did you believe in the information that gave you, that got you to your conclusion?  ‘Cause I do, for me, I believe. 

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