Tuesday, February 2, 2016


The CBI has announced they are …launching the e-dinar (electronic dinar) payment system. This is planned to be used for the government to deposit the retirees, displaced salaries and salaries of the government employees automatically in their bank accounts. It will also tie into the SMART cards. What does this do for the financial reform? – it forces the citizens to trust in the banks, something some day they too will take for granted. – it cuts down on corruption and bribery – it paves the way to ending the currency auctions. – reduces the problems of handling cash (less of the 3 zero notes in circulation).

Article quote: “A government source revealed on Saturday that the government decided to raise the interest rate on deposit money in banks to 18%, attributing this to help the government in overcoming the financial crisis.” 

WOW! So the average citizen will automatically also get 18% on their money. Incidentally this also meets a goal recommended by the IMF to help them out of the liquidity problem. More money in the banks allows more money for the banks to loan out. With this new diversification effort the banks will need all the money they can get and this will bring billions of dinars into the banks. Do you think this effort might also raise the value of the dinar as it creates an automatic demand for it… This is such HUGE news… Remember I told you something BIG was brewing and now all of today’s news is telling us this BIG news.

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