Friday, February 12, 2016


RV  and the markets - from Martha

I got up at 4 am but wasn't surprised that Europe was up, as well as oil on false OPEC hopes and lots of false bets.

Even the Diamon from Chase Bank bought more bank shares. Is he crazy? Another lame attempt to show positiveness in the banking industry.

Japan is the hit of the week as well as India but India is a BRIC country with a very strong asset backing and has some play room.

My personal take is that Sunday night, Monday am will be the real death certificate of the fiat world. China is TOTALLY  IN CONTROL of this master plan.

I say the drama isn't over yet.

I would redirect my energies at Cuba today, when Pope Francis meets with the head of the  Russian Orthodox Church, a meeting of East and West. Documents are to be signed at 4:30 pm est before the Pope continues on to Mexico City till Feb 18th when he returns to Italy.

( you notice I am not saying Vatican since Pope Francis does not reside at the Vatican but in a private apt. In Rome).I bring up this historic meeting when we are in a time of enormous changes about to happen.

This coming week should be quite interesting to say the least. The 15th is the end of the Chinese New Year and also President's Day.

Will we see bank closures on the 18th? I would say be prepared just in case.

On the 22nd of February, the Chinese master number of completion, great expectation is the date of expected large funds to be moved but it is the true birthday of George Washington, our first President, a founding father of our real Constitution and of the Declaration of Independence.

I know it's a lot to think about but I would say very positive.

Remember that the year of the Red Monkey element signs are water and metal which is GOLD. With water, things can move and change very fast. Be prepared.


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