Friday, February 5, 2016

TNT : Bruce - The Big Call 1-4-16 Transcriber pinkroses, 5 FEB

Bruce - The Big Call 1-4-16  Transcriber pinkroses 
Bruce call: Bruce: Last Tuesday, 5400 callers, record. Excited, feel in very good place right now. Happy you are here. On regular phone, skype not working. Opening call with prayer
Bruce call: Call not super long, few questions. talk about timing very sensitive, instructed to lay low when it comes to intel. I think it is wise. We have heard a lot of things out there.
Bruce: I have heard it all especially today. I would say is, rest in the feeling this is coming to us, let it come to us, not reach out and grab every little tickling of our ears, nothing we can do, but be in position to be ready to receive it. not talk about rates or timing. all i can say is 
Bruce; Chinese year is coming and they are going to celebrate and enjoy it, hope we will too. Our intention to be here, not to go away. do calls during the exchange process and after the exchange process. 
Bruce: Not ever here to solicit anything of donations etc. in the future have certified license investment type people. the gist of where we want to go, and plans in terms of the veterans. 
Bruce: talking about future plans
Bruce call: not much intel tonight. 
Bruce: You kmow where we are on this, a reason to be quiet about this, reason for this. Talk about our future, what you want to do
Bruce Q and A starting
Bruce call: rest of call will be about future plans, projects.

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