Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Highlights from The Big Call Tuesday Night 2-23-16, 24 FEB

Highlights from The Big Call Tuesday Night 2-23-16
PinkRoses:  Bruce: We are having this round table discussing because this thing so close in terms of intel, been asked to lay low. We are hearing very good things this morning about the initiation of what we are looking for to have begun. WE are looking for the evidence of that any time

Bruce: The concept that ? put out, that Chinese sunrise is a good one. I think you may have heard some info about that. The concept is it goes east to west. In a position to be initiated. over 300 separate bond holders been called to come in to initiate the bond funding for humanitarian projects.

Bruce: Everything is in process. I believe it has begun, just waiting for our turn i believe to set appts, get 800 numbers. Our site we will display any bank numbers 800 for the internet public

Brce: That will be on our site as long as we are allowed to post those. We hope to have numbers for US and Canada. It is relatively quiet. Major money moving …..primarily thru the bond funding.

Bruce; All getting in position. We do believe we will be initiating sometime this week with our exchanges. Just looking forward to that.

BRuce call: Sue read an intel email

Bruce; Sue: intel: email. about 6pm. GCR successfuly circled the world Monday evening. after several hundred attempts... schedculed to release to the world after ? All skrs are now being resolved in real time, and all debt obligations being met in gold back.

Bruce: asking Sue, the guest speaker, how we can regulate what we will do after we exchange. Sue, giving example is getting path clear is to get quiet, 5 minutes in morning or evening, pay attention where your heart is calling you.
Bruce CAll: Sue: notice if there is two or three things, write them down, does your heart resonate with this. as you pay mindful attention, you will be more centered in your body. pay attention how you can expand and extend your boundaries, where you feel really good, connected, start out small. the mind can handle only so much.

Bruce: asking Bob how he will prioritize when this blessing comes.

Bruce call; Bob, have a team of people whether hire or volunteer, be careful who they are if you want their energy helping you. You want the ones who bring the most positive energy.

Bruce call: Bob, prioritize people who will be around you.

Bruce call: Sue: You want people who are self directed. positive energy. Make the list of qualities you want, healthy, good mood, well behavior. You get to pick the people you want around you, lift you up, inspire you, no negative nellies, no drama queens

Bruce call: Sue: Pay attention what you feel. Do you feel possibility, do you feel it can possibly happen? Bruce: Yes, people with like mindedness, positive, forward thinking, self starter, being of one mind if I have a concept and we bring this out, this is what we want this to look like, I want everybody to grasp that and say I see that concept, I am not only there with you and expand on it.

Bruce call: Bruce: We will announce several calls on the Bigcall, get caught back up waht we are doing conceptually, national meeting at a location we can come together to meet and discuss concepts.

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