Saturday, February 13, 2016


Ralph said:  According to three(3) different sources, I will now share what they have told me.

1. China will not re-value the Dong or any other currencies they are supporting before the Iraqi Dinar re-values. Also, the re-valuation of the Iranian Rial will not occur prior to the re-valuation of the Iraqi Dinar.

2. The Iraqi Dinar will have a globally accepted rate before March,1, 2016. This will be done as a requirement to join the (WTO) World Trade Organization.on June 1, 2016.

3. The R.V./ G.C.R. will include five(5) currencies as part of the initial offering with a simultaneous release of the Iranian Rial.

4. All worldwide currency holders will be able to exchange any currencies they hold that are a part of the initial offering after March 1, 2016.

5. All of the above mentioned items are a direct result of Iraq now concluding issues relating to laws, security, the GOI, and the CBI, which are now complete, but not yet announced as known to the global community.

6. Could an R.V./G.C.R. occur before March 1 2016 ? The answer from one (1) source was yes, the answer from the other two (2) sources was no.

7. In discussing post R.V./G.C.R. activity with the three (3) sources, all agreed that many changes for the good of all will occur throughout all structures encompassing our daily lives, but all agreed that any and all items pertaining to a New Republic and NESARA LAW are nothing more than internet fantasy, their words, not mine.

In conclusion, I have no reason to doubt the comments from any of these sources and I feel honored to pass this news along to all that are waiting for this blessing. Not much more of a wait now!!

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