Saturday, February 20, 2016

New Reforms Document will be Presented to National Alliance Within a Month: Abadi, 20 FEB

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has planned to hand over a document of new reforms to the National Alliance including extensive reshuffle of Iraqi cabinet of ministers. The main objective is to made a significant change in the cabinet of current government within one month. The leadership of the National Coalition of state law Saad issued a statement that Iraqi Prime Minister met with leaders of the National Coalition of state law in order to discuss current political and financial situation in the country, and an essential change in the cabinet of ministers according to schedule.
He also stressed that the rule of law declared its full support for Haider Al-Abadi to change in its current cabinet and the implementation of reforms. Saad also denied any kind of proposal for the substitute of current Prime Minister and nomination of Ali Al-adeeb for replacement of Al-Abadi. He pointed out that Daawa Party and National Coalition don’t agree for the change of current Iraqi Prime Minister, but we all need perfect implementation of reforms. He also said that Haider Al-Abadi confirmed the leaders of coalition of state of law to hand over a new reforms document to Iraqi National Alliance for further discussion. The Iraqi government has promised that government is looking to make a massive change in its cabinet of ministers within one month.

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