Monday, February 22, 2016


I tried to do this earlier but needed some expert help but now I can put together some of what I gave out in chat this a.m.

I am going to do this short and to the point

Today is the birthday of our founding father, General George Washington 

Today,the 22nd is the master number 22 which is a sign of completion and birth and rebirth and on 4/22/2015 the real RV date for Iraq

I am hearing that this is the day that Iraq and Iran agreed on to go International!

Thee is a full moon out there as well which is a sign of Completion

On February 20th-21st we left the Age of Aquarius and now enter the time of Pisces.
What a perfect day to announce NESARA!

All indications are TODAY!!!!!

On 4/22/2016 I see the implementation of the new WORLD GOLD STANDARD for the world-think of it this way it will be ONE FULL YEAR OF THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE GCR.

I also expect to see the second basket show within 30 days like by 3/22 but again, my recommendation is to NOT invest in the basket. You won’t need to since the rates of those currencies in the first basket will be SO HIGH, you won’t need to hold back.

We are receiving so much POSITIVE INTEL just sit back and watch !!!!!!!

Side note, the markets are for show at the moment. China is cleaning house of the corporate world. Just as Josef has been saying.

The year of the RED MONKEY may be a volatile time but I believe that the good PTB are making sure that it is a truly BLESSED YEAR FOR ALL THE WORLD;


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