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TNT :Bruce The Big Call 2-11-16 Transcriber - mangelo by LadyB22, 12 FEB

Bruce The Big Call 2-11-16 Transcriber - mangelo

LadyB22.  Bruce is excited. He received two calls that made him late starting his own call. Even though it is quiet, lots of things are happening. phone calls were good news.
The big call started Bruce is a Bit excited
LadyB22.  Bruce. he is thrilled at where we are to receive our major blessing.
Bruce call: opening prayer
Bruce call: Bob is conducting the lesson tonight
Bruce call: Bruce is now discussing the lesson with Bob now
Bruce call: Bruce is still discussing the lesson and talking about appreciation 
Bruce call: can't talk about date and rate, but there have been things to make this go through
Bruce call: what's difference now, there is a difference going on now and we are at the finality of things now
Bruce: you know the funding that is going on now is going through...large funding packages are going through and the TRN's are going through now
Bruce: We should be getting the USN very soon
Bruce: everything is on just right and everything is going along and very shortly
Bruce: you know that President day which is Monday and I have it on good authority that they will be open on Monday
Bruce: why do you think the Banks would be open...why do you think, we are in a good place and are at an any moment 
Bruce: the timing is very close now
Bruce: expect to be ready and we will be getting our blessings
Bruce: I would like to have Bob talk about Health and then we can do a small Q & A we need to be healthy while we have and get our blessings
Bruce: going over prayer request now. there are four of them now
Bruce call: praying for the prayer request now
Bruce: done with 4 prayer request
Bruce call: health talk now with Bob
Bruce: appreciation for Bob
Bruce call: Q & A is starting 
Bruce: talking about the CBI stopping the license on selling the Dinar
Bruce: caller: heard about the bank memo and back dates Bruce: yeah, I did but I won't talk about it, it's internal for the banks. and we hear about it but we didn't see it
Bruce: caller: asking Bob about health product
Bruce: caller; yes we are on track during the 72 hour just a little cliche but we are on track and on a day by day
Bruce: caller: going over the prayer request, and asking for prayer 
Bruce: caller: asking about Bob about health
Bruce: caller: asking about taxes if this is going to be taxed. Bruce is explaining about the trust and the money it makes is taxable
Bruce: caller: Bruce is talking about a 501c3 non profit then the funds wouldn't be taxable and get together with your professionals
Bruce: call: asking about the humanitarian projects...how are they spreading the money. on projects that need help to continue
Bruce: caller: asking if you want to pay off your mortgage who would you go to. go to your mortgage processor and ask the pay off amount and then ask you can ask your wealth manager help you. If you want to pay off someone mortgage who would you talk with. Check with your wealth manager and CPA for assistance.
Bruce: caller: make sure you check out gift taxing if your paying off mortgage, check the laws out first with you tax accountant
Bruce: caller: appreciation 
Bruce: caller: asking about the prosperity packages are suppose to come just before the Rv and now the sending out the p-packages would go out at the same time. 
Bruce call: clearing the Q just want to tell you that thinks are on track now. it seems like it would have happened earlier but it is on track now...let it come to you now
Bruce: there are a lot of us going to do many things with our blessings and we will still have our calls once this happens and help people with guidance 
Bruce: talking about our needs, taking care of them and then we can do our projects, then we can bring in professionals to help with your projects and help each other
Bruce call: Bruce is praying out the call
Bruce call: it's over! looking for a celebration on Tuesday! Have a great weekend

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