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Strategic Exchange Approach by Miracle Man , 24 FEB


Strategic Exchange Approach by Miracle Man 

I’m certain many people will be giving you advice during this process, and although I have 17 years of experience as an investor, a former lottery winner, and a former lottery loser, I am not a financial adviser.

All of my plans are intended to give you a different perspective-in other words I understand what it’s like to be suddenly wealthy and have no idea how to manage it, prioritize it, or grow it.  

With that in mind, I want to help you avoid some of the pitfalls I've run into with the hope that you do not have to make the same mistakes.  

My experiences have given me a unique perspective and understanding.  This is MY plan and it is not intended to offer you a path to success, and does not include any promises. 

Your mistakes are your own, just as mine have been my own. 

FI RST FIVE MINUTES-This is what you've trained for.

To start with, you have to exchange your currency.  This is just like you’ve been told your whole life, you only get chance to make a first impression, so make sure those first five minute have an impact. 

You set the tone with the way your dressed, the way you shake the bankers hand, and a cold confident look in the eyes of the individual across the table that says,

·      This is business.

·      I know what I’m doing. 

·      I know how valuable the assets are that I’m holding. And,

·      I’m not leaving with a dime less than I’m worth.
This is your opportunity to go on the offensive, without being offensive
1)        Listen: This is an essential moment, adrenaline will be pumping, thoughts will be racing through your mind of what you’re going to do, and you’ll be dying to talk to blurt out something like, “Give me the best rate!  Now!”  Do not do that.  Listen intently to what ever questions the banker asks, minute instructions he may give you, and make sure you answer all of his questions in a way that describes the best version of who you are.
They have been trained, and they are looking to see if you’re ready to have money, how well you will manage it, and if they want to be in business with you.  Your job here is to pause, answer intelligently, and ask great questions that demonstrate that you possess a foundation of basic financial wisdom and the ability to remain teachable for other opportunities that may present themselves in the future. 
Possible dialogue:
“Thank you Mr. Banker for explaining those things to me, have I answered all of your questions? (wait for his/her answer)”
“That’s great, well I did want you to know that I have been a currency holder for many years and I’m excited about the rates that are available.”
“I’m sure you know that the Dinar is backed by Oil Credits, and the other currencies that I hold are backed by Gold and various Assets.”
“What may be the most exciting piece to me is that the ZIM is recognized as a Historical Bond.”
“That being said, and as long as we are clear that I know the value of what I’m holding, I will make my decisions about where I ultimately exchange and keep my money, based on finding a common accord with the institution I am working with. “
“In other words, I’ll gladly exchange with you today as long as we both agree to the value of what it is I present.”

At this point you will take out your currency for the banker to examine, add up, and start to make offers.

Sit back, be calm, wait for this question?
“What rate did you expect to get for your currency?"
Make sure you know what you want, and ask for three times more.   Don’t blink when you say it, and make sure it’s within realistic parameters that have you  confidence you just might be able to get.

Listen carefully to the offers, make sure you understand the stipulations attached to each offer.  Repeat the offers back to the banker so you and he/she are clear as to what is on the table.
Listen for your offer, if it’s not there, go back on the offensive, and get it.

Know your options:
“Mr Banker, if I leave 10% in your bank for 2 years..would that qualify me for a higher rate?, and what kind of interest rates could you guarantee if I made that commitment to you and your bank?”
“In addition, if I commit these funds to your institution I’d like to make sure they are covered with an insurance wrap.”

“ Mr banker if I leave 15% in your bank, what rate can you offer, and interest from your bank?

INSURANCE WRAP always included

“Now mr banker if I leave 20% in your bank for 5 YEARS what rate can you offer, and guaranteed interest return?”

“Mr Banker if I leave 25-30%  of these funds in this institution (MY PERSONEL TOP % in ONE INSTITUTION) for 5 YEARS..

what rate can you offer?  And what would be the guaranteed interest?”

If they have to leave the room to get approval, you just closed the deal.
Demonstrate intelligent business acumen with the ability to compromise and listen.  You don’t want the banker to get offended, but you want him/her to fight for your business, and want to business with you. 
Be confident with the assets you hold. 

That principle extends beyond your currency, it also applies to the value you bring to the world with projects you will use that money for, the depth of your character, and the impact you will have on the lives you serve.

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