Thursday, February 11, 2016


I  hope everyone reading this letter today is full of hope and expectation about our coming blessing! Remember, as I have stated before, delay is certainly not denial.  On the contrary, it is with delay that causes our blessing to be perfected for our benefit and for His glory and that my friends are certainly not denial! You may wonder, why, why, why, do I continue to encourage you after all these years of waiting for our blessing to drop into our lives? Why do I continue to state that there WILL be an exchange and there WILL be a wealth transfer and HANG ON because you’ve all been called to be a part of it? I continue with online encouragement because I am deeply compelled to do so. I continue to share encouragement and instill hope to fuel you on to victory in this currency saga.  

I can’t give up!  It is not in my nature to give up and I desire to continually instill that not-giving-up attitude and drive in you. I have mentioned before in a previous letter and I will mention it again.  Do not allow this quest to govern your lives! Do not allow yourself to be trapped by constantly and desperately seeking answers to where we are in this endeavor by putting your faith in one person, or team of persons, or things you read pertaining to where we are in this matter. That’s not freely living your life to the fullest.  That’s desperately seeking answers to quell your fear, your anxiety in this matter and believe me NO FRUIT SHALL COME OF IT! You’re not defining the moment, the moment is defining you! Think about what you may be missing or have already missed in the moments of your lives because you’ve been glued to your phone, or the sites, or the calls for answers that truly no one really knows nothing about other than to continually string you on! Is this living? No!  This is bondage!

Show yourself and prove yourself strong in this wait for our “suddenly” to manifest itself. You know that it’s coming, so just relax for it will manifest when our Lord says it’s time  I truly believe that this blessing, the one we’ve all been entrusted to receive, is being perfected for just the right moment. We have to at least trust and strive to believe that. But waiting by way of constantly wringing our hands in worry, in impatience and fretting over every little detail that’s put out there will do you no good. 

For God’s word states in the parable of the ten servants, to OCCUPY till the nobleman comes! OCCUPY as in carry on!  OCCUPY as in continuing normal business as usual!  OCCUPY as in moving forward in PRODUCTIVITY!  Not occupying yourselves by wasting moments of your lives on calls, dinar sites and such. Also, I sense and I also hear many of your cries. This is not a time in which to fall to pieces.  

Certainly not! You are all strong fighters and survivors, so never ever give up where this blessing is concerned. Know in your knower that the wait will certainly be worth what you will all do in the next phase/chapter of your lives.  It will be grand if our hearts, motivations, and intentions are in the right place. Rest and relax and know that it is coming! Your blessing is at hand!  Just let it come.  May peace and blessings be with you now and in the next chapter of your lives! All my best, Debbie

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