Tuesday, February 16, 2016


2-16-2016   Newshound Gurus Backdoc & Mountainman  Article quote:  "Iran has started implementing SWIFT codes in its banking transactions since yesterday..."  IS THERE ANY DOUBT NOW WHETHER IRAN WAS TELLING US THE TRUTH ABOUT THE 18TH?   NOW C'mon ABADI/IRAQ...Let's GO!!!

2-16-2016   Intel/Newshound Guru Holly
  [new Guru]   Iraq Source Quote:  "Did you know that the value of the Iraqi dinar less than the value of the Somali shilling???  with this Anhab our currency and we hope back and become the highest currency in the world he said a couple days ago central already has fix exchange rate...stable 1-1.  I know he has been telling his peeps about the exchange rate...and talking about currency change.

2-16-2016   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
   "...Central Bank Governor Ali al-allaq, on Saturday, more than 140 billion dollars in State institutions including banks, stressing that the increase in the dollar exchange rate is not in the interests of the citizen..."  Which means...1st - Alaq talks as though an increase in the Dinar "has happened, is happening, or will happen... - 2nd - they may have to throw this idiot in JAIL - which also sounds like it might be on the way...  In summation - think on this...for those who imagine they are being duped...and this isn't REAL... THE CURRENT GOV OF THE CBI - is displaying an opposite view... (3rd option - he's just throwing up smoke - like the Chinese did - 48 hours before they amped up their currency by 20% - reference WSJ)...this guy is a POLITICAL APPOINTEE - NOT QUALIFIED! 

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